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Mud Cookies (Cow Pies)
Message from Larry Hackman (’66):  Bismarck, ND


Mel and Dick both had responses that are listed after this message.

Apparently you Gary, being the nice guy you are, rather than say something bad about the cookies you enjoyed on the farm back then decided to say nothing.  Dick apparently liked his cookies more after they had laid in the sun and aged for a while and apparently like to share them with someone?  Mel apparently wasn’t the guy that was rumored to be following the sheep around.  I don’t remember Virgil.  Is he still following that herd?  Mel said that he, himself was a picky eater.  Does this mean he used tooth picks as chop sticks to eat them cookies?  I know he has been cooking for a long time, I bet he has some recipes to share?


Dick Johnson’s Reply
I just wanted to throw in a thought.  Do you guys know what blondes and cow pies have in common?  The older they get,  the easier they are to pick up.

Melvin Kuhn’s Reply
I was a pretty picky eater but I could usually convince my brother Virgil to try about anything. I have two brothers and three sisters. I was unlucky enough to be the oldest.

Larry Hackman’s Reply
Back in the day, this is the way I looked (picture below) after being convinced to eat some of my sisters mud cookies. “Larry eat them damn cookies so that they quit their bawling and bothering me, I have to get these cows milked, the milk and cream separated, and calves fed, and supper cooked, the men will be in from the field soon, and they will be hungry.” Now, I know Dick and Gary don’t have any sisters so I suppose they followed the cows around the pasture in the spring time after they had been eating some of that luscious green grass, that was showing up after the snow melt or one of them beautiful Spring rains, to find their cookies? Do you have any pictures Mel?  I don’t recall if you, “Mel” had any sisters, but I heard tell of a young fellow that lived along Willow Creek, south of town, that followed the herds of sheep around the pasture looking for milk dudes?  I heard tell, you had to taste them damn things to find out if they were dud or ____, Is that right?

Gary Stokes’ reply
The Cow Pies I experience were fresh on the trees and brush following the cows home after fetching them for Milking. Also on the cows tail when getting swatted a few times while milking especially in the spring of year when they grazed on the fresh green grass. That made for some nice juicy pies especially when it was raining with the straw roof on our log barn. It leaked like a sieve in the spring of the year too when the snow melted.


Blog (610) posted on November 2, 2009

Posted on November 2, 2009

Follow up from yesterday’s comment about ‘All Saints Day’

Last year it took us two hours to get to Bernadette’s dad’s cemetery. With some traffic mods that were implemented this year, we got there in a half hour. The Cemetery was packed. This is a large cemetery covering, I’m guessing, about 1/4 section (160 acres). For exercise I walked all the roads while waiting to eat. After we ate our picnic type meal that we took to the cemetery, I came home. Bernadette and her sister took a cab and went over to their grandparents cemetery located about 15 miles on the other side of the city. They got home about 1:00 AM this morning. This morning we hired a Jeepney to go back to Bernadette’s dad’s cemetery to pick up the tent covers, tables, chairs and the dozen or so folks that spent the night there. They said they slept well on their blankets spread out on the grass next to the grave. The majority of Filipino’s do not have mattresses on their beds. A lot of folks do not even have beds. Most can sleep sound on hard cement. Gary

Florence Pladson Sime (62) is in the ‘Bottineau Good Samaritan Center’:

Message from Tina Pladson Bullinger (78): Bottineau, ND.

Hi Gary,

I have been with Florence for the past two days, and yes she is in Bottineau, though not at the hospital. She is in Good Sam and will be there for some time. In order to be in the rehab unit in Minot she has to be able to do therapy for 3 straight hours, so it will be a while before she can be transferred back to Minot to the rehab unit there, though her goal is to be able to dance (slowly) on New Year’s Eve. I think it’s great that she has a specific goal in mind.


Thanks again for keeping everyone up to date on Florence’s condition and for the e-mail updates in general!

We will keep you posted as updates occur.


Follow up message from Tina:


Florence is doing some better today, anxiously awaiting tomorrow, when she can start some serious physical therapy!!

She know it will be hard but she’s determined.

I asked the home (Good Sam) if there is an e-mail address if people want to send Florence a note……..it’s as follows


In the subject line put Florence’s name and they will get it to her.


Holloweene Story

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

With last night being Halloween, I wanted to tell of some of the
Halloween pranks from the old days. I remember Sy Kadry being in his
outdoor toilet when it was tipped over on the door. He was yelling for
help through the toilet hole! Bikes mysteriously were hoisted to the top
of the flag pole. Windows got soaped with soap bars if no one was home
to give treats. Windows weren’t too bad to clean but someone soaped our
screen door and it was nearly impossible to get out. My grandpa told
about a neighbor who was bragging that his dog was so mean he didn’t
have to worry about pranksters. Grandpa and some buddies filled the guys
car with straw, right in front of his house, and then put the ‘mean’ dog
inside the car too! This would have been back in the 30s or so.
Pranksters used to put wood wheeled farm wagons on top of the school or
garages and one story of such an event, was when several kids pushed a
set of wagon wheels on a single axle down the stairs to the basement of
the old Overly school and overdid it. The wheels knocked both of the
double doors completely of the frame. I remember some eggs ending up on
one of the teachers trailer homes next to the school. As I said at the
time, “I didn’t have anything to do with it !” I slightly remember
something about a dead skunk ending up under the same teacher’s porch.
Those must have been really rotten kids back then! The skunk smell was
hard to get rid of–especially from my school jacket! I remember when Ed
Conroy had way to many tomatoes and left hundreds in a pile near the
alley behind his house. That’s not a real good place to leave tomatoes
the night before Halloween. One prank I only heard of and never
did—truthfully—was to put soupy wet cow manure in a gunny sack on
someones step and light it on fire just as you knocked on the door. The
guy would attempt to kick it off the step or stomp it out. Either way,
same result! Happy Halloween! Thanks Gary!


Reply/Picture from Luella Boardman Bjornseth (49): Bottineau, ND

After seeing the picture you posted of our family, I thought you should have a newer one. This one was taken when we were in Minnesota for Bob’s funeral and shows how much older we all are. Note the boys lack of hair compared to the other picture. That is what 28 years has done to us. Luella

Luella Boardman Bjornseth’s (49) family:
Back: Ralph
Front: Mark, Janice, Luella & Ron