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Carmen Myer – DHS Class of 1967
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
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Gary and Dunseith  friends,

 Memories of childhood I recall,  being at  Seim   and Little Prairie 
Gatherings with the  Myers family.

 Profound sympathy to Beth and Family on the passing of Carmen.

Sincerely, Vickie L.  Metcalfe

Gary’s comment.
I remember Carmen very well from our High School days. He was two years behind me.
Our condolences were with his family with his passing.


Carroll Carlson, Hilmer Berg, Hank Salmonson and Angus Campbell… were  of the Greatest Generation.
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

 Gary, Friends of Dunseith School, 

            A number of years ago in mid August, I went on a road trip to the Bear Paws of Montana with Carroll.

My first thought, “I would take him to a place of his youth, as  a gift of thanks for revealing “what he knew about a decades old  family mystery.”

            However, mid trip, “hmmmm.

“I am getting more than I’m giving Carroll………I am hearing a first person experience of;

            the depth of  friendship of young men,

             sheep/cattle ranching on a huge spread in North Central Montana at the end of the Great Depression.

             the  beginning of an enormous decades long ,  building  of  Fort Peck Dam,

            and WWII on the European Front through the eyes of a Veteran.

            On our return, crossing the mighty Mouse N of Upham, I asked Carroll, “Could I  write your story?”

The next day,  I began to  write.

 We’d meet  for lunch so he could review writing. I’d ask  more questions. He shared books and things.  

            Soon, Carroll began  picking  me up,  and driivng to the Bowling alley, where we would sit for a couple hours.

Our table grew and we discussed WWII;

             Veteran, Hilmer served in Alaska, 

              Hank was married living on a farm in the hills,

             Angus was on the family prairie farm. 

            4 Men, whose lives were all impacted in their youth by WWII.

Each of  those shared  perspective what they were doing thinking and feeling during those War years.

            One day, someone slyly said, “You’re always are  talking and sitting with those 4  older men.”

             “Hmm” my thought…..

                         ” a person  with a “gutter mind” is making reference ?my motivation ? for lunch___ ? 

            Thankfully, in grad school, I  read a theory on  levels of communication….something like this         

  1.  few people find glee in misery…and some fuel gossip… talking about about  others 
  2.  a few others talk about  about   things i.e. cars.. hobbies.. guns. stuff…
  3.  some who freely give, talk and communicate ideas  

            I found those 4 guys were (# 3) mutually respectful in  their discussions. 

They didn’t always agree. But always listened.

Each shared  first person accounts of his life during World War Two. WOW.! 

What stories they told?  They lived history!

            I remember,a Saturday, Carroll was quite explicit in his political opinion about the President….

He yelled…actually ROARED!

Everyone in the restaurant,  turned and stared with raised eyebrows toward our table.       

            Carroll was not apologetic.

It was Angus C. who  shrugged. 

The  shrug which seemed to say.

……”My friend is a Veteran who fought for the right for each of us to freely state beliefs”.

            The next spring, Carroll passed away.

Angus called expressing his sorrow.

At the funeral, Hilmer, Hank, Angus and I sat together. 

Afterward, keeping with tradition  we sat and ate our Saturday lunch together.

            Carroll, Hilmer, Hank and Angus…………. were  of the Greatest Generation.


Vickie Metcalfe


Gary’s comment.

I knew Carroll, Hank, Helmer and Angus well. Carroll I don’t remember as well, but the other three I knew very well. What great guys in deed. The best of the best. They may be gone, but not forgotten.
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Blog (747) posted on March 18, 2010


 Wolford Basket Ball team: Reply from Les Halvorson (Former DHS teacher): Bottineau, ND.

Note: Les is formerly from Wolford.

Gary, This is in response to Paulette LaCroix Chisholm’s story on the ’68 Wolford BB team.

Paulette, it has been fun watching your nephew Mark play for the Botno Braves the past couple of years. He is already a good one and has two more years to go. Thanks for the nice words regarding the ’68 Wolford BB team and for bringing back the story that John Ydstie had done on that team. John still works for national public radio and has been all over the world covering news stories for them. Gary was correct in that I had graduated a year prior to that team…we thought we had a pretty good team in ’67 but halfway through the season Bowersox suffered a knee injury and after that could play only a quarter or so a game. We lost that year to Belcourt in the dist. title game in two overtimes…from our region Crary went to state (we had beaten them during the season) and Ellendale won the state title. Who knows how far we could have gone had Vance Bowersox been healthy. He had surgery during the off season and came back strong his senior year.

Wolford was the second or third school in the state to have a video tape machine and during my freshman year in college (Forestry in Botno) I attended all of the games of the ’68 team and would do the play by play on the video for them. Guess that was the beginning of my sports broadcasting career.

Wolford was back in the state tourney the following year..losing in the semi’s to Fargo Oak Groove and taking 3rd place that year.

This week-end the state class B tournament will be held at the Dome in Minot. Many folks may remember that fifty years ago Rolla won the state B and that team will be honored and recognized between semi- final games on Friday evening. It will be fun to see how many members of that team will be in attendance. That Rolla team lost twice to Botno during the regular season, lost to them in the dist. title game (back then both went on to region) they met in the region title game..Botno won (both went on to state) and they met in the state championship game and Rolla turned the tide and won 69-50. Rolla had four losses that year .all to Botno. In the state title game soph. guard Rick Neameyer got hot from the top of the key and hit around nine in row to lead the Bulldogs to the win. I think he ended up with 26 points. Other Rolla starters included Doug Foley, Barry Dunn, Dwayne Ostenson and Leo Dionne. The first guy off the bench was Jim Howson..he had a long and very successful coaching career at Hatton, N.D.

I remember watching that game on our snowy black and white TV as if it were a month ago. Where did those fifty years go?? For the past 35 years I have done the play by play for thousands of games…many forgotton about a week or two later and some I remember as if they took place yesterday.

One other thing I remember about that ’60 Rolla team..on their traveling uniforms they had Bulldog printed on the waistbands.

Thanks Paulette and thank you Gary.

Les Halvorson


Reply from Evie Gottbreht Pilkington (65): Irvine, CA

Hi Gary,

I am seeing Wolford on the blog today…..I am still wondering if anyone knows anything of Judy Jo Johnson…probably class of 64, she was one of my good friends in my young days….I haven’t heard anything of her in 45 or 50 years. Her dad was at the elevator I believe, but became sick with MS …at that time they moved to her grandparents in Wolford, I went to Wolford on the train to visit….I am thinking 7th grade….I have no memories of that family after that but have often thought of them over the years. I think they were friends of the Sunderland’s….they moved into the home of Judy’s mother’s family so the name in Wolford of the family would not have been Johnson. I was hoping Myra Henning might have some info?

Very busy for the Pilkington’s this month. Our youngest daughter married on March 6th, it was a blessing to have all eight of the Gottbreht siblings gathered together to celebrate this day with us. I put the last visitor on the plane Wednesday morning and drove my daughter to the hospital to deliver our 6th grandchild around noon on that day – March 10, she was scheduled for a C section for the next day but when I checked on her, she said Mom I am feeling a lot of pressure….I said let’s go and when we got there she was at 9 centimeter…..HELLO!

Happy Spring to everyone. I am still working on several units I have committed to getting completed. Just finished Micro Economic and Entrepreneurial Finance, doing Real Estate Law presently and next week I have to start Algebra.

I leave for 2 weeks in NZ and Australia on April 7th…..can’t wait!!!!!

Blessing wishes for all,

Evie Gottbreht Pilkington

Congratulation Evie with the arrival of your 6th grandchild and with your youngest daughters marriage. I’ll bet it was nice having all your Gottbreht brothers and sisters together too. It’s so nice they were all able to be at the wedding. Enjoy your trip to NZ and Australia. You are getting close to our world with those travels. Gary


Reply from Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM

Hi Gary,

Lynn (Henriksen) described in a recent e-mail how her brother Rick “allowed” us to check his trap lines with him. I also remember it being a privilege and also a trial! It was up to us to keep up with him (not easy) — the trap line seemed to go on for hundreds of miles. However, it was all worth it when we reached the house and thawed out our stinging, frozen feet — having earned the treat of dipping buttered toast in to what must have been a gallon of hot chocolate. No wonder I was chubby.



Reply from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, WY.


Not to brag, but when I quit bowling 25 yrs.ago; after Kelly died, I had a bowling average of 169. Keep up the good work, Bernadette. I bowled on 3 leagues, 3 times a week. It all started after my youngest son, DJ was born in 1974. I ended up throwing away all my trophies, except my crystal bowl. They all tarnished so bad, that they could not not be cleaned. I still have my 35 lapel bowling pins. Now, Beckie bowls on a couple leagues up in Wisconsin. Take care and IN THE SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE! Sybil (great_grandma2007@live.com)


“Just US” Band picture provided by Dave Mettler (Bottineau)
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Don Boardman (60) and Tina Pladson Bullinger (78), both from Bottineau,
are Dunseith Alumni folks. Dave Mettler is a farmer west of Bottineau.
He and my brother Bud (Darrel) are farming neighbors. The often times help each other.


Ed Milligan: Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

Folks, Those of us that attended the Forestry remember Ed Milligan Well. He is now deceased.
This sure does not look like the Ed Milligan I remember. The outfit really changed his looks.
He looks so much younger than I remember him looking.