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DHS class of 69 reunion

Gary, please post for me.

 Last opportunity to sign up for the DHS class of 69 reunion.  Please let Marvel know  thompson.marvel @yahoo.com..  Date  is July 26 and 27.

 Thanks Gary.


Memories of Leonard and Eleanor Awalt Stickland
From Bill Hosmer (’48): Tucson, AZ.

Leonard and Eleanor have been friends of mine for many years.  We

had some terrific poker games with them, and Darrel and Dorothy Fassett

and Bob and Donna Leonard,



Clifford Allery Memories
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,

I just read of Clifford on this email. I was very much surprised to read that he had passed away.

Clifford was a friend of ours, Lana and myself, while in school.

We,  after we were all doing what we chose to do in life, Clifford and I would visit when we would meet, that didn’t happen so much. In fact I had just seen him when I was getting my eyes tested, that was a month or ago. He was there with his brother Hubert. Now I know why it happened, it happened because it would be the last time I would ever see him again.

I was not able to make it to the funeral today because I try not to go out in the cold.

I always remember back in our school days how he was always making jokes,  him and his sister Judy. Although he graduated before us in 1962 with my sister JoAnn,  he would join in with his sisters and us in our neighborhood. It was kinda like the Morinville family, neighborhood kids getting together doing fun things.

I would just like to say to the family how sorry I am that you lost your brother Clifford. He had a good heart. I know he will be missed a whole lot by all of you and his friends. Keep him in your hearts he will be unforgettable by all.

You will all be in my prayers.

Ginger Poitra class of 19


Jean Pladson Memories
From Connie Zorn Lansverk: Bottineau, ND

Very sorry about the passing of Jean! She was a fun loving person! Her smile was very precious, May she rest in peace & may god comfort her family


Reply to Vicki Metcalf
From Ron Longie (’65): Yakima, WA

My Dad Bill Longie used to have us harvest it off the black burls on Polar trees crush it up and use it like tea.

Correction: Vicki it was Birch trees


Miss Vivian Hewson, PE teacher at Dunseith, sister passed away
Posting from Vickie Metcalfe (’70): Bottineau, ND


Gary and Dunseith  School Friends,

I would like to extend  sympathy to  the families of Beverly Medalen,  including her sister Vivian  a former Dunseith teacher.

When I read her obituary I thought, “she sounds  she was like a remarkable teacher.

I felt, her sister,  Miss Vivian Hewson, PE teacher at Dunseith another remarkable teacher.

( I  was  one of those  reluctant students at climbing ropes in gym).

(Mrs. Medalen’s daughter in law, Nikki is  the daughter of  cousin Margaret Margaret Metcalfe  Casavant.).


Vickie Metcal


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Reply to Yesterday’s posting:
From Ron (71) & Janet Houle: Kensington, MN

Hi Gary – Ron was in the US Army stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany from 1972 – 1976. Larry Barbot, his wife Hilde and daughter Ilene also lived in KTown. Patty Barbot Froseth and her husband Gary were also stationed nearby. It was nice to have friends from ND over there. Scott was born at Landstuhl Hospital. He now lives in the Brooklyn Center, MN and works in Ramsey MN.

Janet Houle


Photo Identification:
Reply from Phyllis McKay (65): Auburn, WA

Hi Gary,

The very handsome man on the right of Dick Morgan (in the picture ) is my wonderful brother Clayton (Kick) McKay. He and Dick have been friends since high school. Dick was a frequent guest at our home. We always looked forward to his visits and still do. A few years ago the two of them hosted a Dick and Kick flick for their classmates at the Mckay place just south of Dunseith.

Phyllis McKay


Photo Identification:
Reply from Janice Leonard Workman (56): Auburn, WA

Hi, Gary, The “other” guy in the picture with Dick Morgan is Kick McKay. You will probably get lots of replies. Also, Barry Shelver, if you are reading this, please reply to Larry Liere!!!!

Janice Workman 1956

Janice & Phyllis, I see both of you live in Auburn, WA. How far apart do you live from one another? Phyllis, you have a beautiful home. You are such a great host too. Bernadette & I truly enjoyed your invite to have dinner with you following our cruise last August.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Susan Fassett Martin (65): Spearfish SD

The bearded ones are Dick Morgan and Kick McKay.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.

Gary and Friends,

The two fellows in the picture are Dick Morgan and Clayton ‘Kick’ McKay. Two of Dunseith’s more colorful characters! I have a cute short story about Kick. He went to Minot with Lowell Leonard a couple years ago and they stopped at the truck stop for breakfast. The menu was on the wall and had– One egg, two eggs, three eggs–etc. with prices accordingly. Same with bacon–one strip, two strips, three strips—etc. Lowell said he asked for two scrambled eggs and toast. Kick hadn’t seen the wall menu and just asked for a couple eggs and bacon. The waitress asked how much bacon? Kick looked at her a while and said, “Oh, whatever you can spare.” Lowell said he about fell off his chair laughing at Kick’s answer! Thanks Gary!



Photo Identification:
Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND.

That’s Kick McKay next to Dick Morgan.


Photo Identification:
Reply from Glen Williams (52): Missoula, MT

You are correct it is Dick Morgan and the other guy still lives in Dunseith area…Kick McKay….They are old buddies of mine….

Glen Williams


Dick Morgan (52)and Kick McKay (52)