03/30/2019 (2700)

Posting from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary,

You know what I think of Bernadette, she has always been a marvelous person. From my observation watching her with people, that is what I took away from how she is. Always treating each and every one of us as special individuals.

To even think of losing someone who is such an exceptional human being,  is so heartbreaking.  Bernadette is leaving an everlasting impression in my heart and in my life.  People like her should be everywhere, in everyone’s life, to spread gratifying, pleasantry into people’s hearts and lives.

Thank you Gary, thank you for sharing Bernadette with all the people you know.

I will always remember your wonderful beautiful lady, your WIFE.

Thank you Gary, read this to Bernadette and tell her I love her and my prayers are with her.


Gary’s comments
Thank you Ginger for this wonderful message. When I read it to Bernadette, She cried. She remembers you well too. At the moment her speech is loud, but all mumbled. We can’t understand her. She spends about 23.5 hours of each day in bed. The other half hour she spends in her recliner for about 5 minutes multiple times each day. She needs to be held up when walking with one of us behind her with a bear hug hold.  


Florence Hiatt Dahl (DHS ’50) Obituary
Posted by Tim Martinson (’69): Anchorage, Alaska.

Florence I. Dahl went to be with her Lord on March 20, 2019 with her family by her side.

A service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday March 31st at Baxter Road Bible Church with reception following.  Burial will be in the Spring at JBER National Cemetery.   Florence was born August 2, 1930 in Bottineau North Dakota to Margaret and John Hiatt.  She grew up in the Turtle Mountains with her 8 siblings on the Family Farm.

She obtained her Nursing degree from the Trinity Hospital School of Nursing in Minot.  She was forever thankful to her Uncle Harry for his support in this endeavor.  Florence met her future husband Howard while working at St. Luke Hospital in Fargo.

Florence and Howard were married March 3, 1954 in Rugby.  In 1956 Florence, Howard and their growing family drove the Alcan Highway to Alaska to their new home.

She worked at Providence Hospital for many years as a surgical and ER nurse and later as a surgical Nurse at Alaska Native medical Center, and staff nurse at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage California.

After she and Howard retired they built a summer home on Crooked Lake and spent winters traveling in the lower 48 visiting family.  After Howard’s passing in 1994 she spent summers at their summer home.  Winters were spent with her friends by starting two book clubs and the Winsome Widows group, and organizing group trips to Israel, Rivers of Europe, Fall Colors on the East Coast, volunteering at the Soup Kitchen in Downtown Anchorage and many other adventures.  She took up weaving and made many custom afghans that she gave to her friends and family, or anyone that she thought could use a warm comfy blanket.

Mrs. Dahl is survived by her children, Marc, Marsha, Matt and Mike of Alaska; her sister Stubby Fauske of North Dakota; thirteen grandchildren; and seventeen great grandchildren.

The family requests that you spend time with your family and friends with good conversation in her memory.

Gary’s comment
What shock to get this message/obituary from Tim Martinson. Developing the Dunseith Alumni Blog, I had numerous conversations with Florence. I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, but we walk and talked the same turf in our childhood days, just at different times is all. We were both born and raised in the Ackworth community. Florence’s family, The Johnny and Margaret Hiatt family farm now the Fauske farm was my childhood families closest neighbor to the north. The Stokes and Hiatt families have been close friends since the early 1900’s. They were born and raised in the same small community. Florence and I had lots of commonality to talk about. Florence left the community before the time I can remember, but we knew the same people and the same turf. My sincere condolence to her family. She was a good person.


Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND

March 24, 2019
Gary, Larry, Mel, and friends of Dunseith,

            T’was early child hood when I  first became aware of  ‘SNOW SNAKES’.

 I would listen to mom and Dad whenever dad arrived home from work at  darkening days end. 

 I heard about the dastardly ‘SNOW SNAKE’, mid – winter ……mid 50s’ when he worked at plastering Belcourt School (replaced twice since then).

            Every morning after feeding cattle, whilst dark with a team and hayrack, mom would hand him his black lunch pail and green coffee thermos, he’d climb and ride Barney, the little gray percheron, down the road  West to Snuice Box Junction and Highway #3 where he met his brother’s; Bill and Jim.   Uncle’s Bill  and Jim mixed and carried ‘mud’. He’d slap Barney on his rump to send him home



Blog (773) posted on April 14, 2010

Dan Morgan (Former Teacher) remembrance:
Thank you from Judy Morgan (Former Teacher): Edgeley, ND

Thanks to all friends, former students, and colleagues who sent e-mail or cards or called when news of Dan’s illness was posted by Ardys Horner. Although Dan always kept up with the blog, he didn’t post. His excuse was always that he didn’t have anything new to add, that no one would remember him after all these years, or that his “secretary” wasn’t too efficient. He was so surprised and pleased to hear from so many. It meant a lot to him.

Finally Scott and I deeply appreciate all who took the time to e-mail us at home, on the blog, or on the Guest Book at www.dahlstromfuneralservice.com. Unfortunately we did lose some in the process of being read or copied. Thank you all so much for your kind expressions of sympathy. 

According to Dan’s wishes, we will have a simple graveside memorial service on Saturday May 29,2010 at Milnor Lutheran Cemetery at 3:00 PM followed by a gathering of family and friends at the Gwinner Golf Club.

Again thanks Gary for all that you do in keeping everyone who is or was part of the Dunseith community connected. This is long overdue and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have started this and lost it or made mistakes like this bold print that I’m unable to get out of at the moment. I’m now as addicted to this site as Dan was, so I hope you continue with your wonderful work. If this goes through it will probably be in two or more parts. I trust your skills to make sense of it. It’s warm and unbelievably windy here today and all I can think of is Virgil Vanorny coaching our women’s softball team! Judy Morgan

Judy, Yes, without a doubt, Dan and you too are well remembered in the Dunseith community and the Alumni. You guys were in Dunseith after my time there so I didn’t learn to know either of you during your Dunseith days. We can make up for that now though. I agree, it’s not always easy to post for fear folks will not be interested in what one has to say or that what we say may not be quite right. Then there’s the fear factor of being judged with how we say it. I have come to realize that folks love hearing from all of you that post. Folks are not judgmental of what is posted. They just love seeing the postings and the names they come from. They bring back so many memories. Rereading some of the postings, I see so many of my own errors, kicking myself in the butt for not catching them before hitting the send button. Thank you Judy. We love hearing from you. Please keep the postings coming. Gary


Follow up message with remeberences:
From Judy Morgan (Former Teacher): Edgeley, ND

Dear Gary,

First of all I want to thank you for including us on the Dunseith blog. Dan and I both enjoyed reading news of the area and remembering so many friends and events from our happy years in Dunseith (1963-1970).

I am just getting back to using the computer so my limited skills are pretty rusty. To Stella and the Schimetz family, my thoughts and prayers are with Bryan and all of you during this very difficult time. My sincere condolences to the families of Bill Berube and Greg Grimme. Many prayers continue on their way to the families of DeAnn Gottbreht and Mike and Sandra Vandal for continuing positive results


To the Schimetz family: From Mark Gunville(75): Rolette, ND
I also graduated with Kim and Know the Schimetz family well. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers in your trying times.

Mark Gunville 1975


Update for Matthew – Mike & Sandra Zeiler Vandal’s Grandson:

Posted by Mike & Sandra (62) Zeiler: Elk River, MN

Hi Gary, this was our daughters last update to all friends and family. Kelly does a good job of explaining, and understands all this stuff much better then I do.She has a great husband, good children, all 11 of them, and a strong faith that will get them through, and come out on top of this. thank you for your concern and the prayers from all. Sandy and Mike

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 2:09 PM
Subject: Tues. oncologist appt

The pathology report came back positive for clear cell sarcoma. This cancer is agressive

in that it has a propensity to come back….even after 9-10 years. It hasn’t been a fast growing

cancer for Matthew and that seems to be the norm. The dr. wants to get Matthew to where

there is “no evidence of disease.” This is what was accomplished 3 yrs. ago and what they are trying

to accomplish now with the thoracotomy w/ wedge resections on each lung. The current plan is to

remove and watch. Matthew will be getting CT scans every 3 months for at least 3 yrs, then maybe go

to every 4 mos for 2 years, biannually for 5 yrs. (The dr said every 3 mos. for as long as he could).

He also wants to do a bone scan before the next thoracotomy. (am I saying that right?) He knows the

last surgery sight is going to “light up” on the bone scan, and so wants to get it accomplished before

the next surgery so there will be better results. Clear cell going to the bone is possible, but not as likely.

Alternative treatments: If it reappears after this, especially in the near future, there is achemotherapy

(adrimicin (sp)?) that is possible. Radiation is possible, but is limited by dose, and the lungs are

particularly sensitive. (Matthew is not a candidate for a lung transplant, due to having cancer). As

mentioned before, these “treatments” have not been shown to be effective; surgery is the best

option….Matthew can do the “remove and watch” for as long as he can have lung tissue removed if

he wants. We had 3 yrs since the last time and can go many years w/o it returning.


As the U of M is the only phase 1 investigational institute in MN (meaning there is the latest/newest

treatments available here…but not necessarily covered by ins because it is investigational), he

does have more options here. Dr. Mulrooney said he’d check into other phase 1 institues in the US

and see if any of them have a particular interest in clear cell sarcoma. He recommended the following 2


curesearch.org (children’s oncology group) and cancer.gov which would have info

on trials and is sponsored by the Nat’l Cancer Inst.


If the bone scan comes back with unfavorable results, he may recommend a different route. Of course, our hope

and prayer is that this will be it, or barring that, before needing chemo, there is one out there that has

been proven effective.

Matthew’s first comment was in reference to Mother Theresa’s saying….the “God won’t allow more than I can

handle, wish he didn’t trust me so much” one. we picked up lunch at Chipotle and ate in the car on the

way home. (something I do not recommend) As we approached the Albertville exit, he said,

“Oh yeah, I have cancer.” He forgot for a bit ( can’t figure that myself)…when asked how he is doing he responds

“Better than I thought I would be.”

I, for one, am thankful he has been of an age since the beginning where he can understand the necessity

of the surgery/suffering he endures. One sees many little ones in the oncolology depts. and, as a mother,

I would find that harder to endure that suffering than the trial we are currently experiencing.

As another cancer patient (whom I admire) has said many times: “GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME.”


 Thank you,


Reunion Attendance:
From Diane Larson Sjol (70): Minot, ND.

I admit it…I am way behind in reading the blog…Nancy (Hosmer) and I were visiting and she asked if I signed up for the Dunseith reunion…I have not…so, ok, how do I go about it? I have been traveling 90 miles down the highway to nowhere lately…work, work, work…time for some fun. Diane

Diane, you have a long commute from Minot to Bottineau. I’ll bet you know the road by heart now.

It’s so nice that you will be attending our reunion. We are looking forward to seeing you. Verena and I have added you to our lists for attending. Verena needs payment in advance for those that would like the Roast Beef catered dinner. The dinner is $10.00 per person. We are charging a registration fee of $5.00 per person to cover expenses. You can mail your payment to Verena if you want the meal. I have pasted her address below. For those that have not prepaid, we will be collecting the registration fee at the registration table.

Folks, You can mail your payment to Verena or stop by the High School where she works. I will be sending out an updated list of those attending within the next few days. The reunion will be at the Dunseith Bingo Barn on May 22nd.

Verena Gillis
PO Box, 785
Dunseith, ND 58329

Folks, Today is our bowling day. This is a picture of some of the gals that stopped their game to pose for this picture. Having fun is the name of the game. Bernadette is standing second from the right. Bernadette made several cookie sheets of chocolate rice cake that she will be taking along for treats today. They love her rice cake and requested more. Gary