Pat Hosmer’s Diagnosis Clarification
From Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ
Gary and Diane, I just wanted to make a few changes regarding my wife, Pat’s diagnosis. It is a very rare condition, 6 people in a million have it. It is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) which is slightly different from the fibrosis condition which Diane believed to be the situation. The resultant shortness of breath, which advances in both cases, is the difficult part. Scleroderma is the disorder which eventually brings about PAH by hardening the artery which brings oxygen from the lungs to the heart for distribution throughout the body. The condition gradually advances and under hospice care, safety and comfort are the main objectives of the therapy provided. There is no cure. The calsinosis is part of the “CREST SYNDROME” which is the introducory disorder which leads to Scleroderma, and then to PAH. Now, there is no need to include all this in DHS Alumni, I think a short editorial correction is all that is needed. I’ve already tried to
acknowledge our heart felt wonderment and appreciation to Diane, and I’m still dazed by the overwhelming loyalty the Bottineau and Rolette county folks continue to show their fellow citizens and it brings a new respect for our part of that great state of North Dakota. I’ll be forwarding my expressions of thanks when the time comes and I can formulate an adequate version. I consider Diane my cousin although it’s a shirt tail sort of cousinhood I pronounced some time ago. Thank you both for all you do and how you do it. Bill Hosmer
Bill, It’s easier for me to just post your whole message. You have explained everything so well. We are so sorry to hear of Pat’s condition. This has to be so hard for both of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Gary
Diane Larson Sjol’s (70) reply: Minot, ND
I am glad you are setting the record straight about Pat’s condition.
I got my info second hand so should have verified that. Nonetheless,
it is very sad and disheartening for Pat to suffer so….and you as
well. We love you both dearly. Gary, I expect you will clarify this
tomorrow ….and thank you…We love you guys…


Reply from Ken Striker: Dayton, OH

Forwarding my response to Gary Metcalfe
My heart leaps at the news of the card you have with a poem that Wm Chelcie Striker wrote. I would indeed like to have it. We have our Ohio Striker reunion on the 22nd of August and it would be a great “show and tell” item. It appears you have been seeing my Striker Family postings at the DHS blog. I do know about Dr Gary Striker in NYC. We have corresponded. Thanks for thinking of me. My snail mail address is: Ken Striker, 4769 Arcadia Blvd, Dayton OH 45432
Ken Striker in Dayton OH
Country School Reunion
Reply from Linda Gardner: Vienna, VA

Yes, Gary has grown some in 45 years – as we all have!!! I did want to mention the Twin Oaks Hotel and Convention Center, also, Gary. I hear there was some scuttle-but about the cost for the country school reunion and I know it was much higher than the Dunseith school reunion. The Twin Oaks facility was fabulous – The banquet room has full length windows overlooking the lake; there was a lounge right next to the banquet room that opened onto a patio for the smokers in the group. The hotel handeled everything and did just a fantastic job which made it so much easier for me to relax and enjoy the event as well. Coffee was served throughout the afternoon and evening as well as iced tea, lemonade and cookies in the afternoon. Appetizers included shirmp cocktail, meatballs, chicken drummies, egg rolls, meat & cheese kabobs, corn chips and salsa. Dinner included lemon pepper chicken, roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, pasta salad, tossed salad, and a bar for dessert. My brother and I both suffer from celiac disease so cannot have any gluten. The caterer was extremely gracious in accommodating our special dietary needs. They were right on time serving everything and cleaning up around the group without disruption.


You’re right that we are not an up and coming group so it would be nice to have another country school gathering in the future. If there is enough interest maybe we can do something a couple of years down the road. There were a lot more particpants from the Rolette County Schools (Willow Lake and Beaver Dam especially) and I’m sure that was due to your blog postings. Maybe we could have a contest between Rolette and Bottineau Counties to see if we could raise more interest there. Would love to hear anyone’s thought on this.

Linda, We need some feed back from the folks with this one, but they normally say intervals of 5 years for reunions is a good time span. Having them more frequent they say you loose folks not attending all reunions.
Here’s my suggestion. I suggest (2015?) we coordinate with other area groups to have several reunions near the same time frame. We could coordinate to have a Dunseith Alumni reunion, Country School reunion, and any of the other surrounding community reunions all within a few days of one another. That way out of town folks could attend multiple reunions with one visit. This summer I would have dearly loved to have attended the “Country School Reunion” as well as stuck my head in the door of the Bottineau HS class of 65 reunion that was held last month. These reunions were just spread out too far to attend with the same visit. In this coordination effort, I’d suggest that classes planning reunions from different high schools for the same year schedule their reunions for different days. Many folks belong to several schools. We’d need to start planning this effort 2 or 3 years in advance. Others could plan other events around these reunions too. We can make it work! Gary