Reply from Margaret Seim Lawston (54): Citrus Heights, CA
Hi Gary, I enjoy the blogs everyday. About the exchange
student, Flavia. My next door neighbor here, in Sacramento was a
great traveler,and booked on the freighters, before they had container
ships. On one of her trips the freighters stop in Brazil to to
unload. Having 3 days she decided to take a tour up the Amazon. The
guide[Flavia] spoke such good English my friend asked her where she
had learned it. Flavia told her she was an exchange student in a small
town in N. D. My friend said what’s the name of the town. She said
it’s very small . Dunseith!!!!! Not only had my friend heard of
it ,she had Art and Eva Seim stay in her home some winters when she
was traveling. A very small world.! Margaret Lawston
Reply to “Rising Son & Wife” and Standing Chief & “Jack Little Boy” pictures posted with message 885
From Don Martel (Teacher/Principal): Rosemount, MN
Hi Gary,
Congratulations on the Community service award. We appreciate your work for all of us.
I am curious as to what significance these two pictures have to Dunseith.
I love old pictures and have added them to my albums, but would like a little of the history behind them.
Dunseith History
Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO
Hello All, History is what we write down. For example Elwood Fauske is young enough so a lot of people still know him, but without his life story written in “The Book”, he would be just another pretty face. I will tell you he was not just another pretty face.
Gary Stokes you may wonder what an old fuddy duddy would get out of your blog efforts, well it keeps the memories of the greatest generation and even more, the generation that produced that generation alive. Some of the things your generation talks about sparks an interest as well.
Equal with written history, my love for music may explain how I feel about the past. I like all kinds of music, but love country western. The old legends were listening to Jack Green do the favorite song that he wrote, “The Last Letter”/ One of my mother’s old favorites. Narry a dry eye in the lot, so they asked Vince Gill, the only youngster there, again, narry a dry eye. Then Vince Gill said, ” Money could never buy the love and respect that your older generation have for each other.” It really showed on Vince that he felt he was missing out.
I saw that same scene from about 1946 at least through the 60’s, people who needed each other and were not afraid to show it. I saw people walking down the street whistling and comments like, “thanks ever so much” and “thanks a lot until you are better paid”.
I could just say thanks Gary, but I will say you could have fit into that generation very well. You are the one guy I know that could get up from watching the ole tide come in, walk up to your car, put your arms on top of the door and say “hey, ole boy, you made a difference in this old world, you have a following that most of us would like to have.”
I want to thank Larry Hackman for his ability to tell a great story and sharing it with us. What a gift you have. I will say I thought Bill was Willy and really wonder if you ever heard of “Cupcake Joe”??? Gary Metcalfe
Thanks Gary M. It’s so nice to hear from you. It’s been a while. Whether you realize it or not, you have quite a following too with all of your contributions. The generations behind us will have a hay day with all this history that we have saved. We are having so much fun recording it though. Gary S
Country Schools – Reply to message 881
From Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
One quick response to your comments about the country schools. Though some of those schools may have closed as of your graduation (I assume you meant 1961), not all of them did. I graduated from Beaver Dam School in 1962 and it closed the year I graduated. Beaver Dam was near the Rendahl Church.
Keith Pladson (66)
Keith, I didn’t realize that Beaver Dam School stayed open a year past Ackworth’s and Willow Lake’s closing. Were you the lone Graduate in 1962? Helen Rivard was a year ahead of you. Who was your teacher the last year? Gary
Great Grandma
Message from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, WY.
Gary and all,
On Thursday morning, at 9:10, we were blessed with the birth of my 3rd great-grandchild; a girl with the name of Raelyn Sukee Skye Hanson. She weighed in at
7.42 lbs and was 201/2 inches long. Her great-great-grandpa-Axel Johnson would have been proud.
Sybil Johnson
Congratulations Sybil! It’s hard to believe that you are old enough to have great Grand Children. I think you and I are about the same age. With these daily blogs, I often think of myself as being the youngest generation. Gary
Reply to Dunseith Pictures posted the past several days
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Ele Slyter and the rest of those who remember that day so
long ago. I know there were other bad days for the area but this was the
blackest day for many of us and hopefully we never have another like
it. This community is so well connected that everyone is hurt and
saddened by any tragedy of any kind.

Lloyd Awalt is right about the cars on Main Street in the postcard
picture. Both the car in front of Hosmer’s Store and the one in front of
Horsman’s Drug are ’38 or ’39 Chevys. The difference between the two
years is only basically in the grille design and the picture doesn’t
show either one clearly enough. The car in front of the Dakota Hotel and
just under the Standard sign appears to be a ’46 Dodge with a visor. The
car on the north side of the drug store is probably a late ’40s Packard.
In all, Lloyd would be real close putting the picture in the late ’40s.

Gary Morgan knew who’s house was who’s. I thought he would. I think
the house between Jim Footit’s and Dick Morgan’s shoulders, in the
‘Volunteers’ picture, would have been where Frank Flynn lived. The spot
is now where Stella Schimetz has her newer home. I would venture a guess
that William’s house may have been just out of the picture to the left.
Thanks Gary!


Dick Johnson:
Folks, I want to share with you a personal reply I got from Dick. Many of us have remarked at how well he remembers, in great detail, things of the past. I recently made that comment to him with some personal messages we exchanged. This is his reply. Gary

I honestly don’t know how my memory works. Maybe I’m stuck in the
past! The memories I have seem to be quite vivid like the colors of
rooms and the furniture type and color. There is no way I can explain
it to someone, it’s just there. My son is somewhat like this too. He
often says that something smells like some place or thing he remembers.
When I think about it, he is right with his memory. Who knows—not me!



Bicycling the World
Glen Williams (52) Daughter: Missoula, MT
Gary…She, our daughter, wrote the blog….and is the one riding the bike…
She and her husband Eric have bicycled Africa, the middle east, parts of Europe, North America, Central America and now South America…
Click on the update, I think it is, and you can look at all of their past Blogs..
She does have some “Dunseith blood” in her veins…so that must be causing her to want to travel the world on a Bike…that is not for me..
Glen Williams

Is your daughter one of the cyclist in this blog?
—– Original Message —–

Daughter Andrea’s latest blog….Glen W.


News for that year
From Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
This is kind of a fun list.

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http://www.infoplease.com/year/1901.html )
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