ND Sunflowers” Picture

Reply from Gwen Struck Dumas (68): Havre, MT


To Kenny Nerpel
Really like the pictures! I’m now using the “ND sunflowers” as the wallpaper on my computer. Thx for sharing.
Gwen Struck Dumas – 68





Mr. Hepper

Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND


In reply to Amie question, About the POD Classes. I wonder if it wasn’t Gene Hepper, our History and POD teacher. He was really a good guy, as a teacher, and as a Coach. I remember a lot of discussions in his class, about happening’s in World Events, and American History.





From Lola Metcalfe Vanorny (68): Dunseith, ND


Gary– well wishes go to you and Bernadette– today – I happened to google- Marty Spriggs for some reason- he made an impression on me in 8th grade- nive big guy!! he had been in vietnam!– and that was interesting to me in that our friends were in a horrible situation- it was like being “dam—” to get your number drawn– but i couldn’t for the life of me see why we should care about 100 years ago !– made no sense to me to talk about it! – he must have liked the debate cause I got a’s in his class!_ LOL!!– just a snot nose kid !!–and now I love History!!– and He must have made an impression on me!! LOL!


anyhoo!!- i came upon all the blogs since it started back in 2007 i believe!!- you googled my name and asked about Margaret- and now that is history!!- ha! and reading some of them— alot of them !—from the early days what stories!!!_ I love the ones of the days of main street being full of colorful characters- the Bertha’s — Mrs V– (Jay’s Gramma)- Bertha myer — Myrt Hoopman- 3 characters playing poker with the priest Father WOlf!- now those ladies were liberated!!- ha!- at about 70 years of age!-


-oh man!- the stories Mrs V told me when she ran Dale’s for George in about 1967–not long before she died!– I thought she was a crabby old lady til I got to know her- !! she was a hoot !!!- I would go buy her cigarettes @ 10 cents a pack!– and she would take me down to her house for – looking at old pictures- — She ran a boarding house in Ashley , ND they had a farm on the outskirts of town – unti they moved to work at San Haven during the depression!- She would talk German to Harvey Hoffman- in the kitchen and no one would know what they were saying- she thought that was funny!


Memories of Jack Hosmer- Bob Hosmer- Glen Shelver- Bill Evans- all such “people” people- love us young kids as their own!- and so many more- the Morinvilles – LaCroix’s- The ALthea Theater-


– My Gramma Evans– what a woman!!– – she was an old settler — worked like dogs hard times and many heartaches !! and she thought her Granddaughters worked way to hard on their school work and then work at Dale’s besides– LOL!– we were having a ball!!- Heck – we got to eat french fries and sleep in until it was time to go to work again!!- ha!– in the summer


What prompted this whole thing was- this early morning– I took my coffee outside on the deck– – and the dew was on the grass only it looked like gold sprinkles on the grass- from the rising sun I suppose — and I thought– “Oh man!- I wish I were coming out of an old wooden cabin at the lake- and the screen door slams as I walk out to a dock and I closed my eyes – and somewhere someone was sawing wood or something and it reminded me of when I would stay with Gramma Randina Evans in Dunseith – Howard Hiatts lived next door to Gramma — they were so very good to her- !–


( well I had to work the late shift because my Dad in his wisdom knew that a 14 year old girl needed to be either working or sleeping til about midnight – so I was the one- !!- Patti got to work the day shift- so after we closed the cafe — I would dally around and clean stainless steele fixtures and fill salt and pepper shakers – sugar jars- catsup bottles from gallon cans– maple syrup pitchers from gallon cans the cooks had made- and it better be done!!– cause sister Patti worked in the morning and I would catch heck if they weren’t done!! — big sista! uff da!! and maybe not get home til 12 or 1- am– and then !! imagine this!– walk across Myers field to the trailer court and then down the street about 8 blocks to Gramma’s house – never a worry — the only person that stopped you was the cop and he maybe took you home to get you off the street !- ha — But I was a night owl and loved that walk- although Patti and I tried to talk Dad into letting us take his old truck into town to get to work– hum– and he said “You know!– that little trek to Dale’s will just give you a start on the day and you’ll be ready to work- cause you will be awake!– oh man!- that was true!!- ha!- He knew very well we could have had a heyday wqith that truck!!! LOL!!)


anyway — I would be sleeping in til about noon not having to go t work til 3– and i woud hear them mowing Gramma’s lawn– and i would dream that I was at the lake and could hear boats humming along – I had a ball!!- LOL!!-


The only advice I have to give you about walking through town about 2:30 pm when the cherries came into season !! they were soooo good!! – on your way to work is — don’t eat the whole basket!- oh my what a feat !- waiting on tables and waiting for the bathroom!- I only did that once!!-


Bettter get to bed!– and quit babbling!!- also another thing !!———- i love venetian shades —– Inee Hosmer had those in her house and i thought they were beautiful!!_ and have always used a version of them – good nght!!- Lola