Pat Hosmer (Mrs. Bill) Passed away this morning.
Message/Reply from Bill Hosmer (47): Tucson, AZ
Gary and all my terrific friends from Dunseith, I read your latest with much humility. Those comments from folks knocked my socks off and brought tears to my eyes. Also, it is a fact that my wonderful bride of 57 years, Pat Hosmer, is now with God. She passed away early this morning, and I’m still bewildered by that fact, but thankful that her long battle with a bad disorder is over at last. She so enjoyed our times with family and friends for twenty summers in our cabin at Lake Metigoshe. I will miss her but will be a better person for having been her mate these many years. I will be bringing her remains to our cemetery near Dunseith, where we will both be buried some day. It will probably be during September. Don’t know just when,, but we will have a private grave side ceremony with family and friends with all our offspring in attendance.

My sadness is overwhelmed with the relief of her peaceful passing which we prayed for often.

It is so wonderful to have so many of my countrymen on my frequency with Gary’s miraculous format. I am blessed with your friendship and support, and will look forward to seeing any or all of you some day.

With respect and thanks, I’m Bill Hosmer

Bill, We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Pat. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in these difficult times. The loss is hard, but her suffering is gone. She will be missed, but the memories are there. Bill, as a reminder, we are all hear for your support. Gary
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From Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Hi Gary,

Re: My cousin Bill. Amen.
Jack & Inez Hosmer
Reply from Janice Larson Myhre: Spokage, WA
Dear Gary, Would you please forward the following to Bill Hosmer? I think he might get a kick out of hearing from me.

Dear Mr. Hosmer,
My name is Janice Larson Myhre. I was born to Harry H. Larson and Esther Tennancour in Bottineau, ND, in 1941. Before she married, in order for my mother to attend high school, she had to acquire a position in town. Your parents, Jack and Inez took her in to their home and hearts to help with house work and childcare. She lived with me the last three years of her life and often spoke of your folks and how grateful she was to them for helping her get an education. She also mentioned taking care of you and was proud to see your success as a Thunderbird! I’m grateful to Gary for keeping me on the email list. My folks would have been thrilled to read all these emails.
Jan Myhre

Jan, It’s great hearing from you. Yes, many of our readers remember your Dad as their teacher back in the 30’s & 40’s. He was Erling Landsverk’s first grade teacher. Erling has written some great memories of your father of which I will repost in the near future. Gary