Just as I was about to send this message, we had an earth quake. It seemed mild, but it was a magnitude of 6.8. The epia center was west of Cebu. I have not heard of any structural damages anywhere yet. We lost electricity for about and hour, so I am a bit late sending this out.

To the Family of Veronica Azure
From Sharon Longie Dana (’73): MIssoula MT
My thughts and prayers are with you.
Sharon Longie Dana(73)
New email address
For Lloyd (’44) and Theresa Cote (’48) Awalt: Bottineau, ND
New E-mail address.
Lloyd and Theresa
Reply to Aggie Cassavant’s Assessment of the ND vigilance
From Cheryl Larson Dakin (’71):

Hi All

I have to agree with Aggie Cassavant’s assessment of the vigilance people in North Dakota will have to maintain. I’ve been reading accounts of more crime and drugs that have not been seen before being introduced. I am glad on the one hand for the new prosperity folks are experiencing, but saddened by the seemingly desperate need to house these newcomers that causes rents to be raised so high that people that have been there for so long can no longer afford and are having to move, oftentimes out of the state completely. On the other hand, I feel that the way of life in North Dakota as we have known it is going to be forever changed. Like my sister said to me the other day, “North Dakota is no longer the world’s best kept secret.” And like Aggie says, and Art Rude sings in “40 Below Keeps the Riff Raff Out” we can only hope that those people strong enough to cope with the North Dakota winters and stay, will be strong of character and integrity and the rest will find themselves gone.


Speaking of 40 below, I understand that you guys in North Dakota are experiencing a mild winter this year. I can only imagine it is a comfort to a lot of you and that the cities affected by the flood last year will have more time to recover, farmers can get their crops in and all will be well again. Our weather here in the
Dallas/Fort Worth area has been in the 6o’s and 70’s. Heat is turned off and windows are open. Getting my little garden ready to plant next weekend. And I secretly wish it was in the 40’s. I love a good chilly winter. Chilly, not frigid!


Be well and an early Happy Valentines Day to all!

Cheryl Larson Dakin

Thank you Neola for the delicious Caramels
When we saw Art on Saturday at Rose’s house, he gave us this big package of Caramel that you had given to him and Rose to give to us. I must say, this is some very delicious candy. It is so hard to resist eating the whole package in one setting.
Thank you again Neola. You are so kind hearted and so generous.
Cultural mix of friends here in Cebu. On Wednesday (Bowling), Art will meet the Norwegian’s of the group too.
Art (USA), Gary (USA), Joe (Australia), Leo (Holland), Michael (Ireland), Casey (USA) & Ian (England)