Our Web site will be discontinued on April 30th
Our Website is with Microsoft’s – “Office Live Small Business”. I recieive this message from Microsoft.
On April 30, 2012, Office Live Small Business will be discontinued.

Microsoft® Office 365 for professionals and small businesses will replace Office Live Small Business as the comprehensive Microsoft productivity service for businesses like yours. To get you started with Office 365, we are offering you an exclusive 6 month free trial of Microsoft Office 365 and Office Professional Plus.

My strategy in life has been to focus, eagerly accomplishing my life goals swiftly and in a timely matter so I can sit back and ride the train so to speak with the successes I have accomplished. This strategy worked in my employment career and also for goals that I have perused in my retirement years, particularly with the Dunseith Alumni. Once I had located and gathered all the contact info for all of the Alumni and got it organized, I have been able to just sit back and send out these daily messages utilizing the lists of info and email addresses I generated.
Microsoft has thrown a curve in my strategy. When I set up our Website, I did it with the intent that the site would never go away. They proved me wrong. As of April 30th our sight will disappear along with everything in it. So as not to loose my personal email address, I will be signing up for their replacement “Microsoft Office 365”, however, I am not sure if I will be continuing with the Website in “Microsoft Office 365”. I have not explored things yet, but from what I have read, it is a very cumbersome, labor intense, process to transfer all of the data from the our current Website to “Microsoft Office 365”. I do have all of these daily messages saved in Gmail and also on my computer, so all will not be lost.
Folks, I am open for suggestions on how we can set up a permanent Website to put all these daily messages into. In the process, I’d like something where I can easily transfer the 1,417 messages we currently have to this site too, along with the pictures. We are currently averaging about 70 folks daily visiting our Website. I’d hate to loose what we have accomplished thus far.

ND Oil Boom – Reply to Cheryl Larson Dakin
From Aggie Casavant (’69): Fort Mill, SC
Thank you for your confirmation,and support on my post. I have received a number of e-mails thanking me for being “painfully honest about the downside of this “Oil Boom” All so far agreed with me 100%…All still live in N.Dakota. I feel alot better knowing,that people are taking this seriously…Alot of hurting worried people over all this “prosperity for a few”….Alot of sad people who are watching N.Dakota as they have known it, quickly vanishing. I hope the biggest change that the people of N.Dakota “DEMAND” of their law makers, is tougher punishment for crimes committed. I was sorry to see the “Hanging Law” in Montana is no longer on the books…cuz those two guys deserve nothing less. When I say that,people ask me sometimes, “Aggie, where’s your Christian compassion. My answer to that is, “Its not about revenge, it’s about “JUSTICE”,and I go on to tell them,”I can show you at least 3 scriptures in the Bible, about people who “choose” to shed innocent blood. In one scripture it says, “A man who sheds innocent blood,will be a fugitive til death,let no one support him”. Sherry Arnold was a Mother and a School Teacher, living in a small town on the prairies of Montana, surrounded by people who loved and respected her so much, making such a positive differnce in so many young lives….it doesn’t get much more innocent than that….so with that thought…I say, “Let the hangings begin”. Another reason I feel so strongly about all of this, is because I have 7 sisters and at least 12 neices in N.Dakota, any one of them could of found themselves in the same situation as Sherry Arnold. That thought alone is more than I can allow myself to think about. For the past year or so I have become outraged with the landscape of our country, and the highways and by-ways being littered with the murdered bodies of women and young girls, and the so called “punishment” for these predators, is being sentenced to life in prison…on our tax dollar,and rewarded with all the sex and drugs they want as they serve out their sentence. The justice system in this country is a pathetic joke! and it’s time for the people of this country to start demanding better of our judicial system. And now with N.Dakota in the national spotlight, now is the time for the people of N.Dakota to stand up send a strong message “If you want to come into our state,and mess with “OUR” families,and peaceful way of life…then be ready to pay the price! With that said, Hope you all have a real Peaceful and Blest Day…..while I go take my blood pressure medicine.
Thanks for Listening…… Thanks Gary…… Aggie

Dunseith Caribbean Cruise
As you know, our cruise is next week. Having a little extra space today, I wanted to share with everyone the list of folks that will be joining us on this cruise.
I have also included a message that Gina, our travel agent, recently sent out to all the cruise folks. This is the 2nd cruise that Gina has organized for us. I must say she is the greatest too. She has done a superb job with our bookings and logistics too and I must say, looking after our personal interests in the process. She is a stickler for details, following through with every detail to the very end, leaving no strings dangling in the wind. For any future Cruising plans, both personal and groups, I strongly recommend Gina.

Greetings Gary and everyone,




I had luggage tags and cruise i.d. holders made for your group.

There is one luggage tag and one cruise i.d. holder – per person.

(for a total of 46 luggage tags and 46 cruise id holders for all who

booked their NCL Pearl Caribbean cruise with Gina at Cruise At Will).

These aren’t items that you will need, but just a little gift from Gina.

Gary will have these at Hyatt hotel on the 18th, and onboard your ship.




Thanks to all of you and hope you will keep me as your cruise agent.

I work with all cruise lines and also the All-inclusive resorts worldwide.

Bon Voyage and I hope that this is one of your best vacations ever!








Gina S. Ford

Cruise At Will, Inc.

Cruise and Travel Planners

1-866-870-6986 (toll free)

703-580-1190 (local)

Caribbean Cruise – 2/19 – 2/26/2012 – Dunseith Group

Class Year
65 Gary Stokes Bernadette Stokes Cebu, Philippines  
65 Bill Grimme Irina Protassevitch Birmingham, AL  
68 Gwen Grimme Eltz George Eltz Spokane, WA  
65 Margaret Metcalfe Leonard   Rolette, ND  
  Don Busta Vicki Busta Fort Ransom, ND Don and Bill Busta are brothers
  Deborah Knudson Busta Bill Busta Willmar, MN Deborah is Bev Handeland Hamnes’ Daughter
63 David Shelver Linda Shelver Lake Havasu City, AZ  
  Jon McGregor Bonnie McGregor Pelican Rapids, MN Bonnie & Linda Shelver are sisters
  Oliver Reing Marlene Reing Bottineau, ND Marlene is a sister to Debby Stokes
75 James Fulsebakke Marlee Ray Reing Fulsebakke Bottineau, ND Marlee Ray is a daughter of Oliver and Marlene Reing
72 Shelly Fulsebakke Albertson Heather & Nathan Albertson St, John, ND  
78 Tina Pladson Bullinger John Bullinger Bottineau, ND John & Larry Bullinger are Brothers
75 Dan Pladson Robin Pladson Belfield, ND  
65 John Bedard Margaret Bedard Bottineau, ND  
67 Nancy Bedard Olson Gary Olson Hillsboro, ND  
70 Darrel Stokes Debby Stokes Bottineau, ND  
65/59 Phyllis Mckay Patsy Mckay Heggen Auburn, WADunseith, ND  
62 Margaret Bedard Strong Jerry Stong Dunseith, ND  
65 Karen Loeb Mhyre Jim Mhyre Belleveu, WA  
59 Geri Metcalfe Munro Chuck Munro Fargo, ND  
57 Gary Metcalfe Sue Metcalfe Forsyth, MO  
  Larry Bullinger Mary Bullinger Bottineau, ND  
64/67 Terry Espe LeaRae Parrill Espe Bottineau, ND