Happy Birthday Sue Pladson: Fargo, ND
Good day folks,
For the record, I did not get a blog message sent yesterday. It was our bowling day and I got cramped for time.
First off I want to make it perfectly clear that these daily email blogs are not going away. It’s the Website that I post these on that is going away. I have gotten a few suggestions from a few of you that I will explore when I get back from our cruise. One of our members offered to pay money to set up a Website too. We may be able to pay someone to have a user friendly Website developed that we can maintain for a minimal fee. Once this Website is developed, I’d like to be able to easily dump all of these daily messages, with pictures, into this site. One of the things I’d like in a Website too is a good search engine. We want something that will not go away. Anyway, this is all something we can be giving some thought to until after we get back from our cruise.
Earthquake Reply
From Sharon Zorn Gerdes (’62): Windsor, CO

Ok Gary, what is it they say about the mail, neither sleet or snow or hail, etc can stop the mail. Well, your email was an hour late due to a 6.8 earthquake and you are concerned ??? I lived forty years in California and we had many earthquakes, and a 6.8 is nothing to sneeze at. Oh my gosh, you are an amazing man. We are just blessed that you do this at all, and we appreciate you more than you know. Thank you. Sharon Gerdes Zorn

Thank you so much Sharon for the nice compliment. I think a whole lot of the Dunseith folks are amazing. That, in part, is how we have made our successes in life.
We have had a number of after shocks from the earthquake, but they are minor. The earthquake, deep down, was a slow role action quake. We could see the walls and floor moving. Nothing was knocked of any shelves and none of the pictures were disturbed on the walls. The epicenter was located about 50 miles SW of us on the Island of Negros. Over there, there was more damage and some dirt slides that killed a few folks. Gary
Daily Blogs
Reply from Aggie Casavant (’69): Fort Mill, SC.
Hi Gary,
Been walking around in a haze of stunned disbeleif that the blog will be no more after April 30th. WoW that’s just too weird to think about. That’s almost bigger than hearing that the Turtle Mountain Star, or Minot Daily News is being discontinued. Like Minnie Flynn would say “sheeeish” Imagine me lost for words…LoL. Maybe we will figure something out…I hope so. Thanks anyway Gary so far, you’ve done an awesome job getting us all back in touch. Aggie
Thank you Aggie for the nice words. As I mentioned in my statement above, these daily email messages will not be going away, only the Website where we post them will be going away. Gary

Daily Blogs

Reply from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65): Belcourt, ND

It would be terrible to lose something you have put all that work into. I
for one have enjoyed all these e-mails, as many of us have.

I don’t know what to say except I hope that there is an alternative out
there to turn to. Not much time for one I realize.

God Bless you Gary for everything you have brought to each of us through
these e-mails. You have brought us all together someway and I am very
thankful to you for all of that.

I look forward to what we do have left, here’s hoping something can be done.

Take care Gary. Many many thanks to you.

This isn’t goodbye!


Thank you Ginger for the nice compliment. Gary
Frozen Fingers Festival this weekend
Message/posting from Brenda Johnson: Dunseith, ND
Hi Neola & Gary

Dick has been busy so that’s probably why he forgot to mention the
Frozen Fingers Festival this weekend.
Our partner Ron Hett flew back from AZ last week and we’ve had a couple
of practices. Tonight is one of our practice sessions. We’re doing a
couple of good civil war songs plus some other country favorites. You
know Dick he always has a few “Haggard” songs. Take care.