Message From Dick Johnson (68):

This has been the most interesting reading. Thanks for all the
work you are doing to keep the history of Dunseith alive. It
seems many of us remember several of the same things with only
minor variations probably do to our own perspectives of that
memory at that time. I do very vividly remember the sunny day
when Capt. Bill Hosmer and his wingmen decided to dust off
Main Street in Dunseith. How many towns of fewer than 800 have
ever had a private aerobatic show by the Thunderbirds? Bill,
thanks for the memories. One other thing that I remember is
going to the show at the Althea. I remember stopping first at
Said (Sy) Kadrys pool hall for a Sugar Daddy sucker. We all
waited for the show hall to open and would lay the suckers on
the sidewalk so they would freeze. When the Hackman kids would
open the door everyone would grab their Sugar Daddys and break
them like glass. Then in the show you could eat a piece at a
time without getting all sticky. Smart kids. In the late 50’s
and most of the 60’s you could have a night out for 25 cents.
The show ticket was $.10, pop $.5,popcorn was $.10! My how
things have changed!I have many good memories of growing up in
Dunseith and I encourage others to share their stories with us.
On a current note; Kenny Nerpel asked about our music group,
The Turtle Mountain Hillbilly Band. We will be playing in Minot
at The Frozen Fingers Bluegrass Festival Feb.9 at 1PM This is
at the hotel at Dakota Square Mall.If you attend be sure to
come find us after the gig. I did hear a recording of Kenny and
his wife Sherry doing several songs, it was very good.  Hope to
see any of our old friends there. Again, thanks

Dick Johnson

Message From Mel Kuhn (70): 
It’s another balmy 20 below morning in the Turtle Mt’s. Reading about the lutefisk reminds me of working at Hosmer’s store. I was sent into the meat dept. to help Dennis Brennan repackage some of the lutefisk out of the barrells’ that it came in,and lets just say, ooofta I’ve never been the same.
Mel Kuhn[70]