Message from Marlene Richard Parslow (65):
Thanks for keeping us in the loop regarding the cruise!  My hubby and I may consider going.  We are doing our very 1st cruise this year in March.  So depending on how that goes, we may be joining you all to Alaska!!

Hope your year is going well.
Marlene(Richard) Parslow
Reply and Memories from Dave Slyter (70):
How many remember the good ole band and choir days  of good ole DHS.   Of course who could forget the best music director of all of DHS’s history,  Don Johnson.   He done so many things for so many students.   One of the most memorable was when Dunseith received the Governors Choir award.  I think I remember then the choir had over 60 members in it.  The high school band always had big numbers in it.   He ran a very high standard music department.�

Alan Poitra,  I remember those funny looking hats also but they were always locked up in the little practice room and we were all hoping that no one would mention to Mr. Johnson that we should wear them while we march.  ha    I always remember the home coming parades in Dunseith and also the day that we would travel to Minot for the Minot State College home coming parade.  It was a long march, (especially when I had to carry that big ole bass drum) but was the best of times.   Always went downtown Minot and hung out at all the stores.  Always went to the five and dime store.  �

When we were in the music program in the late 60’s and into 1970(by the way that is the best year ever) we had the really nice blue blazer that we wore for high school concerts.   I think we wore them for marching also.  I also remember going to Devils Lake for the high school music contest or festivals.    Dunseith always came home with high marks.

I think that was the best part of jr. high and high school was being in the famous Don Johnson music program.  Well that and passing my grade each year.  ha�

One more memory I have to mention about the DHS music department.  It has to do with years after I graduated but was a memory I will never forget.   I was once a custodian at DHS after the good ole years of San Haven employment.  My daughter Stacey was in high school band then and was under the direction of one of Don Johnson’s former students and everybody knows her,  Cheryl Haagenson.   She too did a great job  in the music department.  During the year that Stacey I think was a Junior in high school they decided they wanted to take in a contest down in Orlando Florida.  So the money raising was put into place and the plans and dates of the trip were decided.  I was fortunate enough to be a chaperone of this big event and what a memory it was.  It will be with me for a very long time.  The kids were so well behaved and they should have been so proud as they brought home this big huge trophy that I hope still is in the show case at the school.  “Way to go Cheryl”   You have done the school proud.�

Thanks for the memories.

Dave Slyter (70) 
Master Dunseith Alumni Email List:
Folks I have attached a copy of the latest  “Master Dunseith Alumni Email List”. It’s in an Excel format.
This list is sorted by total name and also by class year. To view the desired sort just kick on the “Name Sort” or “Class Year Sort” tabs located on the bottom left of the screen under the names. 
All ladies that are part of a Dunseith High School Class are listed first by their maiden name on this list.  I have broken husbands and wives apart and listed everyone with a separate line on this list.
With the size of this list, I have decide to sent it out only in the Excel formant. The file size is getting to be fairly large, for group mailing, with a pasted copy in the body of the email message.
If you don’t have the ability to read these Excel files, I strongly recommend that you down load Excel Viewer. This will enable you to open, view and print  Excel attachments sent to you. I have also used Excel putting together all of the class lists.  I’ve pasted the link below for a free Microsoft down load of Excel viewer.  While you are in the site, I’d also recommend that you down load Power Point Viewer and Word Viewer, if you are unable to open these files, too.