Thanks to my cousin Neola, Carol (Watkins) (46) & Emery Carbonneau’s Daughter-in-Law Sari is now receiving these messages and will pass this stuff on to Carol & Emery. Thank you Shari.
Shari Carbonneau’s reply to Neola Kofoid Garbe
Thanks for the messages about Dunseith. Charlie’s mom was telling us
about her visit with Vance and how the next day or so he passed away.
She really enjoys the news of Dunseith. I printed off your message and
will mail it to her. She doesn’t have or use the computer so if you
wouldn’t mind sending me new messages, I would print them and send them
to her. She said it is so interesting what each person remembers.
Thanks, Neola.

shari.carbonneau @k12.sd.us

Shari Carbonneau’s 2nd Reply to Neola:
Thanks for adding me to the “List.” I know Carol will enjoy many of the messages. She spoke to Vance Bailey on the telephone quite often. I know she was feeling the loss of a good friend. I don’t have an alias. I became Shari when my brother, Marvin, married a Sharon. He married before I did, so there were two Sharon Monsons. Enjoy the New Year.
Bob Hosmer’s (56) Reply:
Hi Gary and all,
Since seeing my brother Bill’s accounts, cousin Collette’s accounts and Bonnie Awalt Houle’s recollections, I guess I should share some things, too.
I remember the Conroy’s, I remember when they moved to town and Mr. Conroy became the superintendent at the school. I enjoyed visiting the Conroy home. It seemed like Don’s Mom, Florence was always baking bread or some delicious smelling bake goods on the old wood cooking stove on the north wall of their kitchen. She always had a smile for everyone and, for me, was one of the best teachers I ever had in my grade school years. She took her work as a serious calling.
Chuming around with Don was also a treat. Both of us had BB-guns. Mine was a lever-action Red Rider brand and Don’s was, to me at least, a very sleek pup-action model that shot more acurately than mine and wished deeply that I had one like his. Oh well, we had fun setting up cans and bottles and shooting them off a stand.
The Conroy’s had a large garden and I would see Don’s dad working in it in the evenings. I think a lot of the garden was dedicated to potatoes. I remember helping one late afternoon dabbing some sort of solution on the undersides of the leaves to kill aphids, I think.
There are a lot of other memories of my years in Dunseith, but I’ll have to leave that for another time. Really enjoy hearing the stories you all are submitting. Your memores toggle others in my mind, that’s for sure.
Bob Hosmer
Allen Richard’s (65) reply to Mel Kuhn (70):

Marvin was Mel and Virgil’s dad. He, Cliff Nerpel, David Bergen, Jim Birkland, Mark Schimetz, Dad and I shingled our 40X80 Quonset in 1968—We did it from 5:00 am til 11:00. would have been done sooner, but it rained for an hour. That was back in the day when roofers used real hammers. I was back at the farm last summer-same shingles–no leaks!
Virgil worked for us one summer and had a close encounter of the enlightening kind—-big thunderstorm went through. Dad and Virgil were welding a cultivator hitch. Close lightning strike. Virgil had his foot on a large piece of metal when it hit.
Was the shock heard across the farm–to his credit, Virgil did not use any profanity! He had a sore leg for several weeks. Did quite a dance as I recall.
Message from Shirley LaRocque (59):
Hey Gary thanks for all the memories. I have enjoyed everyone of them. I read some of them to my brother Garry LaRocque. I remember working at the Crystal cafe.Yes when the Canadians came to Dunseith to go thru customs. I do remember the bakery and the red owl grocery store. Thanks again Shirley LaRocque Wendt Seattle .
Message from Ron Longie (65)
Gary, In reading the batch of Emails forwarded, when I read the one about sister Rose and the moth balls it was dejavu all over again. I was an alter boy when Father Wolff was the priest in Dunseith, on certain Sundays we would serve a mass at the sisters chapel, and sister Rose my O my how iremember her.

The Crystal cafe was another place as a kid, holds many memories for me we would go there after school and load the pop machine then sit down in the basement and we would indulge in a (Soda) or two I was, and still am a big fan of rootbeer.

I also remember going over to Mark Anderson’s house, and spend time at there store helping them dust and doing chores so I could get Mom a pair of salt/pepper shakers she liked. Life was so simple then, many times I wished I had never left to be able to stay in Dunseith and finish school but my folks wouldn’t let me stay with my uncle Verlin and aut Stella.

I often wonder what it would have been like to graduate with a small class that you started in the first grade with and went all the way through school together. I graduated with 884 in my class basically just a number not much one on one. I would have liked to finish with Pete, Clifford, Raphel, John A ,John B and Warren would have been fun.. I am thinking of going back to Dunseith this summer to stay in touch. I hope everyone has a great New Year, and until we talk again I remain as always———– Ronnie Longie



Bill Hosmer’s (48) Reply to kenny Nerpel (65):

Kenny. I certainly remember Alice Metcalf. She struck me as being a
beautiful woman by any measure. I was working (getting in the way) and
she paid attention to me during the course of the work day. I last saw
her at the Lodge Restaurant at Lake Metigoshe in the eightees. On
another matter, I flew F-105s and F-100s during the Vietnam mess. What
Corps Area were you operating in? The F-105s were used against targets
in North Vietnam, and the Huns were fragged against Laos targets and in
close air support of the guys really fighting the war in South Vietnam.
Never checked out in the F-4, I was a single seat, single engine purist
my whole 24 years in the AF. The picture made me remember that hotel as
far back as when Charlie Watkins managed it, before the Grassmans did.
Yes, time passes on fast. Good to read your input. Cheers, Bill


Deb Morniville’s reply:

Dear Gary,

Even more memories!! This is keeping my brain buzzing and at my age I think it’s a good thing.
First, Rhonda (Rose) I am the one who mentioned Sister Rose’s store and the mothballs. The memory of that smell is so strong! But what fun!
Dave Slyter and Mel Kuhn I sure remember partying with you two rascals! When we were seniors in HS we could always find a party couldn’t we? Those days have been long gone for me! I quit smoking and drinking and using drugs about 26 or 27 years ago. I found Jesus! Yep. I’m one of “those” BAC – born again Christians. It;s great! I have been married to the same man, Kenny, for 28 years and have 4 grown children and 3 soon to be 4 grandchildren! And BTW where were you two last July for the big reunion? It was a total blast. It would have been nice to see you guys.
Ken Nerpal Remember me? We partied too! And drank a LOT of beer. I remember Iver Lo too. They lived across the street from us and had a daughter named Sonya. We were friends but never stayed in touch. And you poor deprived “country boys” You may not have gotten to see much (Colette) but I went out with few of you boys and you had no trouble finding the “udders”!!!!
Does anyone remember the Cubans that came to Dunseith during the 60’s We had a girl in our class named Angelina Parlady. Her Dad was a doctor up and the San, I think. Would be nice to find them, too
Deb Morinville Marmon ’70
Message from Mel Kuhn (70):
We have another Dunseith hillbilly living over here in St. John by the name of Johnny Hanson, if you remember him. He and a few other friends are helping keep the old days alive with their horse drawn wagons and sleighs. They go out and have many a wild time with trail rides through the hills and as far away as Rolette. In my spare time I still like to do some welding and building and have welded things back together for them after a maybe too wild of a time. I’ve also built them from scracth a wagon and forecart[spelling ?]. Yes Kenny, Marvin Kuhn was my dad. He passed away about 4 years ago now. Gordie Nerpel was in my graduating class. Dave, those Tickle Pink girls were great weren’t they. One of their members Shelly Fulsebakke, married to Mike Albertson lives over here. Their daughter Heather has just an amazing voice.
Mel Kuhn[70]
PS. We have onother old codger from the Dunseith area living here also, by the name of Ike Hiatt, if you remember him. (Evon Lagerquist, Ike would be your first degee uncle being a brother to your mother, Leola Hiatt Lagerquist) I saw Ike, in July 2004, at my mothers funeral.
Message from Dave Slyter (70)
Hi folks:

Rhonda didn’t mention all the other names we use to call her at home. lol ha ha Just kidding sis.

Love you:

Dave : )