Folks, It was brought to my attention that the first publications of the 1982 Dunseith centennial books did not have indexes. For those of you that have those books and need an index, please let know and I can forward one to you. Gary
Message from Gary Metcalfe (56):
Thank you for getting me included on your list Gary. It will be interesting to read these stories, thank you also for being the one that does the work of getting them out for us to enjoy.
My wife and I both remember your parents and went to church with them at the Christian Center. Bob was always ready with a smile. Elaine worked with the residents from San Haven with us too, as did Bob. We had a program that they would bring a few ambulatory residents once a week for the day. Good memories.
We have had several visits with Harvey Hiatt in Arizona and got caught up on some information on all the people in the Ackworth community. Will send you some stories about some the older amazing people in Dunseith later.
Oh this story comes to mind so will continue it tonight.
High school days, to make spending money, I set pins in the bowling alley. It was about 100 degrees in the pin setting area and nearly freezing in the Lake Sisters upstair apartment. This was in January. Get into bed and have so many blankets that I could not even turn over. My 10 cents a line for setting pins did not go far especially with Mrs. Hoopman and Bertha Myer teaching me how to play Smear, but at a high cost. Everyone knew that Bertha was not only sharp, she was very lucky. It seems that Bertha had, “high, low, jic, jack and game” quite often. Fun memories.
Message from anonymous:
I don’t want my name mentioned but the ice cream server Clarice is remembering is Mrs. Rodney Armentrout, not Lagerquist – “I remember them selling soft serve ice cream out of a window of the hardware next to the Beauty Shop. Mrs., Rodney Lagerquest (Marlene Kraft) made and sold the ice cream.
Error message from Larry Hackman (66): lmhackman@bis.midco.net
We made a error on that last message. The girl that use to serve the soft seve ice cream out of the window is now Mrs. Rodney Armentrout, Marlene Kraft. Sorry about that Marlene. Dementia must be starting to settle in somewhere.
Message from Rhonda Hiatt (75):
With all the responses to your e-mails, do you get a chance to sleep? Did you ever think it would snowball like this? It’s been fun reading though.
I forgot about bony fingers. ha Today that is the look. I was trying to start the trend, it’s just taken this long for everyone else to catch up. ha ha
On the Doobie Brothers, I thought we were in Bismarck. lmao I think we need to get GiGi’s input on this. (Question, who is GiGi? Gary)
Rhonda (75)
Message/Picture from Neola Kofoid Garbe (Gary Stokes’ cousin):
Note: Bert Hanson was a brother to Frances Morinville. Bert was married to my Dad’s sister Olga. Their children, Audrey and Jean, are cousins to both me and Toni, Deb, Bev & Duane Morinville. Mel, you will have to show this one to Ruby. It’s been more than 50 years since I’ve seen Jim & Ruby Birkland. When they were newly married they lived on the Johnny Hiatt farm, now the Fauske farm. We were their closest neighbors. I remember them well. Gary
Hi Gary,
Ruby was mentioned in an email not long ago. Here’s a picture of her when she was young.
I hadn’t seen Ruby since they moved from the house by Bert Hanson’s (Bennett street in Bottineau) until Wade/Lynette Hamel DuBois’ wedding. She was one of the ladies serving the reception. Wade’s mother, Eleanore, and Jimmy Birkland, Ruby’s husband, were siblings, or am I wrong about that? I didn’t recognize Ruby when I saw her. I happened to hear someone mention her name, so I checked to see which one of the ladies was Ruby. I think she said she had recognized me.
Ruby Birkland