Bev Morinville’s (72) reply – Cancer:
Deb,,,,,it’s a tough 0ne but with the LORD I plan on winning.tough part will be not talking cause u know how I LOVE TO talk. pray for me please, BEV
Allen Richard’s (65) Reply to Cheryl Kester (70)
First of all your Dad was a beloved friend of my family, working as a youth for my Grandpa Pigeon, later as our fuel provider and as he guy who did perfectly adjusted reloads for my deer hunting ammo.
But to Beer Can Alley — frankly I’m not sure where that was exactly — I had lots of beer cans and deposited them in lots of alleys —- but we owned a quarter section — formerly farmed by Sal Schneider, Karen’s Dad. This place was 3 miles west of Dunseith, and about a mile south — South of the Ernest LaCroix place. I think if not beer can alley, it would be beer can 2.
Dad was tired of all the trash, and he approached somebody — I don’t remember who, but the person was widely suspected of partying there. Dad said he didn’t really care if they were there, but he wished they would at least put all the trash in one pile. Within a couple of weeks the whole place had been cleaned up and all the bottles and cans were in a pile that would take more than one pick up truck to haul away.
So if any of you want to fess up to partying there send your notes to my sister, Stephanie — ’70. She now owns the land after dad died.
Allen Richard
Memories from Ron Longie (65):


I remember the old school yard where we used to play dodge ball, Dean Helgeson,Ron and Allen Richard, Billy Grady, Dennis Persian, Jerry Walett, Mark Anderson, Skip VanDel, well you get the jist of it all the guys, and girls, it was a grand time to be young, playing marbles in the spring,and no better place to experience grade school than Dunseith Public in the “OLE WHITE SCHOOL’. Thanks Tim for the memories.

Ron Longie