Bonnie Awalt’s (56) message to Bev Morinville (72):
Good Morning Bev,
I visited your Mother when she was in Minneapolis having surgery for her cancer. What a good lady with a lot of SPUNK, we spent the day today before she left to return to Dunseith on the train. She was optimistic and so anxious to get home to her family. If you have her spunk you will recover, remember talking can now be done by TEXT-MESSAGEING. I will be praying for you.
Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)
Message from Bev Morinville Azure (72):
This is the doctor that will be doing my surgery on tues. Please keep me in your prayers. I love u all, Bev
Message from Verena Gillis (Mrs. Pete Gillis 65):
I have the web site information for Dunseith Public School if you would
like: www.dunseith.k12.nd.us

Also, we wish Bev the best of luck, they had to go to Minot yesterday and
she was having surgery. We haven’t heard anything else as of yet, we may
have to wait until Clarence gets back to let us know how everything is
with her.

Don’t know if you remember Roddy Burcham Sr. He passed away at 62 years
old. The wake for him was last night and the funeral is today.

(Note: Roddy Burcham was with the class of 65. I sent his Obit out to the class of 65. Gary)

Marlys Zorn Bryan (’69) answer toCheryl Kester Gaugler’s (69)-

Cheryl, that is so funny! You’re right, I never remember any boys beating me up, but I don’t remember being in any fights with boys either. But then, we must remember that from the 3rd grade on, I was the tallest kid in class. That may have given them pause…..We must also remember that I grew up in the middle of 4 brothers. That probably gave me quite an advantage! I got tired of never winning against my brothers apparently, and decided to do something about it, and today, my husband and I have a martial arts school, and we both are black belts in jiu-jitsu.

Being taller than all the guys unfortunately lasted through my high school years. Almost everyone I dated was at least 2 inches shorter than I was-made it very hard to strike a romantic note…….but my hubby is ¾ inch taller than me, so in the end it all worked out all right.J

Nice to hear from you!




Bill Grimme’s (65) memory with a ?????:

I heard a news anchor mention “comfort food” today. Got me thinking.
My comfort food is:
Root Beer-You got in the big cone cup at Shelver’s Drugstore for a nickel. Mrs. Leonard mixed it sweet.
Potato Salad-Chunks of potato, egg, and bits of onion. Mixed with mayonnaise and enough mustard to make it the color of a dandelion. Hard to find just the right one, even in a well stocked deli, so, I make my own.
What’s yours?


Story from Larry Hackman (66):

Subject: 60 years old this month
I turned 60 last week. I have been kind of depressed about it. Then friends and relatives began telling me that I should be happy, after all I’m in this club now. I asked, what club is that? They shouted your in the Golden Years Club, You gotta be happy and proud to be in such a club. Everybody becomes a member. After they explained the benefits about restaurants giving you food for less money and you can get motel rooms cheaper, I started to feel pretty good about this. They did not say anything about getting gas cheaper but I guess you just get it more often. As long as I get more miles per gallon, I don’t care. The more I thought about this age thing and this club, the better I felt. So, I was feeling kind of up beat about the whole thing and decided to go out and see whats new in the world of hardware. I always like to wander around the hardware stores to see whats new. I was wandering around in Home Depot and I wandered right into a old retired friend.
We got to talking about age and birthdays and such. I asked him about this Goden Age Club and how you join. He said there is no joining, your just in. What do you mean your just in? He said, your just in. What if don’t like it? There is no likeing or dislikeing, you are just in. What if I want to back out? He said, there is no backing, your just out when your out. He finally said, Larry get this through your head your in until your out. I said you mean its like getting drafted into the military. He said there is no drafted, your just in until your out. I said, well, in the sevice there were a few that just up and deserted, couldn’t I do that? He said, Larry there is no deserting, your just in until you are out. So, I’m just automaticly a member of this Golden Years Club for the rest of my life, and I’m in until I’m out?
He said, The Golden Years Club is a misnomer. I said, Oh come on, I did not miss November. I remember sitting at the table on Thanksgiving Day eating the turkey neck and gizzard like I always do. In our family the oldest guy sitting
at the table always gets first choice on the good stuff, and gets to eat dark meat sandwiches for two weeks after, cuz the women and the kids eat all the white meat. That is just the way it is, so I know I did not miss November. My old friend looks at me, and says, Larry you fool, I said misnomer. I said, I know what you said, you said I’m going to miss November. Did you mean from now on? You mean next year is only 11 months long? No wonder time passes so fast for the people in this club and I’m not giving up Thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite holidays. I’m just not gonna join your club. He said again, you are in until your out, and the proper name of the club is, The Only Thing Golden is Your Urine Club, so you see the name, The Golden Years Club, is a misnomer. I said, I don’t care what you say I’m not giving up November . He said, Larry, nobody relishs the idea of being in this club, your just in it until your out and there is nothing you can do about it. I said relish, we have a relish tray at Thanksgiving too, I’m not giving that up neither and left him standing there in the middle of Home Depot. I don’t know if I’m ever going to talk to that guy again. A guy that ends every sentence with a preposition ought to be hit along side the head with a dangling participle. I did not particularly like being called a fool neither. What would Beulah Shurr say? I think I’m going sit down, when I get home and write a letter, and complain to the AARP, excuse me.
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.




Kenny Nerpel’s (65) reply to Allen Richard (65):


I remember George Miller well. He was one of the good guys from the East coast. The Forestry was a unique little college. It attracted a variety of people from around the world and many area students as well. It offered a place of refuge for those who were not ready for the military or had not yet decided what direction they wanted to go academically. It was really quite a culture shock to the East coasters who came from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities to north central North Dakota seeking a degree in Forestry. I remember being kidded quite often about how backward we North Dakotans were. George was not one of those. I think that George became the President of the young republicans (don’t TAX me Bro) at the same time that you were elected President of the young democrats. Even though you were opposites on the issues you got along quite well.



I’m pretty foggy on the intramural softball team but do remember the intramural basketball league quite well. We were coached by a fellow by the name of Al Zeltinger and our outstanding players were a couple of East coasters by the name of Robert Henderson and Joe Lesnick. Joe went on to play football at NDSU and Robert abandoned the intramural league after his Freshman year to play the sport at the Varsity level. I suspect that intramurals were just too rough for him. Another member of that team was good friend Dick Beier.  







Message from Allen Richard (65):


Hi Gary. Thought you could send this to even the most religious, right wing, and politically correct of us. George Miller was a college friend from “The Forestry” Kenny, and John A should remember him as Spider. He played first base and pitcher on intramural softball team I captained back in ’66. At 6’4 with a 78 inch wing span he was pretty hard to miss at first base — even for me. He also pitched–with either hand. He has two gloves–one for each hand. He would use one and attach the other to his belt and “switch pitch” when he wanted to. We were 4 and 0 —


He was also my partner in my one season dirt track racing career. Carol Jasper Ross was a racing fan back in those days along with Gary Pigeon The RPM racing team — 1968-69. She attended most of the races. That is the last time I saw Carol. Sure wish she could have made it to the reunion.



Anyway —- back to work —