Message from Lynn Halvorson Otto (75):
Hi Gary, Thanks for doing all this work of organizing the e-mail list and I so enjoy reading all of these Dunseith memories. I don’t know a lot of the people but I’m sure getting to know them now. One thing was it gave me an opportunity to get in contact with one of my classmates of 75, Rhonda Hiatt. We were neighbors all through school and rode the bus every day. We have contacted each other through e-mail so I thank you for this. Living in Seoul, Korea can give you a feeling of isolation from friends and family but this has giving me a touch of home so to speak. Thanks again.
Lynn Otto ( Halvorson ) 1975
Lynn, Most of us remember your famous barn, half in Rolette county and half in Bottineau county. You lived 1 1/2 miles west of the Willow Lake School. Gary Stokes
Pictures provide by Susan Fassett (65):
Bob Hosmer & Jack Flynn
Carlotta Fassett & Red Kester
Lucien Bedard, Bill Jr., Bill Sr. Fassett