12/27/2013 (1927)

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau & Minot, ND
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Message from Dale Pritchard (63): His mother Dorothy will be 95.  
Good Morning Gary, 

Greetings from soggy Louisiana, 60 miles North of Lake Charles and 110
miles South of Shreveport!  Just thought I’d throw this out.  For those
of you who know or remember my mother, she will be 95 years old this
Saturday, January 25th.  She attributes it to the clean air, cool
climate of North Dakota, heredity, and stubbornness.  She is reasonably
healthy yet but has a hard time getting around now on her walker.  She
lives in Oak Manor, a senior citizen’s apartment complex in Bottineau.
Although the eldest of her family, she has outlived all her brothers and


Gary Stokes’ (65) reply to Dale & Dorothy Pritchard:
You guys were our closest neighbors to the  south, in the Ackworth commuity, up in the hills.  I will call your mother and wish her a happy birthday.  Her number is 701-228-3648.  I frequently call her and we always have a wonderful visit.  We visited her this last summer. She was having a bit of problem walking, but other than that she sure seems to very mentally sound and alert.  She sure doesn’t have any problem remembering and relating to the present and the past. 
Debby, my brother Darrel’s wife, retired from teaching several years ago and for a retirement activity helps out with the noon meals at Oak Manner 3 days a week. Your mother orders the meals that are served by the Bakery, so she sees your mother often.  Joann Smith Fuchs from the DHS class of 65 has been your mothers hair dresser for years.  She normally goes to Oak Manner every Friday to do your mothers hair.
I think your mother can attribute some of her longevity to all of the hard work that was demanded of her on the farm.  She always helped with the chores, milking the cows, in addition to all her other duties she had as a farm wife and mother.  Washing that cream separator everyday was a real chore in it self.
Question from Diane Hill Moline (75):
I have a question for Dave Slyter.  Where is Donna Wenstad?�
Class of 1975.  We were good friends through high school, but
lost touch after that.  Diane Moline
Diane, There should be a number of folks on this distribution that can be of assistance getting you reconnected with Donna.  Gary