For general info, these messages are going to folks around the globe. We have Dunseith folks living in Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, United States & Philippines. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Please let me know if I’ve missed a country that some of you may be living in. Within seconds after I hit the send button, you all receive the same message. The power of email.
Bob Hosmer’s (56) reply to Gary Stokes (65) with his address correction for the DHS 56 class list:


Hi Gary,


Here’s a correction for the Hosmers:


We now live at: 18606 52nd W. #222

Lynnwood, WA 98037



I’m enjoying the Dunseith memories and good to hear from people who I either knew or knew their families. The picture of my Uncle Bob with Jack Flynn, brought back memories of those days. That picture was taken in uncle Bob’s back yard–I remember the tree in the back ground and the lawn chairs they were sitting in. Bob Hosmer

Larry Hackman’s (64) Reply to Gary Stokes (65) with Gary’s former reply to Kenny Nerpel (65):
Ahhh Pie, What would we do without it? Funny you should bring this up at this time. My wife just had taken a cherry pie out of the oven when I opened this message. Dessert tonight will be warm cherry pie, alamode, For you novice pie eaters alamode means with ice cream, and there is nothing better then fresh straight from the oven, warm cherry pie with ice cold, sweet vanilla, ice cream. Your mouth watering yet?
Guess what? Now she, just made and put into the oven a double thick apple pie. Wow, talk about torture. I wasn’t going to respond to this pie message Gary. But, I thought, hell, he can take it. I’m going to respond and make him suffer. After all I have to wait for them to cool and this will help pass the time. What can I say Gary. A happy pie hole, means happiness.
Who cares about that little bump in cholesterol.
Sure beats the hell out of balute, lutefisk or sauerkraut. I hope these arn’t fighting words. People that eat some of these foods tend to be bullheaded. I don’t know why? I love sauerkraut, myself, but thinking of these foods and burned toast with onions, sure takes the zest out of the pie story.
I added this last paragraph for you dieters.
A pie eater,
Gary Stokes’ comments to Kenny Nerpel:

Kenny, You’ll have to admit, we had some really fine pie. Those home baked pies they had at the Senior Center were so delicious, right Larry Hackman? I just couldn’t resist having a piece or two every time I passed by the area. I’ll have to admit, those pies were probably my comfort food. It must be my scananavioun blood. I am fond of most anything sweet. In my growing up days we ate a lot of sugar sandwiches. Brown sugar was the frosting on the cake. I remember my dad liking burned toast and onion sandwiches too. Gary