12/30/2013 (1930)

Happy Birthday Don Lamoureux (DHS ’75): Bethel, MN
     Lamoureux, Don 1930
Richard Family Pictures
Reply from Lorraine Richard Nelson (’46):   Mesa, AZ
Hi Roberta Houle.. What beautiful pictures of my loving Richard family.. Thank you so much. The first Communion pictures are of my Aunt Leah and Uncle Leo Richard. My name is Lorraine Richard. my dad was Joe Richard and my fondest memories is of my childhood growing up in the wonderful Turtle Mountains.
                  Leah (Richard) Bergeron  & Leo Richard

Richard 1930-1

More Old  for Identification
Posted by Roberta (Gary ’63) Houle:  CHAMPLIN, MN
Good evening, Gary–
Here are the pictures of the male RICHARD.  This is the last I have of the first communion/confirmation pictures. 
Roberta (Gary ’63) Houle:    Champlin, MN
Not sure who this is.  On the frame it says  First  Communion
& shows photographic studio as E. O. Holler, Willow City, ND
  Richard 1930-2
   Some thought these were Omer(older) and Fred (younger).
   Shows photographic studio as E. O. Holler, Willow City, ND  Richard 1930-3
  Some thought these were Albert (older) and Pete (younger).Richard 1930-4
           This is a post card.  Not sure who this is.
Richard 1930-5
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Deb Morinville’s (72) Surgery: Report from Deb Morinville (70):
Hi Gary,
Here is the first report after Bev’s surgery today.  The dr. said that he didn’t have to take as much of her tongue.  In fact he could leave the tip and so she will have way less difficulty talking. She should be able to very quickly.  The CAT scan and other tests look like they got everything and the tumor hadn’t spread.  We are all so relieved and are cautiously optimistic.  When I hear more I’ll let you know.  BTW  thank you to all who have sent her cards and emails.  She is overwhelmed (in a good way) and deeply moved.  You have all helped her to face this with a lot of strength and grace.  I am so grateful to you all.  But what else could you expect from Dunseith’s best?
Allen Poitra’s (76) reply to Mona Dionne Johnson (48)
Hi Mona Dionne Johnson (48)  I wanted to add that in 1975-76, the High School had a sit down strike, that included most of the students in the high school.  We also had hopes of convincing the staff to keep 2 much appreciated teachers.  If I remember correctly, it too was unsuccessful.  The names of the teachers escape me now but I believe they were a married couple.  Maybe someone else would remember but I just can’t remember.  Anyone remember the teachers names?  I thought we also got on the news…I think we also got mentioned on the Minot News…
Verena Gillis’ [(Mrs. Pete (65)] reply to Mona Dionne Johnson (48):
In reply to Mona’s question, there was a strike around the 70′s.  I
don’t really know if it was 1977 or could have been before that.  I
don’t quite remember what about either but will find out.  They had a
sit-down in the high school gym at that time.  I was working at the
elementary school at that time but only heard a little about it.  I
found out it was my niece Sandy Gillis (now deceased-Cliff & Alice
Gillis’ daughter) who led the strike.


Dale Pritchard’s (64) reply to Elwood Fauske
Hi Gary, 

I remember Elwood as the man with the bulldozer who cleared our land of
trees in the Winter.  That had to be a rough way to make a living,
bouncing around on the dozer all day.  I would venture to say that he
had a monopoly on that job because no one else wanted to do it.  I think
I remember him clearing snow also when it got too deep even for a
tractor or the horses to function.  Also remember getting stuck in a
snow drift in your driveway one time.  Took a lot of shoveling to get
going again.  A good snow shovel, and maybe a bucket of sand, were
seasonal necessities to carry in your trunk.

Dale Pritchard

Gary Stokes’ Reply to Dale:
Dale, Elwood cleared a lot of trees for us too, among other things with that Rolette County D-8 Caterpillar. He pulled in hay stacks from the field in the winter, pushed manure piles away from the barn in the summer, plowed the land he had cleared the trees from in the winter, etc.  Elwood and George Gregory were well known for their gifted skills running the county equipment.  George did one hell of a job maintaining the gravel roads in the summer and keeping them cleared of snow in the winter with that road grader.  Elwood did some beautiful work with that D-8 cat.  He was able accomplish the most difficult tasks requested of him with that cat. 
I called you mother (Dorothy Pritchard) yesterday morning and wished her Happy Birthday (95th).  She had just gotten her hair done and was on cloud nine with her birthday day ahead of her.  She was expecting a cake to be delivered from the Bakery that your brother Darold normally orders that she shares with the rest of the folks with their noon dinner at Oak Manner.  She had some other activities planned too in celebration of her 95th birthday.  It was quite obvious that she wasn’t planning on staying in her apartment all day.  Gary