I’m making this a fast one today. Bernadette and I are leaving shortly this morning for Boracay, Philippines. We are going on a 3 day 2 night excursion, so we’ll be back Wednesday evening. Boracay is a little Island located about 200 miles NW of us. The island is only about 4 miles long and about 3/4 of a mile wide. We’ll be flying to a near by island and then taking a boat (2 miles) over to Boracay. Boracay’s beaches with the fine white sands are ranked #6 in the world with some of the literature I’ve read. Boracay is a well known tourist resort. We have always talked about going there, but never have.
With us being gone, I will not be sending out a blog for the next 2 days. Please keep your messages coming though. I’ll catch up when I get back.
Boracay Regency beach resort
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Dunseith, ND.
Gary thanks for your response, below in the Peterson information recently sent by way of Dick Johnson,
#4, Emma Peterson m. Bill Childs children Billy and Donny…….They attended country school Seim School land owner unknown which was known previously as Oakes School located on the Metcalfe Farm SW corner of Holmes Township. All connected to the Lude Peterson Family

also please note #5 Vida Peterson m Jess Wilson……. Arla (Wilson) Hall long time former teacher at Bottineau school and many country schools is I believe a Wilson. I see Arla Hall out with other retired teachers, former country schools and Dunseith School ie. Millie and Marie Parrill their sister Jeannie Walker



In Gary’s message he sent me it shows a Billy Dean Childs born in Bismarck and Died in Dunseith in 1942. I think this could be the boy. I should have read his message first. Does this sound right? I remember Mom talking about this little boy being killed but never the year–just that he was 8 years old. His mother was Emma Peterson Childs, according to Gary’s Peterson family history. I’ll forward the page from Gary–actually from Vance Bailey. Thanks.


Yes, you are correct about Billy Dean Child’s. I’ll fwd these to Nancy…..since she does recall alot of stuff. I remember, the Child’s had another younger child too. I wonder if they came back once or not…I think Jim and Ella Metcalfe, while Jim was in partnership with Berg construction out of Seattle lived for a time in Spokane during the war, visited with the Peterson clan often, Jimmy or Gary Metcafe would recall this.

Descendants of Ludrick “Lude” F. Peterson

Generation No. 1

1. LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2 PETERSON (ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 20 November 1865 in Hjorted, Sweden, and died 1959 in Spokane, Wa.. He married LILLY MAE OAKS. She was born 1880 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and died 1964 in Spokane, Wa..


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


2. i. MAX LEROY3 PETERSON, b. 1897, Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota; d. 1963, Renton, King Co. , Wa..

3. ii. MAUDE PETERSON, b. 1899, Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D..

4. iii. EMMA PETERSON, b. 1903, Rolette Co., N.D.; d. 1994, Spokane, Wa..

5. iv. VIDA LILLIAN PETERSON, b. 1905, Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D.; d. 1990, Spokane, Wa..

6. v. MINNIE PETERSON, b. 19 March 1915, Rolette Co., N.D..

Generation No. 2

2. MAX LEROY3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1897 in Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota, and died 1963 in Renton, King Co. , Wa.. He married MARY LEAH AWALT 29 August 1920 in Dunseith, Rolette Co. ND, daughter of WILLIAM AWALT and MARY KNIGHT. She was born 14 December 1896 in Plano, Appanoose Co, Ia, and died 20 August 1977 in Bottineau, Bottineau Co, ND.


Burial: Oak Creek Cem., Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND

Fact 1: Buried at Oak Creek Cem., Bottineau, N.D.

Children of MAX PETERSON and MARY AWALT are:

i. LUCILLE4 PETERSON, b. 02 October 1920, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 15 July 2003, Washington State; m. LOUIS HOVELAND, 02 October 1940, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 17 September 1915, Perth, Towner Co., ND; d. 18 November 1999, Renton, King Co., WA.


Burial: Greenwood Cem., Renton, King Co. WA

ii. MARION PETERSON, b. 01 April 1922, Rolette Co., ND; m. CARL FEUTCHER.

iii. MAYNARD (BILL) PETERSON, b. 24 March 1923, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 31 August 2004, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. JOY STICKLAND, 20 October 1944, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 12 February 1927, Rolette Co., ND.


Burial: Little Prairie Cemetery

iv. DUANE LEROY PETERSON, b. 14 May 1924, Rolette Co., ND; m. LORRAINE EVA DUE, 1953, Willow City, Bottineau Co., ND; b. 26 March 1935, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND.


The Courant, Bottineau, ND, Tuesday September 30, 2003


Approximately 200 friends and relatives gathered at the Lodge at the Peace Garden, Sunday, Sept. 14, to help Duane and Lorraine Peterson celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

At the punch bowl was Tami and Frank Gladue. Serving coffee was Gail Lagerquist. Cutting and serving the Weddidng Anniversary cake was Renee and Holly Lagerquist. All are their grandchildren. The cake was baked by their daughter-in-law Sheri, and granddaughter Heather Peterson.

The Kelvin Homemakers provided and served the delicious lunch.

All four of the Peterson childrn were in attendance. They are Connie and Karen Lagerquist, (Mike) and Sheri Peterson of Dunseith, and (Kim) and Miles Brown of Colorado Springs, CO. All nine of their grandchildren were here for the event. They are (Russell) and Holly Lagerquist of Butte, Montana, and their grandaughter, McKenzie of Bismark. Renee and and Gail Lagerquist and Tami and Frank Gladue, and Danny and Heather Peterson of Dunseith and Alecia Brown of Colorado Springs, CO.

Duane’s brother (Bill) and Joy Peterson of Dunseith and sisters, (Vida) and Howard Hiatt and Doris Williams of Bottineau; Shirley Lagerquist of Rugby; Lois Peterson of Spokane, WA.; and Mary Artzer of Algona, WA were all in attendance.

Lorraine’s family were also all present.Dolly Schoonover of Rolette; (Joann) and Emery Vigness of Alexander, ND; (Helen) and Wesley Satron of Minot, ND; Marta of Fort Collins, CO; and Morris’ twin sister (Marion) and Mike Nerple of Dunseith, ND.

(then follows a description of the program)

Fifty years ago, Max Peterson’s Model A Ford truck was in Willow City to escort the bride and groom around town after the wedding. On their 25th anniversary, that same Model A truck was at the Peace Garden for a ride around the Garden driven by Jack Peterso. Would you believe, that same Model A was waiting at the Peace Garden on their 50th anniversary, driven by Martin Peterson for another ride around the Garden?

Approwimately 50 friends and relatives enjoyed supper after the open house at the Peace Garden, visiting and reminiscing. Relatives and freinds came from North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Colorado, and Canada.

v. VIDA PETERSON, b. 16 February 1926, Rolette Co., ND; m. HOWARD HIATT, 27 April 1944, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 22 September 1924, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND; d. April 1977.

vi. LOIS PETERSON, b. 08 March 1927; m. (1) LEONARD HONSEY; m. (2) ROBERT RUDE.

vii. SHIRLEY MAY PETERSON, b. 26 August 1929, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. RALPH BENJAMIN LAGERQUIST, 03 December 1947, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; b. 22 April 1921, Kelvin, Rolette Co., ND; d. 10 December 1998, Rugby, Pierce Co., ND..

viii. DARREL (JACK) PETERSON, b. 19 February 1931, Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND; d. 14 June 1989, Minot, Ward Co. ND; m. NETTIE Z. HIATT, 11 April 1951, Rolla, Rolette Co., ND; b. 08 March 1930, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND.

ix. MARY PETERSON, b. 24 April 1933, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. (1) MARTIN EVANS, 08 June 1957; b. Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; d. 20 April 1970; m. (2) ERWIN “BUD” HOERLE, 09 March 1972; d. 28 September 1984; m. (3) JOHN “JIM” ARTZER, 11 July 1986, Renton, King Co., WA; b. 08 March 1930, Longmont, Boulder Co., CO; d. 13 January 1995, Renton, King Co., WA.

x. DORIS PETERSON, b. 04 November 1934, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. MARLIN B. WILLIAMS, 27 August 1955, Rolette Co., ND; b. 10 July 1935, Rolette Co., ND.

3. MAUDE3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1899 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D.. She married (1) A. M. (ABIE) ROTHWELL. She married (2) FRANK WOLVERTON. She married (3) HENRY J. MORLAN 01 December 1917 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D., son of WILLIAM MORLAN and EVELINE AWALT. He was born 30 August 1879, and died 27 September 1944.


i. EVYLEN4 MORLAN, b. 18 December 1919, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. MEYER QUAM.

ii. PHYLLIS MORLAN, b. 02 February 1925, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND; m. ALVIN MARTIN.

4. EMMA3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1903 in Rolette Co., N.D., and died 1994 in Spokane, Wa.. She married BILL CHILDS. He died 1958 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA

Children of EMMA PETERSON and BILL CHILDS are:

i. BILLY DEAN4 CHILDS, b. Bismark, Burleigh Co., ND; d. 1942, Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND.

ii. DON CHILDS, m. PAT [–?–] CHILDS.

5. VIDA LILLIAN3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 1905 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., N.D., and died 1990 in Spokane, Wa.. She married JESSE C WILSON 10 June 1924 in Dunseith, Rolette Co., ND, son of SOLOMAN WILSON and EDITH ANDERSON. He was born 06 January 1897 in Mo., and died 13 December 1971 in Spokane, Spokane Co., Wa.


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


Burial: Fairmont Memorial Park, Spokane, WA


i. LUDRIC CALVIN4 WILSON, b. 01 August 1925, Gary, In.; d. May 1982, Spokane, Wa.; m. SHIRLEY ANN BERNICE STEINER; b. 13 May 1932.

ii. JESS CLEO WILSON, b. 14 September 1927, Eureka, Ca.; d. 31 May 2003, Spokane, WA.

iii. MARGARET CORINNE “CONNIE” WILSON, b. 04 December 1929, Minot, Ward Co., N.D.; m. MERRILL ALAN READ, 06 February 1957, Spokane, Wa.; b. 23 January 1920, The Dalles, Or.; d. 15 October 1967, Spokane, WA.

6. MINNIE3 PETERSON (LUDRICK “LUDE” F.2, ANDERS WHILHM1) was born 19 March 1915 in Rolette Co., N.D.. She married (1) LESTER PINE 11 March 1937. She married (2) EUGENE HARRY PATTERSON 03 June 1975.


i. LARRY4 PINE, b. 21 February 1940.

ii. MIKE PINE, b. 27 December 1943; m. ARLENE CHILDS.

iii. LESLIE ANN PINE, b. 09 March 1951; m. (1) DALE LEE MILLER; b. abt 1950; m. (2) TIMOTHY PETE