Folks, Bernadette and I got back today, Wednesday, from our trip to Boracay, Philippines. We had a wonderful trip. Boracay is for sure a paradise vacation resort island. The Boracay Regency Beach resort where we stayed is a fabulous place spread out over about 7 Acres with over 500′ of ocean front beach. They do not have a parking lot, because POV’s are not allowed on the island. The Boracay beaches have some of the finest sands with the clearest, warmest and shallowest waters anywhere in the world. After swimming in the ocean, it was refreshing to take a dip in one of the Regency’s pools. I have attached several pictures at the bottom of this message.
Since I have this ready, I will send it out tonight rather than in the morning Filipino time. Gary



Email address change for Marvel Hill Thompson (69): Bottineau, ND.


It is great all you do, but for some odd reason I quit getting your emails. Could you please put my address back on. I did change emails August 1 but have been getting them until last week.


Marvel (Hill) Thompson

Class of 1969

My new address is:



Request from Randy Hiatt: North Bend, WA.

Gary, when you get back from your very interesting sounding trip please add Delmar Fugere (my first cousin, Lois (Hiatt) and Orelle Fugere’s son to the blog. Lois was my mothers (Delores Hiatt) sister.


Randy Hiatt

Delmar, with all the wonderful things folks have had to say about your mother with previous postings, it is my pleasure to add you to our distribution list. You certainly have a whole lot of relatives included with the distribution of these daily messages too. I found a listing for you living at Bonney Lake, WA. Would that be correct? I believe your dad is living up in Mason county west of Bremerton, WA. I lived in Bremerton for over 35 years. Gary



Jerome Allard’s picture

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.




Gary, I think Jerome Allard was mentioned in one of your emails awhile ago. I think Jerome is Arlene Allard’s brother. She is my classmate. The dad passed away within the last year, I think. Jerome’s mother was, I think, one of the four/five sisters who lived at Good Sam within the last year, or so.



Neola, Jerome Allard graduated with the DHS class of 1958. Arlene is his sister. Without doing some research, I don’t remember if their mother was one of the 5 cote sisters. If she was that would, I think, make her a double cousin to Carol, Mary & Larry Allard. I may be all hosed up with what I remember. Mel Kuhn and some of you others, please verify all this. I do know for a fact though that Jerome is married to Donna LaCroix (64). I remember his sister Corliss Allard (66) very well too. Gary
Cruise pictures from Geri Metcalfe Munro (59): Fargo, ND.
Nancy Hosmer Baldwin (62) with her fiancé Keith Kontzie




Cousins: Ardis, daughter of Lucky and Jennie (Nelson) Metcalfe;

Dianne, daughter of Jean (Metcalfe) Maki; Geri; Ken, son of Leona (Metcalfe) Oswell;

and brother, Gary Metcalfe.


Phyllis McKay (65), Bill (Willie 60) & Al-lyn Longie





Cheryl Haagenson (71) with the judges after winning the singing contest on the cruise


Gary’s note/question


This sure looks like Mike and Sandra Zeiler (62) Vandal?



Message/Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

I ran across a picture that is obviously very old. It was actually a
postcard, which was common in the early to mid ’20s. People could have
their pictures printed in postcard form and then mail them to friends
easily. This was in with my grandparent’s pictures and several others
are postcards and are dated in this same time period. With the recent
loss of our friend Thurman Parrill, and LeaRae Parrill Espe’s many
contributions to this blog, this old picture might be of special
interest to her family. The hand written inscription on the back
says–‘Parrill’s barn in the Turtle Mountains’. Actually it
says–‘Parels barn in the Turtal Mountains’, but then some of my
ancestors weren’t the best at grammar and phonics! I can only assume it
is LeaRae’s grandparent’s barn, and before the death of her grandfather
when the family moved to Mountain, ND. I don’t know the exact dates but
I assume it was in the ’20s. Can you fill in the blanks LeaRae? Thanks Gary!




Made out of sand on the beach – Boracay Island, Philippines



Dinner buffet at one of the Boracay Regency restaurants on the beach.


This buffet only cost $12.00 net with taxes and gratuities. The Breakfast


Buffet was free. Restaurant food is cheap on Boracay.



Bernadette in the seating area of the Buffet pictured above.




Bernadette at the Boracay Regency. The beach is to the left behind the trees.




Me (Gary) on the Beach. Later on I did go swimming




Bernadette on the Beach. That water is as warm as heated bath tub water.



One of the 3 pools at the Boracay Regency. That is a bar in the lower right


of the picture with bar stools about 6″ under the water in the pool.


later on in the

afternoon all the stools were taken.