4/1/2008 (62)

Shirley Johnson Warcup (49): 
       Once again, Thanks for keeping us all connected!  Erling Landsverk asked about Delphine Wentland–Delphine’s sister Shirley was at a Dunseith reunion about 10?? years ago.  She said Delphine was married to a big land developer/contractor and they lived in the southeast–the Carolinas or Virginia, if I remember correctly.  They did not have any children.  Shirley and her husband live in the state of Washington and have a son and daughter.
       To Gary Metcalfe–I had forgotten that Lenor taught school back there before she was married.  My mind needs a little “jogging” these days.  As I look at the names of people who are mentioned–Eldon Hiatt, Thelma Hagen (who was married to my cousin Glen Johnson),I think in one way or another, we have a connection to just about everyone in the area–whether by birth, marriage, or friendship.  It’s great to come from a community where you recognize family names even if you’ve been gone from the area for almost 60 years.
                                         Shirley Warcup
From Bev Morinville Azure (72): 
Diane  Wenstad. If  I am not  mistaken  are  u  the  sister of  Darlene she  was  in my class and   I  would love  to here
how  she is  ding  could  u  update  me please.    thanks  Bev   ….. Gary   thanks  a million for all u are  doing   Sharon and  I have been  e mailing   and talking  everyday  thanks   for the  connections. I  would  like  to  know  if anyone  ever  hears  from the  following people.  Barry Olson… Keith  Koning,  Peter  Vogel, or    Curt Metcalfe  these were all  kids in my  class in grade  school and  have always  wondered  how  they are.
Picture from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70): 
Gary, I thought this would make a lot of people smile. We had such a big confirmation class that year,that we held our services in the Dunseith High School gym.  We were certainly an “angelic” looking crew, but the stories we could tell !!   Crystal Fassett Andersen
Back: Gary Fulsebakke, Pastor Curt Rotto, Don Berg, Alan Henning, Clark Parrill,Marlys Hiatt, Janice Metcalfe,Vickie Metcalfe,
Marlys Medlang, & Crystal Fassett.
Front row: Rodney Medrud, Larry Tooke, Larrett Peterson, Ray Lagerquist, Joanne Millang, Sandra Hagen, Paula Fassett
& Brenda Hill
Class of 70 Confirmation class 1998
Story/pictures from Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and FriendsThe enclosed pictures are of me sitting on one of Howard Hiatt’s ponies.
I was crazy about Shetland ponies and Howard and his dad, John Hiatt had
a bunch. Rod and Earl took me along to Grandpa John’s to go riding one
day in the spring of 1958. As we got out of the car, they took off  to
get their favorite horse. They were yelling, “I get this one and I get
that one”! I said , “which one do I get”? Rod said ,  “you can have Old
Pete”.  I didn’t know why they didn’t want Old Pete, he looked OK to me.
Howard helped us put on the bridles and saddles and we climbed on. We
were going to ride the half mile back south into town. They took off out
of the barnyard and left me behind so I slapped Old Pete with the reigns
and said, ” lets go”. He went alright; right to bucking like a bronc.
About the third time around, I flew off and landed face down in the
ditch which was full of barnyard runoff. I think Howard called it
“schmidt” or something like that! I still remember him trying not to
laugh as he was spreading newspapers on the seat of his new pink and
white four door Chevy so he could give me a ride home!! I did ride with
them later and even got a horse of my own in 1960 when I was 10. That is
another story, later. Thanks Gary!!


Johnson, Dick 1998
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