4/5/2008 (66)

Reply form Vickie Hiatt LaFontaine (73):
In response to Crystal Fassett’s confirmation picture.  I agree it is very
angelic especially that Ray Lagerquist. There is only 1 correction, the
Marlys in the back row is Marlys Medlang not Hiatt.  We were the angelic
Baptists. Thank you Gary for these e-mails.
From Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and FriendsThere may be some folks that remember the Homecoming at DHS when we had
a little extra excitement. Keith Coleman took an old Model A Ford coupe
and put in a flathead V8 engine to build what today is called a “rat
rod”. He got it running and driving just before Homecoming and had Jim’s
Body Shop paint it blue. It was not finished but looked pretty cool
anyway. I remember that our plan was to see if the school would let us
pull the float across the football field with the Homecoming Queen and
her court riding, just before the game.After some negotiating [begging],
the administration finally said OK. What could possibly happen! We have
everything covered. We hooked on to the float on the east end of the
track and the girls, fancy dresses and hairdoes were helped aboard the
float. After the opening ceremony, Keith’s old Ford fired up and away we
went down the middle of the football field feeling great in front of all
those people. I remember that we were waving to the crowd and were at
the top of world, when I smelled gasoline! I looked down at the
floorboards [there weren’t any yet so I could see the back of the
engine], there was gas running down the bellhousing! The float in the
carb was stuck and it was running over! There weren’t any exhaust pipes
on the rig yet either, so at the same time I yelled “HOLY _____, KEITH”,
there was this big WOOF and we had flames everywhere!! I knew there was
a big fire extinguisher in the shop and the door was open so I ran to
get it! It was funny later but I can still remember the girls bailing
off that float like paratroopers, even though they were all fancied up!!
We had to bring out a pickup and tow the stuff the rest of the way
across the field, much to the amusement of the crowd. If I got the
chance to do it all over again, I would!  The highs were still better
than the lows!!Thanks Gary!


Folks, this is one for you to look at to compare the class of 65 as they were in 1965 to how they look today.
Bill Grimme did a fine job putting this together. These two composite pictures were published in the
Turtle mountain Star a few months ago. Mr. Jerstad Passed on, shortly after we got this all together.
Mrs. Jerstad continues to be on our distribution list.
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