4/6/2008 (67)

From Dwight Lang (61):

Hi Gary and Group;

 It’s been a month of so since the topic of the old businesses and merchants of Dunseith were being talked about.  While I welcome all the interchange that takes place, I kind of miss the old street news.  May I share a thought or two along these lines with you folks?
I don’t believe when I started school in Dunseith there was a hot lunch program (that would be 1949).  I do however recall that my parents arranged with Bertha Myers in the little strip lunch counter besides the old bowling alley for I and my brother, DuWayne, to take lunch there.  For seventy-five cents or so we could get a decent meal or bowl of soup and sandwich.  Somehow I conned Bertha to let me eat light and get some change back to use next door at KC’s to get some penny candy.  This worked out real good until my mother caught wind of the arrangement.  Needless to say, Bertha, KC, and I were all in hot water for a while.  My Mom, Charlotte, must have found some extra candy in my pockets when I got home or something like that.  How do mothers know these things, I’ll never know?
A few years later, I would pick up some money setting pins in the bowling alley on Saturday nights.  I prided my self in getting my weekly allowance on Saturday (the big night in town)and then getting home with more.  But there was a small problem.  Late at night with maybe a little help from the back door of Stadheim’s bar, the big boys would show up and see who could throw the hardest.  I believe it was Rod Evans who threw the hardest.  I remember when he got up to throw, it was not pick your legs up.  It was get behind the whole pit and the machines because pins would be flying.  I can’t remember if it was a nickel or a dime we got to set those pins per game.  But late on Saturday nights we earned every penny we got.
Enough of my ramblings for now.  Keep them coming Gary.
Dwight Lang
Old Time Tunes From Kenny Nerpel (65):
Greetings to all of you Turtle Mountain Americans out there, wherever you are.  Here are a couple of Ole tunes.  I don’t know where or when they were recorded but I am pretty sure it is Ole Bursinger and Lorraine Metcalfe.
Ken Nerpel
Note to Kenny: To keep the file sizes of these daily messages down,  I’ve attached only one of these songs today and I will send the other one tomorrow.
Note to everyone:  These files have been considerably reduced in size for group mailing.  For those of you that would like a non reduced copy, with better quality, I’m sure Kenny Nerpel would be glad to forward one to you.  Kenny reduced the files that he sent to me and then I asked Bill Grimme to reduce them even more.