4/9/2008 (71)

Famous Baseball team – Letter from Curt Hagel (72) to Tim Martinson (69): 
Note: The majority of the folks in this picture are on our distribution list.
It’s been great to hear form you and everyone else through these emails.  It’s a great thing that Gary has started.
Your picture and narrative below got me to thinking of a number of newspaper clippings that I and my brother Dave, had saved over this time frame.  I didn’t know if I still had them, but after a long search was able to locate quite a few.  They are a little faded and not in the best shape due to their age and being under water once, but I have attached what I could find regarding the 1971 Legion Team you coached.  I even found a different version of your picture, one that made it to the Turtle Mountain Star.  As you can see, we get to view all of Don Olson this time, with Greg Evans moving to his right.
In reading the articles, I had forgotten that Bill Beurbe was coaching the Rolla team that year.  After this district championship I believe we played Rugby for the Regional championship.  I also recall the state tournament in New Rockford, staying at the Chiefton Motel in Carrington, and being introduced to Gatorade for the first time.  We were living the high life.  I think that Jack Flynn made the trip with us and assisted you in keeping us in line at the Motel.
 As you had stated, this was a pretty good team as evidenced by he 25 win & 3 loss season.  One of the losses was in the semifinals of the State tournament.  I think this loss was in a game that was rain delayed and had to be finished the next day.  The team was a good mix of talents and personalities.  The American Legion age limit rules also allowed for Greg Larson and Clark Parrill to come back to play after a year in college.  They not only brought and shared their baseball talents, but Clark also brought back his song writing skills, at least in altering the lyrics to many songs (a prelude to the current Parental Warning System).  Remnants of that team went on to win the State High School Baseball Championship the next spring (1972).
Baseball; be it Legion, High School, Babe Ruth, Little League; was a big part of the social life of Dunseith during this time period.  Not to mention in the development of those of us who participated.
Take Care,
Curt Hagel
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