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Reply from Lyle Olson (75): 

You are not going to believe this, but the building in the picture of Bill Fassett (sent in by by his daughter Susan) was later converted to the headquarters for the 357th Aeromedical Evacuation Wing, Scott Air Force Base, IL.  How do I know this?  I spent two years in that building when assigned there as a aeromedical evacuation medic from 1976 to 1978.  What a small world!!

Lyle Olson

Reply from Dave Slyter (70): 
Response to Vickie Metcalfe 

I want to say a big thanks to Vickie Metcalfe on her excellent story of the Bottineau VFW and what they do each year for the community of Bottineau and their citizens.   It is a beautiful site to see when a person starts making their rounds on memorial day in Bottineau and they see all the flags flying in the breeze.  It brings a sense of honor to the fallen and a sense of pride to every living american that sees this outstanding display of patriotism.    If a lot of you haven’t seen this beautiful display in Bottineau I encourage each and everyone to drive there and see a town that cherishes there veterans of this great country.  To all who help with this traditions a big “THANK YOU” for your time and dedication  to this tradition.  And a big Congratulation to the VFW for making this town a site that is breath taking on our veterans Memorial Day.

I did not know my biological dad at all, as he died at a very young age in a car accident.   But when I got older I knew that he was a veteran of the US army.   When going to the cemetery and seeing the little flag fly on his grave it gave me great pride to be the son of an army soldier.   It was important to my mom that his memory be not forgotten and that we should honor his name by flying his flag in the city of Bottineau during memorial day.    Though we have lost track of his original honor flag I had found and got another to put on a flag pole every year to honor him.  It gives me a great feeling to know that others will enjoy  these flags on our special holiday to honor all American Veterans.

My family back in the day was a very patriotic family, with my step dad Freddie Hiatt being commander of the American Legion in Dunseith and my mom being a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  We never missed a memorial day program in Dunseith and the Hiatt/Slyter kids always took part in the yearly program whether it be in the old city hall or it being held in the high school gym.   I remember one time when I was in the sixth grade and our class was asked to participate in the program that year.  The teacher asked if I would sing, God Bless America (solo).  I said no at first but with persistence I eventually gave in and started practicing the song.  Memorial Day came and I got up there on the old stage of the old city hall and belted out God Bless America.   I was so scared and relieved when it was all over.  But after that I was always proud to be a participant in the yearly programs.    I remember laying the cross on the blankets at the cemetery up on the hill as each name was read of those that gave their lives for our country.   And who can forget the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade poster contest.  I was a recipient of the blue ribbon one year and very very proud of my drawing.  Oh those were the years.

So thanks Vickie for the great story about the memorial day and how we should never forget those that have gone before us.

Dave Slyter  (70)

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  Gary, The attached is an interesting idea about an encounter with
unmarked autos driven by policeman , or not policemen. This is
something for big city dwellers, not folks who drive in our home
town.  Bill Hosmer
Dunseith Nursing home – Provided by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Note: The lady pictured in this article is Loraine Neameyer Haas from the class of 72
Dunseith nursing home 2011-1