4/14/2008 (76)

From Tara Martinson (75): 
Hello Gary and Bernadette, 

It was so nice talking to you yesterday.
Thank you for sharing with me the genesis
of this endeavor along with highlights of
your very interesting military and life
history. Also, many thanks for adding
me to the distribution list.

There truly is a joy in seeing names long
since spoken and reading the stories told
from many perspectives and generations.
My mind is filled with fond memories of
Dunseith, the Turtle Mountains, the North
Dakota Prairie and so many lovely people.

This conversation you have started
beautifully honors and celebrates the life
of a community. It really is true that they
who have passed live on in memory – but you
already know that don’t you!

Hello to all the folks who proudly hail from
this special section of the Peace Garden State.
I look forward to more reading. Thanks again
for sharing the memories and the happiness
they bring.

Tara J. Martinson
Class of ’75

From Bill Hosmer (48): 
      Gary and Dunseith Friends.    Dick Johnson’s contribution about Neil
and Audrey is most significant.  Neil and I spent alot of time in
the same class in the old white school house.  One time in the fifth
grade when Miss Nostdahl was our teacher some guy tripped Neil while
he was walking down the aisle of desks.  After school that day I met
the guy and picked a fight for being a “meanie”.  The fight did not
amount to much, but we both were making a statement of some kind.
Later, when the Centennial of Dunseith took place, I visited Neil in
the Rolette hospital where he was recovering from a car accident.
He remembered the incident of drama, which I had almost forgotten.
He was active in a coffee gathering at Dale’s with alot of the main
street gang in Dunseith even up to the year  of his passing.  I will
always consider him a friend.  Audrey gained a reputation for her
impressive career and her achievments in life.  Just another example
of a small town girl doing what she had to do, and doing it in a
commendable fashion. I was glad to be reminded of what the Hassen
family contributed to our history and small town character. 

There are still untold legendary tales to be told, and eventually
they will be revealed by those among our readership, and that is what
this tremendous blog is all about.  Respectfully and joyfully,  Bill

From Jerry Williams (54):
I have a new E-Mail address.  The new address is as follows.
Note that the new address is the same as the old except there is a 99 after jrwilliams.
This is an attempt to get rid of all the junk mail.  Please use the new address as I will not get any mail sent to the old address
From Dick Johnson (68): 
Gary and Friends 

When I read the comparisons of the old days and today, sent by Warren
Anderson, I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because it is so sadly true! We
continue to miss the real point and then, it seems, to go overboard with
our protection measures and regulations! The other day on national news
some guy sprayed his kid with the hose at a car wash and was seen by a
security camera. Now the guy is facing all sorts of child abuse charges.
This reminded me of a similar episode in 1955 when I was five years old.
The attached picture was taken in the alley between our house and the
lumber yard. My cousins, Doug and Brad Warcup, and I were playing out in
the yard after a warm summer rain and one thing led to another until we
were rolling around in a big mud puddle with our clothes on! When Mom
saw us, out the window, she wasn’t to happy! She did take this picture
though and then called John Leonard to come over and spray us with the
garden hose to get all the mud off! This didn’t seem to bother John at
all, as I recall! We had our own well and I remember–HOLY COW– that
water was cold!! Johnny kept it up until Mom came out and told him to
stop–it seemed like hours later!! Guess what—we never did do that
again! I don’t remember Mom or Johnny going to jail for child abuse or
us kids needing trauma counseling. We just learned NOT to jump into a
mud puddle with our clothes on! It was called _discipline_ in the old
days, and we didn’t have the problems we have today!!


Dick, You even had your glasses on.  Gary
Johnson, Dick 2013