4/16/2018 (78)

From Susan Fassett Martin (65):
My deepest sympathy to the family of Kevin Hanson.  He is a cousin, as his mother Sharon Eurich and I had grandmothers who were sisters. (Kate Fasset and Eva Eurich) 

I am also related to Tim Hill as his grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.  (Gudrun Wood and Helen Nelson)

My prayers go out to both families.

Hugs,  Susan

From Bob Slyter (70):
To Diane hill and family I will keep Tim and his family in my prayers and hope that he gets the transplants that he needs
From Dale Pritchard (63): 
Hi Gary,
I have found that your network is better than any other system I know of
for getting word out.  Through it, I found out about the death of Kevin
Hanson.  His mother, Sharon Eurich Hanson, is my first cousin.  Sharon’s
mother, Winifred, is the last living sibling on my dad’s side of the
family.  Enjoy reading all the input from everyone.  Thanks. 

Dale Pritchard

From Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends 

Thanks to Diane Hill Moline and Rich Campbell for providing us all with
the information on Tim’s benefit. He is a hard working family guy who is
very deserving of our support. Tim is hanging in there, waiting for his
transplant! I had to deliver an antique pickup to the Minot area this
week and Tim rode with me around town to the various places I had to go.
We had a good time just like we always do when we get a chance to get
together. He is a trooper!! Hopefully he will soon get the procedure and
be back to 100%!! Lets all do our part to give Tim and Laurie our help
to get through this a little easier. He is a great guy and with a little
help and encouragement he will get through this just fine!! Thanks!