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Blog (80) posted on April 19, 2008
From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50):
Note: Florence is a sister to Charlotte Lang (Deceased), Howard Hiatt (Deceased) & Eleanore Fauske.  Their father was John Hiatt.  Florence has many niece’s, nephew’s and relatives on our distribution list.
Thank you Gary for all these emails you’ve sent.  Your amazing.  Since I graduated in 50 I don’t know most of the people on these emails.  But recognize the names.  Also coming from Ackworth, a one room school, and then coming to Dunseith for the 8th grade, it was a culter shock.  2 years later my father informed me that I had to find a job.  Of course, finding a job in Dunseith, well was kind of a joke.  I got one with K C Sine.  After being on the job for about 2 weeks they had me cleaning the meat counter.  I was hungry so I ate one of the hot dogs.  She fired me on the spot.  So then I got a job working at a restaurant…THE restaurant.  John Lenard, bless his heart, saw what he had for a waitress.  I was teased without mercy.  Best thing that ever happened to me.
Then in 50, I left Dunseith for college and nurses training.  And I really have never been back.  A lot of years and then in 56 my husband and I moved to Alaska.  So now this is home.  I find veiwing all the internet sites interesting.  But for the most part, I dont know anyone on them.  So I look forward to seeing you next summer when you come up on your cruise.  I volunteer to be your guild.
From Helen Metcalfe Barden (62): 
Hi Gary,
I have been enjoying reading the messages from everyone and have intended to respond, so when the City Hall fire story came up I decided this was the time!  I can tell you the approximate date of the fire, because Lance and I were planning to have our wedding dance in the City Hall after our wedding on Saturday, August 3, 1968.  As we drove into town the Wednesday before, we could see the City Hall smoldering as we drove through town.  We were able to secure the Odd Fellows Hall in Bottineau for our Dance and made the announcement at our wedding and things worked out fine.  It was interesting to hear Dick’s account of the day it burned down.  I sure have great memories of the old City Hall with all the class plays, etc., and of course, the Friday night dances.
I would just share that I have been on a journey since last November when I was dianosed with Level 4 breast cancer with lymph and bone involvement.  Treatment began in January and I have received the good news a couple weeks ago that I am responding well to treatment and the breast tumor is reduced by 1/3, lymph nodes by 15%.  I had a bone scan today that will be compared to a late Dec. bone scan and I will have a report on that next week.  I have so many praying for me and had a special hour of prayer (for a miracle healing) in my Lutheran Church the end of January.  My husband, Lance, is so supportive.  We’re just trusting God for the future.  We sure have had His peace!  We would be so thankful to have all of your prayer support.
Helen (Metcalfe) Barden (1962)
Vickie Metcalfe’s (70) memories of Kevin Hanson: 
   Kevin Hanson was a fine person.
He had a great work ethic. He had a quick wit, with a  magnetic easy going smile and personality, who,  people young and hold, enjoyed being around! I was fortunate in my life’s travels,  to travel with him and his brother, Keith through their third Grade at Dunseith Elementary School,  as I was their third grade teacher.
        The Metcalfe family, as with many others in the Dunseith  community, know the Hanson’s, the Eurich’s, the Pritchard’s back 3/4 generations.  I  first knew the  Hanson Twins as the little brothers of Laurie and Jimbo,  Grandson of Winifred, and sons of Jim and Sharon Hanson.
        But , I  do believe the very first  time I had a conversation with Kevin, was  at playground time, when I asked a little tow headed  boy with a mischievous smile who he was, he promptly replied, “I’m the Handsome Twin”.   Kevin and Keith continued  to use that play on words throughout the years.
        As a young man and adult, Kevin helped others/neighbors whenever he had the opportunity.  His sunny presence will be deeply and profoundly missed.   I wish his loved ones strength and fond memories.  Sincerely,  Vickie Metcalfe
From Sharon Longie Dana (73): 
To Laurie and Tim Hill, My thoughts and prayers are
with you. You have a wonderful support system out
there, let your friends help you thru this time. And
those of us farther away will keep you in prayer and
send good thoughts your way. God Bless!!
Sharon Longie Dana 

To Meryle Hoopman Vinje:  its been TOO LONG….I will
be emailing you soon.
Sharon Longie Dana

To Gary, thanks so much for doing this. I have been
out of the loop of my hometown a very long time and
re-connecting with people that were good friends is so
awesome and  I just wanted you to know i appreciate
what your doing very much.
Cheers to YOU!!!!!!!
Sharon Longie Dana

From Dave Slyter (70): 
To Tim Hill:   Hang in there Tim.  Everyone is praying for you and that is always a powerful thing.   There is a brighter future when we all have faith that things will turn out,ok. 

To the Hanson Family:  My heart felt sympathy to you all.  My prayers and thoughts are with you today as you send your son and brother home to our heavenly father in heaven.   He is now in good hands.

Dave Slyter (70)

Diane Larson Sjol’s (70) comment to Dick Johnson (68): 

I really enjoy how you write.  You have a wonderful ability to tell a
story…kind of makes us all anxious to find out what happened next.
Keep them coming.

From Dick Johnson (68) – 1982 Dunseith Centennial Books: 
Gary and Friends 

Yes there are Dunseith History Books available! They can be gotten by
calling the gals at Security State Bank. The phone number is
1-701-244-5797. I just inquired about availability a week or so ago.
They still have quite a few and will mail them out. If you haven’t seen
one and are interested in local history, they are a must have! They are
compiled by townships and cover the entire surrounding area. Lots of stuff!!


Folks, I’d strongly suggest spending a couple extra dollars to get the hard cover, vice the soft cover book if they are available.  The hard cover books are much better bound and don’t come apart.  I have one of each.  Gary
Picture provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: 
Folks, this is a branch of the the Dunseith Security State bank soon to open in Bottineau.
There are 4 Dunseith folks in this picture.  They are Jeff Campbell, Loretta Neameyer Wall,
Sandy Gottbreht & Patty Barbot.
I asked Loretta Neameyer Wall to identify those in this picture that are Dunseith Alumni.
I have pasted her reply Below.   Gary
Security State Bank 2017
Loretta Neameyer Wall’s reply to my question asking her to identify those from Dunseith in this picture.  Gary
Hi Gary:
Laura Thompson’s maiden name is Domben and she is from Rolette. The Thompson name (her x-husband) is a Rolette native also.  Chuck Neubauer is Carlton Neubauer’s son married to Lois (Barbot) and Gary Raymo’s daughter, Angie. Again, both from Bottineau originally. Joe Kjelshus is a native Souris boy.( His parents are Kim and Lance Kjelshus) Patty Barbot is married to Kris Barbot(Wayne’s  son). Wayne and Janell Barbot own the the grocery store in Dunseith, and Kris works there.  Patty is originally from Langdon. Lyle Lamoureux is originally from Newburg, he graduated in 1973 from Newburg. He is a shirt tail relation to the Lamoureux’s that were in Dunseith.  Sandy Gottbreht is married to Rick Gottbreht (George & Patty’s son), and Sandy was a Monson from Bottineau. I hope that helps. 

We are very excited though. We open Monday.


Loretta J. Wall
Security State Bank-LPO
Box 86
Bottineau, ND 58318