4/19/2008 (81)

From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50): 
Greetings from Alaska.  Rereading my message from yesterday it sounds like spelling was not my favorite subject.  Thought I would add a little information about my self.  Lived in Anchorage most of the time, have three sons and one daughter.  My husband passed away in 94.  Do a fair amount of traveling and generaly keep busy.  Come back to North Dakota about every other year and always amazed how shrimpy the turtle mountains are . And then by the time for me to leave…………they have grown back to the height I remember…amazing.
This is the famous Dale’s Jumbo Berger that Bill Grimme (65) orderd, last
July, when he was back for the Runion. Is this the famous bun that
was originally invented by Herman Martinson???
Who is the beautiful young gal in this picture?
Dales 2018
Picture taken July 15, 2007
Don Martel (Assistant Principal 67-69) & Rene Casavant (65)
Martel Casavant 2018
Gary Stokes & Bill Grimme.
Bill was our class Valedictorian and I was on the other end.
Between the two of us, we made up the class average. Gary
Class of 65 2018