4/21/2008 (82)

Back on Line:
Folks,  We have been without a phone and internet DSL service for four days.  A contractor accidentally cut some wires when doing some work that affected everyone in our area. It has taken them until today to get the wires re-spiced enabling them to restore our service.  I was at a loss, especially with the loss of the internet and not being able to  post your messages.  I do have a lot of messages that I have gotten from you folks that I will be sending out with several messages.  Thanks to all of you that sent messages inquiring about what had gone wrong and if everything was OK on my end.  I really do appreciate your concerns.  For general interest, I will be posting those messages too.  Gary
From Loa Metcalfe Vanorny (68): 
lola vanorny, ew 

HI Gary and y;’all  — I almost had a panic attack this am when our
internet was down for an hour–  I needed my “nostalgia fix”  ha!!– –  I
really look forward to first thing in the morning checking to see who
wrote_  I wonder how many of us are  having coffee together  every
morning!- ha-cause we’re all doing the same thing!

I have to throw in my 2 cents worth! –  the old time Music Jamboree was so
much fun!– Hank Salmonson (87 years young!) was up there playing some
really nice guitar — old songs I remember my folks singing-  “Pretty Red
Wing” and others- he got a standing ovation– !!!

The whole group was just so neat –It was organized so well and some humor
thrown in there to keep it interesting– even some sing along songs- which
is always fun- they all sounded so professional–   Dick does a mean Johnny
Cash too- we just enjoyed it immensely!

We’ve had the Hanson’s and Tim in our prayers and of course my dear sister
Helen- we’re just trusting ,    for a miracle– and so glad your
experience  turned out well, Bev ,you were in our prayers too-   I think it
is just so wonderful we can stay connected with good old memories and
prayers and support for each other-  what a wonderful thing  you started
Gary- I think it was when I got an email or a phone call cause you’d seen
my name on the internet and asked about my family and it ballooned from

It is interesting how many memories come back of people and things I’d
almost forgot-  Thanks so much Gary!

From Kenny Nerpel (65): 
Here’s another one that I missed yesterday.  On the right bottom is Emil Metcalfe.  The girl in the flowered dress is my mother Eleanor Metcalfe and peeking from behind her is Clifford Metcalfe.
 Ken Nerpel
 Nerpel 2020
Picture provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65): 
                                                                                                          Class of 48
Class of 48 2020