4/28/2008 (88)

From Shirley Olson Warcup (49):





     Glad you’re back on line–we missed you!  Back in the mid 40′s there was a snow storm that created road problems for several days.  Two young boys (15-16 yrs. old) from the Mohall/Westhope area had stolen a car, made it almost to Dunseith when they became stuck in the snow.  They were picked up by someone and ended up in the Dunseith jail.  At that time we were using the firehouse/jail as a warming house for skating.  We were about the age of these boys.  We brought them donuts, candy, sodas, comic books and spent more time in the firehouse than we did on the skating rink.  Frank Flynn took them to the cafe for their meals every day.  Someone suggested we ask Mr. Flynn if he would take them to a new movie we were all planning to see.  No one wanted to ask him.  After much discussion, I believe it was Audrey Hassen who agreed to do the asking.  Much to our surprise, he said he would  do it.  Mr. Flynn and the boys sat in the back row and all the rest of us sat two rows in front of them. Perhaps that could still happen in Dunseith, but I doubt that it would happen anyplace else.  These two boys ended up in “Reform school”–I know–I got a letter from one of them and we corresponded for a short time.


                                Shirley Olson Warcup





Correction from Mona Dionne Johnson (48):



Correction as to dates – I said last part of 45 and spring of 46 and it
should have been the Fall of ’44 or the spring of ’45, as
Betty and Bob graduated in ’45.  Sorry about that.   Mona Dionne Johnson
From Bev Morinville  Azure (72):
Gary,  I  am so glad u are  back online…………   we all miss each other   when u  are  gone. I   almost   go  through  withdrawal.  hahaha   anyways I   just wanted to  say hi  and  thank  u  so much Gary  for  this wonderful service u do  for  us.  I have  found   old friends like Joyce and  Rita  we  were  all  very  close  friends   in HS  ………now  have reconnected  and  will be  getting togther in July.  Thank  u  so much   without  u  we would  never have connected.  I would also  like  to  thank  all of u   again  for all your   well wishes  while I  was recovering  and   going through  radaition . I am done now and starting to feel   good  again.  thank u   all again.  Martha  could u  update us  on  Deans  daughter and  how  she is  doing? Dick  u  tell the  greatest  stories  keep  em  coming  please.  thanks again Gary    God  Bless  u  and   your  family.  Bev  Azure  (  Morinivlle)
From Diane Larson Sjol (70):
I had to chuckle when I read Dick’s rendition of braving the snow
storm just for kicks.  I remember when it would be blowing and
storming.  We couldn’t wait to go outside and walk through it even if
it was just in the backyard.  My mom would have a fit.  Of course it
took longer to bundle up than it did for us to stay outside and in
we’d come full of wet clothes and rosy cheeks ready for some hot
chocolate.  I also loved the sight of Main street Dunseith in the
photo….sure brings back some fond memories.
From Dave Slyter (70):
Hi Gary:Just an interesting question, I am sure that is on everyone’s minds.   How many do you have on your list that you send these listings too?   Have always wondered.

To Diane Larson (70)
You and your sister Cheryl, Dennis Dion, and Bev and Deb Mornville, didn’t really have to walk all the way out to Dales to get a Jumbo Burger as you could have stopped at Curt’s Drive Inn, or Patties Place right in town, as they too made them there at the Drive Inn.   I was a cook there and made those things all the time.  It was fun to make them as well as to eat them.  Of course I would always try and make a mistake with one around dinner time as we always got to eat our own mistakes.   ha

Thanks Gary for all your efforts.

Dave Slyter (70)

Dave, To answer your question.  I currently have about 570 folks on the Dunseith Alumni email list.  Some of those are dupes with spouses because I list everyone separately. The daily distribution goes out to about 520 folks.  Gary
Picture Provided by Susan Fassett Martin (65):
Sophomore Class of 1945 (Class of 47)
First row; Eleanor Awalt, Lola Striker, Patty Mc Atee, Laverne Schick, Shirley Wentland, Doris Schneider, Darraine Habberstad, Jennine WatkinsSecond row: Donna Aitchison, Alice Goodsell, Janice Striker, Delores Hiatt, Luella Halvorson, Mildred Brennan, Jean Metcalfe, Velma Brennan, Lorraine Christianson, Gloria Plante, Minnie Knox

Third row: Leo Murray, Leonard Stickland, Raymond Haagenson, Harvey Halvorson, Darrell Fassett, Dee Nelson, Wayne Molgard, Allison Fiske, Darald Dion, Llyle McDermott, Miss V. Marie Nesting, Advisor

Class of 47 2025