Folks, don’t forget to turn your clocks back. Today, November 1st being ‘All Saints day’ is one of the most major holidays in this country. Everyone flocks to the cemeteries to visit their loved ones. Most set up tent covers and spend most of the day and tonight too, with lots of food and drinks (no alcohol is allowed in most cemeteries). Some even have food catered. Bernadette has prepared a lot of food that we will be taking to her dad’s grave sight today. We set up several tent covers over his grave yesterday. I will accompany her to her dad’s grave sight today along with a lot of her relatives. Later this evening she and her sister will join more of her relatives in the other part of the city where her grandparents are buried. Tomorrow morning we will pick up the tent covers along with some of those that spent the night at her dads grave. With all the traffic today, it will probably take us several hours to get to her dads grave sight 5 miles up the road. In these conditions, I have just learned to be patient. Gary
Florence Pladson Sime released from Hospital
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Dunseith, ND.
Gary, Note the discharges from Trinity. I know Florence Sime will continue to be involved in PT. Physical Therapists are most relentless in motivating people to recovery. Go Florence Go!

October 31, 2009
TRINITY HOSPITAL Discharged 5 p.m. Thursday through 5 p.m.Friday:Florence Sime, Dunseith.
Email address correction for Jim Metcalfe
Gary S & Gary M,

I’m sending a correction to our brother, Jim Metcalfe’s email address; it should be
The j at the beginning was left off.

Geri, The mistake is mine. Your brother Gary sent it to me correct. When I copied and pasted Jim’s email address for posting the “j” got dropped. I had it correct in all of my other lists. Thanks, Gary
Message to Gary Metcalfe:
From Trish Larson Clayburgh (73): trishclayburgh@yahoo.com
Thanks for your stories about your horses – you are so right! My earliest memory is of being horse crazy. My mom Hazel had it bad before me, and some of you knew how crazy my uncle Jake Gardner was for sulky racing. My passion for horses has never gone away…and Colorado is my dream place to live with them – so many great mountain trails, lakes, rivers, streams and vistas.
The other day I was riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, near my home. The Elk herds are everywhere in Estes Park – they must know they are safe. Anyhow, this wonderful little calf had a very aggressive blue jay on his back. We watched as he nudged it off with it’s nose, and when the bird flew onto a rock, he was so curious! The bird seemed curious too, and stayed put as they went nose to nose for at least 5 minutes. Eventually the bird flew onto a cow elk, who was VERY offended, and at last the herd bull came and chased the bird off. Very entertaining!
Later that day we got our first winter storm of the season. Two feet of huge flakes fell over an 18 hour period! And no wind… My ranch was transformed into a winter wonderland. Luckily I was “off work” the next day and got to stay home and enjoy the beauty of the new snow, with a fire in the woodstove. The place I’m living makes me feel like a pioneer, cutting and splitting and heating with wood, shotgun over the fireplace, chainsaw on the deck….
So that’s life in Colorado!



Picture from the Achieves:

Top Row: Viola, Lois, Morris, Rosalie (Azure )Thomas


Sitting: Cecelia (Azure) Thomas, Delia, Fred, Christina and Carol Azure.





Sitting: Doug Manson-George Longie, Chuck Laducerm, Kent Sayers, Leroy Jeannotte, Darly Laducer & Daune Gourneau

2nd row: ? Wessel’s, Lillian Lafountain, Maryann Delorme, Pewe Jeannotte, Ron Trottier Jeantte Grant, ? Freddie Blue
Back row: Francis Thomas, Bob Gourneau, Duke Vettleson, Gary Falcon, Howard Longie & Joe Blue