Reply when asked about the correct spelling of her Maiden name:

From Jeri (Gordon 55) Fosberg Neameyer: Moorhead, MN


The spelling is Fosberg. Didn’t think about correcting that when I replied to Dick’s message.


Jeri Fosberg Neameyer

Note: Jeri is originally from Rolette.



Dorothy Rober’t – (Killed in a car accident near Langdon – Messages 599 & 600)

March 25, 1933-Oct. 18, 2009



From Dianne Rober’t Johnson (76): Rolla, ND.
Morning Gary,
Back to work on the 26th of Oct, but just now getting thru my e-mail @ work. Darla & I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts & prayers. The last few weeks have been real hard for Darla & me.
We were the ones who had to take care of the arrangements, the other 3 were too far away.
In the hospital, after the accident, Darla, Aunt Marlene & I went into Mom’s room, to say our final good-byes. The Doctor came in and told us that she didn’t suffer, the steering wheel and airbag crush her chest and her main artery burst, she was gone within minutes. We got the 1st call @ 9:40 am, she was gone before we got half way to Langdon.
The man involved in the accident, didn’t see her and pulled out onto the hwy. From the Highway Patrols report, witnesses said “it looked like she didn’t see him either”, there was no signs of her trying to stop, her van hit just behind the front wheel, passenger side of the truck. He was hauling grain from the field to a grain bin, in his yard, across the road.
I figured people would like to know what happen.
Mom was in the process of moving back to ND and going to stay with Marlene in Langdon. She had been living with our oldest sister, Carol, in WI. I was so glad Mom was coming home to ND to live, I missed her.
I’d like to extend my condolences to Janice’s family. She was a nice lady.
Gary, thanks for posting this for me.
Dianne (Rober’t) Johnson – Rolla, ND
Dr. Loab (San Haven Supt.)
Question from Gary Morgan (54): GARRISON, ND
To Karen Loeb Mhyre,
Was not your father interned at the Bismarck camp during World War II? Did he ever talk about it?
I think it would be interesting and enlightening to hear of the hardships our predecessors endured that were not necessarily related to finances or weather. To know where we came from helps define who we are.

Gary Morgan ’54

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

Jeri Neameyer, thanks for the correction on who was who in Rolette. I
do remember Ron Cameron and now remember he was the coach who was
married to Myrna, not Ross Julson. Myrna was a very pretty gal, I do
remember that. Sorry to hear of her passing at such a young age. Thanks
for setting me straight and thanks Gary!


Correction from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
UffDa Gary, Where was my brain? The class of ’70 were seniors in ’69
and ’70. The year of biology lab was our sophmore year! Although, I
believe Mr. Espe and Biology students continued the rabbit
Although, Ray had lots of younger brothers who were quick on the draw
and could get “wabbits” too.
Speaking of the Lagerquist Family. Being close neighbors, I knew the family well, However, those from Evon on down were not yet in school when I graduated in 1965. I left the country in 1966, so I wasn’t around the younger Lagerquist kids nearly as much. I remember their nice big two story house with a very large room on the north end that was often used for dances in the earlier days before my days. That house caught fire and burned down a number of years ago. Gary
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