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Emmeline (Oscar) Hagen relationship to the Morinville’s
Message from Toni Morinville Gredesky (’68):   Fairmount, ND


Emmeline is the daughter of my mother’s sister, Myrtle. So she is a first cousin. Oscar is an engineer. He must have been in school when they got married. They have lived in Eau Claire, WI for as long as I can remember. I also refer to them as “Oscar & Emmy, the award-winning couple!”

Toni Gredesky


Dunseith United Methodist Church Closing
Message from Robert Leonard (’51):Dunseith, ND

February 2, 2015

Gary Stokes

SUBJECT: Dunseith United Methodist Church Closing

It was suggested that I provide you will information on the above as many of your readers are

interested in our community activities.

It was with a great deal of sadness that this decision had to be made after many years of being

able to maintain our church identity. For about the last 10 years, we have participated with

Peace Lutheran Church in Dunseith by sharing the minister and more recently, church building

as well. Both of our churches have been involved with an organization known as Mountain View

Ministry which includes Valle Lutheran Church in Rolette, Willow Creek Lutheran Church in

Overly, and St. Sylvan’s Episcopal Church north of Dunseith. This has been working very well

for all of us as it makes it possible to afford the minister and benefits including housing and

traveling costs. This arrangement has been in place for 7-8 years, except for St. Sylvan’s which

has been involved for about 3 years. The minister is very busy as he has a service each week

at each of the churches except St. Sylvan’s which is twice a month.

The United Methodist Church has had a small membership for many years and has gotten

much smaller the last 3 years. Age has caught up to us with a number of deaths, people

moving from our community and lack of participation for some. We have been living off of our

resources for several years but that has come to an end, so the decision was made to close

effective December 31, 2014. We are currently in the process of dealing with our District

Superintendent and closing the church down, asking our few remaining members where they

want to continue their church affiliation and transferring their membership. The Methodist

Church wants to be sure that everyone continues their church membership somewhere.

All of this will be finalized when approved by the Methodist Church at their annual meeting in

June, 2015.

I would think some of you might not realize this, but the stone Methodist Church Building was

owned by Dunseith Masonic Lodge and that was sold 3-4 years ago. The Masonic Lodge

suffered the same faith with lack of membership and financial problems, so had to be sold,

some of the proceeds were given to the Methodist Church because of their participation in

maintaining the building over many years. The church also had some contents in the building

which went with the building.

A “closing service” will be held on February 22, 2015 at 11:15 A.M. at Peace Lutheran Church

with the Methodist District Superintendent participating with Pastor Don Short, our regular


Robert Leonard

Acting Secretary and Treasurer

Morninville 2179-3 Morinville 2179-1 Morninville 2179-2


Blog (244) posted on October 7, 2008

Folks, do any of you know the James Egbert that was in the class of 1939? Adrian had a brother James, but he was born in 1893, so he would have been kind of old for that class.  I found the death record for a James Egbert, with a ND Social Security number, that was born in 1920 and died in 1945. I’m wondering if that could be the guy who graduated in 1939?  If any of you see Donald Egbert around town, please ask him if he had a cousin named James or if he knows anything about this James Egbert that was born in 1920 and died in 1945.  Thanks,  Gary


Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (Dale’s Daughter): 

My file for Anna Gottbreht and Harold W. Borland needs more work but I do

show that Lois BORLAND class of ’33 was born in Dunseith 1921. The family
which included Annice [1908], William [1911] and Lois [1921], moved to
Tigard, Oregon about 1928. Lois married WWII Airforce pilot Dell Brown in
Washington D.C. 1942. Dell and Lois raised five children in Sandpoint, Idaho
where Lois died in 2007. Many may recall Dell Brown’s picture in the Turtle
Mt Star as winner of the precious metal Cenntennial belt buckle.

I have a fine picture of Annice, Bill and Lois aboard horse and wagon with
their grandfather, William Gottbreht. Victor has a better scanner and I
shall send soonest.

Gary, I relish every message Evie forwards. Next to family, my childhood
bonds hold fondest memories. Thank you.

Sharron Gottbreht Shen ’59/60

Sharron, Thank you so much for including me with this reply to your sister Evie. I know that many of our folks will know and remember you. I have also added you to our distribution list.  I’m assuming that you probably attended the academy in Willow city?  I see you have your class year listed as 59/60. Which one of those classes would you prefer to be included with?  Looking forward to seeing the picture. Gary


Reply from Ann Boppre Perry (72): 

Morning Gary and all,

A reply to Sharon about the trophies.   Only the ones not on permanent

display are available.  Some have already been spoken for.

As for butte St. Paul:  it is 12 miles East of Bottineau–and 3 miles North.
Or from Dunseith  6 miles West and 3 North.

Yes, I do live in the same section of Cordelia township, Bottineau county.

Thanks again for all you do.


Reply to the DHS class list of 39 from Evon Lagerquist (77): 

Hi Gary, In case you are interested, Angeline Hiatt was married to Frank Ormberg, and they ran a dairy farm in Spokane, WA. Her and her sister were both diabetic. I’m guessing that they died from problems from that.



Evon, With all of the Hiatt, Hiatt relatives and folks that know the Hiatt’s on our list, I am replying to you with a group message.  Angeline Hiatt graduated with the class of 1939.  Her parents were Mr. & Mrs. Art Hiatt.  Art was a brother to your Grandfather, George.  Angeline Married Frank Ormberg from Bottineau.  They moved to Spokane, WA in 1948 and ran a Dairy, like you mentioned.  I located Frank Ormberg and just now got off the phone with him.  Frank is living in Beaverton, Oregon. His phone number is (503) 531-9449. Frank was born in 1920.  Talking to him on the phone, he seems to be very healthy, both physically and Mentally.  He told me that Angeline died in 1969 when they were living in Spokane.  Like you said, Angeline and her sister both were diabetic and that was the ultimate cause of her death.  Gary


From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

I had an informative phone conversation with Lorraine Peterson about the
Egbert family. She told me there were four siblings she knew of, Adrian,
twins Jim and George, and a sister who drowned at an early age. She said
George was in the hospital when she and Duane were married and he really
had nowhere to go. Duane told him he could stay with them a few days
until he was well. He left 17 years later! He helped them with the
chores and kids etc. He picked berries and sold them and traded horses
off and on. Jim was married and had two sons. When Jim was older, he was
a resident of the Dunseith Nursing Home. One day I came home from school
and turned on the TV. I heard the door open and close and assumed Dad or
Mom came in so I just didn’t give it any more thought. Here was old Jim
Egbert with his cane walking through our house to the front door on his
way over to Ade’s. I sat up and about two seconds later two workers from
the nursing home came through the living room and got a hold of Jim and
headed out. I’m trying to remember the two guys, I think it was Wally
Hiatt and Jim Hanson. Anyway one said, “Sorry about that”. It all
happened so fast it really didn’t sink in–I went back to watching TV!
The thing I remember about the Egberts was that they had a odd speech
impediment. It was George who seemed to be hardest to understand, as I
recall. Thanks Gary!



I received this article from Neola Kofoid Garbe yesterday, that she sent out to her Bottineau Bunch.  This article was published in the Bottineau Courant in 2004. Salem Church is connected more to the Bottineau side, but I know many of you remember and can relate to Salem.  Salem Church was our family church in my growing up days.  Salem is located about 2 miles into Bottineau County on #43 and 7 or so miles east of Lake Metigoshe.  During the summer months, Glen Rude unlocks the church doors, every morning, for the public to view.  Arliss Rude Hagen’s parents were Albert & Gladys Rude.  They lived a short distance east and on the south side of the road from the church.  Glen currently lives on the home place.  Their Brother Laverne is Married to Carrole Fauske (66).  Arliss is married to Leonard Hagen, originally from Rolette.  The Sunday school attendance chart is still hanging on the wall in the back of the church. My name and some of you on this distribution are listed on that chart.  Arliss and Leonard did a really fine job restoring the whole church, both inside and out. Feel free to stop in and take a look if you are driving by.  If the door is locked, Glen will let you in, if he is home.

Note: This article does not mention that Arliss and Leonard lived in Woodenville/Bellevue, WA and owned & operated Hagen’s construction for nearly 40 years. They are professionals when it comes to building and remodeling.


Salem Church 2179-1 Salem Church 2179-2

Folks, For all but one group, I forgot to list the class when I posted the class of 50 with yesterday’s message, so I have posted it again today.  Gary

                                    Dunseith High School Class of 1950

  Last First Address City / State / ZIP Phone Email
1 Brennan Faye A.   Deceased
2 Cote Fugere Esther 9280 24th Ave NE Willow City, ND 58384 (701) 228-3220 No email address
3 Fassett Orville J. Born December 28, 1932    –    Died February 18, 2006 Deceased
4 Godfrey Patrick H. 2320 Thallas St Council Bluffs, IA 51503 (712) 322-8770 No email address
5 Hagen Leland/Betty 816 Lee Hollow Dr BRYAN, TX  77802 (979) 775-1734 lghagen@cs.com
6 Hanson Englegbret Clarice J.     Unable to locate Clarice
7 Hiatt Dahl Florence I. 6460 Village Pkwy Anchorage, AK 99504 (907) 333-7356 fidahl@gci.net
8 Molgard Sanders Marlene A. 16525 Long Lake Rd Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (218) 847-7383 No email address
9 Poeppel Vogsland Ella Mae 6423 Highway 81 Grafton, ND 58237 (701) 352-2786 No email address
10 Watkins Hill Murl I. RR 1 Dunseith, ND 58329 (701) 244-5513 mlhill@srt.com
11 Williams Donald L. PO Box 816 Garrison, ND  58540 (701) 463-7666 No email address
12 Vennes Frank E. 1001 22nd St E WILLISTON, ND  58801 (701) 572-4150  C(701) 570-3271 norskie85375@yahoo.com
1599 SW Foxpoint Trl Palm City, FL 34990 (772) 283-9871