Kenny Nerpel’s reply to Colette Hosmer feeding her dog in her underware:
Wow some guys had all the luck! Us country boys never saw anything like
that. Just udders right Gary?
Gary Stokes’ Reply to Kenny:
Yes, we saw lots of Udders both before an after school. I do not miss those cow milking days one bit. Dad would roll us out of bed every morning to milk the cows and do the chores before catching the bus to Dunseith. Even to this day I still have added strength with a hand squeeze that I developed from milking all those cows.
Glenda Anderson Bergan’s message:
HI Gary
Just wanted to thank you, for all the Dunseith memories, keep them coming. and also wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a joyous New Year.
Glenda Anderson Bergan (60)
Colette Hosmers’s reply to Vance Bailey:
That’s an amazing bit of information about the Hosmers and Baileys
intermingling in England. You’re right……the odds against both
winding up in Dunseith 200+ years later must be astronomical.Cousin Don must have been a first-rate rock thrower. Good thing kids
didn’t carry guns back then.
Colette (64)

Paulette La Croix’s added comment:
I forgot to add that I ashamedly joined the legions of kids who called poor Sy at his pool hall and asked him to let “Prince Albert” out of the can. Paulette La Croix (68)
Deb Morinville’s comments:
I, too remember Sy Kadry! We weren’t allowed to go into the pool hall
especially the “back room”!! Dad’s store was next door and we sure got to
see some drama. I remember one time Sy was chasing some boys out and he
stood there in his black hat and white apron shaking his fist and, I think
cursing in Arabic! Do you also remember Charlie Anderson? How about Billy
Lawrence the blacksmith? I used to go there with Dad and I remember the
smell of grease and smoke. Dad’s old store was across the street from KC
Sine’s store and they had such a wonderful rivalry. He would tell us kids
that Joe Morinville was no good. He had no hair. We’d tell Dad and he would
laugh that big wonderful laugh! Do you also remember the “Snake Pit” ? I
remember having to go through it sometimes to get to the old bowling alley
and the Hackman boys were the pin boys. I also remember Sister Rose’s store.
My Mom called it ” Little Minot” To this day I when I smell mothballs I
think of Sister Rose! What a memory
Isn’t this fun? Thank you,Gary for all that you are doing !!
Deb Morinville Marmon ’70.