Located 1 miles north of Dunseith in the picturesque Turtle Mountains is the Garden Gate Golf Course. It is a 9 hole grass greens with watered fairways course. It is a short challenging course with plenty of trees and water to make your round interesting. Complete clubhouse services are provided during the golfing season. The clubhouse is sometime available for community and family activities on a rental basis.

The course is available for play by all golfers. You can pay daily green fees or join on an annual membership basis. Golf carts are available for rental. Private carts are also welcome with trail fees required. We provide golf cart storage for members on a seasonal or annual basis.

We are proud of this course and feel it is one of the best in our area. It is always well maintained on a regular basis with the clubhouse open and operating on a regular schedule for your convenience. Men's night is Tuesday, Ladies night is Wednesday, staring the first week of May and going until cold weather in the fall.

Give us a try, you will not be disappointed. Call 244-5211 for questions or golfing times.

Tournament Schedule 2008 
July 12, 2008:  Miller Lite Tournament, 2 persons (either men or women) select ball, tee times 8:00 AM & 1:00 PM.  Fee included free beer on the course and steak after the round is completed.
August 2, 2008:  Les Jensen Memorial Tournament, 2 men & 1 women teams, tee time 10:00 AM.  Come out and support this Dunseith High School Scholarship.
August 9, 2008:  Turtle Mt. Community College, 2 persons (either men or women) select ball, tee times 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Contact the Clubhouse for advanced registration for all tournaments, or call 244-5211 for inquiries and questions.


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