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Dunseith Visit: Wonderful Touching Message. Thank You Aggie for this.
From Aggie Casavant (’69):  Fort Mill, SC

Hi   Gary,

Went  back  home to  Dakota  for  3 weeks   in  March.  My sister Yvonne  and  I  traveled  the  state  visiting  family in Dickinson, Bismarck, Steele, Jamestown, Fargo, Rugby, Rolette, and  Bottineau then  headed  up  to  the  Dunseith  and Rolette, area  and spent  3  days  with  Mary Ann. Jeff  had just  left for  Bemidji  to  help their  son  Victor  with  his  sap-maple  syrup  season, so  we  had  their  whole  new  house  to  ourselves, staying up as  late  as we  wanted, and  doing  whatever we  wanted  to  or not  wanted  to  whenever. What  a lot  of  fun (not  that  it  would of  spoiled  it  if Jeff  was  there, it  was  just  a  fun  “sista” thing  we  had  going  on  there. The  first  night I  met  Rosemary LaCroix  at Dale’s, and  we  visited  for  an  hour or  so. I  found  out  that  Dales is  the  place to  go  if  you  want  to  run into  people you  know. I  saw Betty  and  Dean  Pigeon(which  I  hadn’t  seen  in  at  least  40  years) I recognized  Betty, but  couldn’t  put  a  name  to  the  face  til  Rosemary  told  me, so  we  stopped  by  their  table  on  the  way out  and  chatted  them up for  a  few  minutes. Dean  said he knew I  was  a  Casavant  cuz  I  look like  my  Mom. :)….What  a  compliment. While visiting  with  Rosemary, I  kept  noticing  this  lady  and  this  guy sitting  in  the corner  booth  by  the window. I  couldn’t  get  a  good  look  at  her  cuz  the  light  from the  window  kept  making  her  a  silhouette, and  I  couldn’t  make  out  who  it  was. As they  got  up  to  leave  I  saw  her  coming  towards  my table…..who  was  it, but  none  other  than  that  pretty  and  seet  Connie  Halvorson, and  her  husband  Jim Kester. We  had  a  nice  chat  as  you  only  can  have  with  Connie, then  went  on  our  way. Later  Mary Ann  had  Ricky  and Denice  Casavant  over  the  first  night, and  WoW  what  a  visit. I hadn’t seen  them for  at least  8 years. They  never  change  and were  a  complete joy  to  visit  with.  The  next  day  we met  Donna Fugure at Dales  to  share a  jumbo, and got some  good visiting  in.The  jumbos  are  every  bit  as  good  as they  always  were….(like  real beef) Our  sister  Lorette  from  Rugby  met  us  there. Donna and Duane, and  their  kids  have  always  and  will forever  be  considered  extended  family to  us, and  such  special  neighbors, with  a lot of  sweet  memories.  After  we  got  back to Mary  Ann’s  from  having  lunch  with  Donna, Pennie  Kester Greinier  came by  and  we  had  a  great  visit. Same  Pennie  in  every  way, sweet  as  can  be, and  good  conversation  and  catching  up. On   our  way  outta  the  Rolette  area, Mary  Ann and  I  and  Yvonne  drove  over  to  Bottineau  to  visit  Yvonne’s  sister-in-law  Barb, then  went  by  the  Good  Samaritan  Nursing  Home  to  visit  Elwood  and  Mrs. Fauske. (Picture pasted below)  When  we  first  got  there  we  didn’t think  we were  going  to  get  to  see  them  cuz  Elwood  was  asleep in  his  chair  and  Mrs., Fauske  was  in  bingo. we  waited  a  half  hour  then  asked  one  of  the  workers  if  they  could  take  her out  of  bingo  so  we  could visit.  What  a  sweet  moment  when  she  came  around  the  corner. She  recognized  us  right  away. We  went  down  to  the  cafeteria  and  had  coffee  and  visited  like  an  hour  and  15  minutes. When  we  got  back to  the  room Elwood  was  awake, smiling  just  as  sweet  as  ever, and the  first  thing  he  said  was ” Is  it  time  to  eat  yet? I  want  some  ice  cream….just  smiling  all  the time. Makes  me  smile  just  thinking  of  it. As  we  said our  good-byes  just  as  I  rounded  the  corner  I  stopped  to  look  back  just  to  see  Mrs. Fauske  doing  the  same. It  made  me  tear  up. What  an  unforgettable  visit.

As  we  headed  back  to  visit  we  went  thru  Willow  City  and  drove  around  recognizing  old  landmarks  and  places  from  when  we lived  there  as  kids. After  we  got  back  to  Bismarck  we  rested  up  a  few  days  before  attending  our  annual  family  Easter  gathering  at  Seratoma  Park  in  Bismarck. There  were  like  75  people in  attendance. We  had  invited  Donna Fugure, and  her  family  to  stop  by  if they  had  time, so  her, Pam and  Debbie  came  by  while her  daughter  prepared the  Easter  supper.  We   all  had  such  a  great  time :)

I  returned  back  to  South  Carolina  on the  31st  with  a  wicked  flu  bug  and  slept  for  a  week….but  oh  what  a  visit!  It  was  priceless!      Aggie 😉

Elwood and Eleanore Hiatt Fauske
Thanks Lindy Fauske Van Eynde (’69) for posting this nice picture of your parents.
Fauske 2371

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottineau, ND

Shatehya Lynn Azure

Born: August 04, 1997
Died: April 08, 2016

Shatehya Lynn Azure, age 18 of Dunseith, died on Friday, April 8, 2016 in a vehicle accident near Dunseith. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 10:00 A.M. in the St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Dunseith. Burial will be in the St. Anthony’s Cemetery of rural Dunseith. A wake will be held on Wednesday beginning at 4:00 P.M. with a prayer service at 7:00 P.M. in the Eagle Heart Cultural Center also of Dunseith.


Blog (442) posted on April 30, 2009

Request from Gary Houle (63): Champlin, MN
Hi Gary–
I have been getting your newsletter forwarded to me by some of my friends and relatives. Could you add my e-mail address to your list so they will not have to forward it to me? Thanks.
My e-mail is:
Gary Houle from Champlin, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis
Dunseith class of 1963
Replies from Lloyd Awalt (44):Bottineau, ND
Reply to yesteday’s message:
Reply to Louise Horsman . Yes you are right the picture is of john bedard I’m pretty sure. Lloyd Awalt.
Reply to Bill Hosmer (48):
Reply from Lloyd Awalt Gary I guess ill have to give my friend Hosmer an ok but the store was built there after the Dunseith journal burned down Bill Wright started it and if I’m not mistaken a person from Bottineau bought the store from Wright I think his name was Slyter . JOE MORINVILLE’S FIRST had a store where peter Richard had his 5&dime variety store Joe was in the creamery when it burned down he then started the store hey Bill cant golf raining
Reply to Jan Bergan Evans (66):
Reply to Jan Evans Gary I new Clayton Bergan. There is another (Calvin ND. but you see it is spelled different the Kelvin north of Dunseith originally was west of where it is now that lake there Kelvin was on the west end of the lake they moved it when highway 3 was built. back in the WPADAYS
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,Jan Bergan Evans asked about Kelvin and Kelvin Lutheran Church. In the
early days Kelvin had a post office and was Kelvin, ND. There is another
town with a similar sounding name–Calvin, ND–but it is 60 miles east
and I would doubt there is any connection with the Olson-Bergan clan.
The Kelvin Lutheran Church is probably a misnomer for Little Prairie
Lutheran. I was told that in the very early days, when Kelvin Store was
one mile west of the current location, there was a church group who held
services at the store. They also buried a couple children near the
store, who were stillborn. There may have been other burials but none I
know of. The graves are in the corner of a pasture now owned by Ed
Walter, Jr., I believe. Jay Vanorny showed me the graves years ago. It
is right next to his pasture on the west side of Lyde Lake, one mile
west of the current Kelvin Bar. We have the burial records for Little
Prairie Cemetery and can look up names for you in most cases. If you
call me or email some of the names, I will check the plot map. Joan
Salmonson, our secretary/treasurer has the records also and can be
reached during the day at Northland Builders in Dunseith–701-244-5438.
Thanks Gary!


Reply from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND
There is a Calvin North Dakota, located about 20 miles north east of Rock Lake. That is the only one listed on the map. I am not sure how much of the town is left. I know our neighbors Romeo and Mary Boucher just moved a house on to their farm that had served as a parsonage in Calvin, as the church affiliated with it had closed. I suspect it has gone the way of many small towns.
Too bad about your computer, you have such a wealth of information.
Reply from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL
Here is a file I ran across a few years ago that may be of interest to some of the genealogy folks.


Here is the parent directory of the file I sent you. More Rolette County cemeteries.


Here is the cleaner page that points to the previous files I sent you.


Reply from Dave Wurgler (64): Rugby, ND
Gary– Update on Stewert, he is now a car salesman at McGuires, the Ford dealership here in Rugby. He started sales in Oct. 2008 after I resigned and is working along side his stepbrother, Steve Poitra. I am not sure but i think he still resides either in Rolla or Belcourt. While I was living and going to school in Dunseith, Ron Medrud and I were classmates and very good friends, hung out together and done things boys and young men were suppose to do or sometimes what we weren’t suppose to do–lol. To make this short Gary, I got an e-mail from my sister Peggy (71), who lives in Seattle and was talking about getting together with those of you who are going on the cruise and possibly join you for supper. She is especially interested in seeing Cheryl Haagenson, her friend and classmate in Dunseith. Maybe you could send her some information about whats happening while the class is in Seattle. Thanks and take care. Dave Wurgler (64)
Address change for Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
For reasons that are not to be noted here, I have purchased the use of a PO BOX
My new address is Lee Stickland
PO Box 2119
Dickinson, ND 58602
The price of a first class stamp will soon be $.44, up from $.42, representing an increase of 4.7619047 % so any snail-mail directed this way could benefit from a soonest send.
I believe I recall seeing a 3 cent post card, about ****77**** years ago. Dad saw a less cost one, I am sure.
I have not moved but I have decided it best to have my mail left at the PO, awaiting my duty of collecting it, at least for the next year.
Good day to all, With LOVE and in all Sincerity,
Leland, Dad, Lee, Bro, Uncle, GPA …
Relly from Brenda Hoffman (68): Greenville, SC
Dear Gary,

I am so sorry. My hard drive was wiped out a couple of years ago and I was just devastated. I will lay odds though that someone has a full copy of all of your emails and can send to you. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.
Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
Hi Gary,
I know that sinking feeling. I’m so sorry. You know though, that we can
forward all sorts of stuff back to you, so just ask and it shall be done!
Cheryl D.
Reply from Wayne (61) & Rosemary Smith: Bottineau, ND
Gary, I don’t know if this helps, but I was checking the Dunseith Alumni web site and everything, including pictures seems to be there. Also, I have saved all your emails in a file on my computer (by year and month), which includes the email address lists, if that helps.
Rosemary & Wayne Smith
Folks, I am recovering from my hard drive being wiped out. I pretty much had all my files backed up on CD’s, but it takes time to get everything back in order. I have all of these daily messages saved in Hotmail so they have not been lost. I lost a lot of pictures. I’m not sure just how many yet though. I lost a lot of my “Favorites” in internet explorer. Those are just a few of the niceties that are gone. It’s a real pain to regroup and get things all back in order. Thank you so much for all of your concerns. Gary
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
I REALLY FEEL for you–losing all that information and all those pictures. I’ve lost old stories I had written and other things, too, and it does leave a hole in your stomach.
Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Ginger and Shirley, This is a beautiful picture of your parents.