Memories from Deb Morinville (70): 
This experience of hearing from so many Dunseith people has jogged my memory so much!  How many of you remember these?
When the people from Canada came down to promote the big “Bingo” games they had. There were guys with huge hats on that covered their shoulders and had their bellybuttons painted like whistling lips.  They had whistling music playing and moved their bellies in and out.  That puzzled me for years!
My dad, Joe Morinville, had nectar in his store. It came in a brown bottle and was a super concentrated fruit liquid.  It was so strong but we would all try to drink it straight. But then came “Fizzies”  I even found them online somewhere.
How about “Sparkle Paints” They came in an art kit and each color had a little tub and a spatula.  I loved them!
How could any of us forget “Captain Kangaroo”? Grandfather Clock, Mr. Green Jeans, the Rabbit who stole carrots, and the neat craft things they did with shoe boxes and scotch tape. Dennis Dion and I even had our moms get us green bib overalls! 
David Slyter jogged memories from our Governor Choir days.   I learned how to play “Whist” because we had down time sometimes.  I also remember Governor Guy coming to Dunseith for a banquet. The town really spiffed up and it never looked so good!  I also remember many long hours on busses and getting up at 5 AM to travel to many different places to sing.

Like in the legislative chambers at the Capitol in Bismarck

Yeah we had the blue blazers and the girls wore white skirts and the boys black pants.  We stopped in Harvey one time to eat and filled the restaurant.  On cue from Mr. Johnson we all stood up and sang our “Grace”  It was very impressive.  We were scattered all over but still managed four part harmony.   I never realized important reading music would be.  Now I singon a worship team and the ability to read music helps me to learn it quickly.  Mr. Johnson had a huge impact  on my    

life in the way he taught me to appreciate so many different kinds of music.  He never really liked country music though! What a legacy he left.  It was such a great joy and privilege it was to sing with some of those former members at the Sunday service last summer at the reunion. Gary Fulsbakke directed us and we dedicated the songs to Mr. Johnson.
Keep the memories coming everyone!
Deb Morinville Marmon 70
Message from Mr. Bob Lykins, Former DHS Business teacher in the Mid 60’s.
Mr. Lykins was one of the greatest typing teachers of all times.
Note: Mr. Lykins surprised us all by attending our Class of 65 reunion this last summer.  He kept telling us he would not be able to attend, but he made the trip from Germany to attend our reunion, the Dunseith all school reunion and Q-centennial.

Hello, Gary.  I am sorry that I have not replied to you sooner but for the past few months I have been rather busy.  I did retire on January 4, 2008 after 33 plus years of Federal Service.  I am currently at my sister’s house in Pflugerville, Texas waiting for my shipment to come in and my renters to leave my house .  My new address will be 103 Wren Cove, Hutto, TX 78634.  My phone number is (512) 788-3978.  My e-mail address is switched back to bbplykins@aol.com.  My wife is monitoring that address and forwards to me any messages meant for me.  I no longer have an e-mail address with the government.  In the meantime, until I get settled in my house, I am using my sister’s e-mail address at vicki.rowe@sbcglobal.net.

It has been a very trying and emotional time for me for I have dearly loved my job and working for the government overseas.  Also leaving the family behind was very hard.  Even though my wife and I are separated we still have a great relationship and then there is my young son whom I miss desperately.   Add to that the process of dismantling my life of 28 years in Wiesbaden, Germany and establishing a new life in Texas.  This would include getting rid of all of my electronic appliances, etc (they were 220 volt) and cars and other stuff.  Now it is buying a new car, getting a new driver’s license, insurance, buying all new appliances, and job hunting.  I am signing up to substitute teach at the local school and maybe teach some college classes.  Nothing heavy nor time consuming.  I am, after all, retired.  As I suspected, adjusting to life back in the United States is like adjusting to living in a foreign country.  We call it “reverse culture shock.”  It’s that Third Culture thing. 

I enjoy reading the tales from the old days in Dunseith as they are related by former and current residents.  It is more than a bit of local history that you are gathering and, judging by the comments, much appreciated by everyone.

Good luck, Gary.  I wish you and Bernadette the best in the new year.

 Bob Lykins

From Crystal (Fassett) Andersen…….who is working like crazy putting Dad’s slides on a website………………..this is Susan Fassett’s birthday party in 1957 in the Fassett backyard.  

Front: Earl Hiatt, Ronnie Longie, Dean Helgeson, Bill Grimme, Ronnie Johnson

2nd row: Paula Fassett, Debra Mongeon, Kathy Fassett, Donnie Mongeon, Patty Fassett, Ann Carbonneau, Terry Martinson

Back: Patty Boguslawski, Shirley Boguslawski, Evie Gottbreht, Carol Jasper, Charlie Carbonneau, Susan Fassett, Mark Anderson, Karen loeb & Pam Fasett