Memories from Mona Dionne Johnson (48):  
Hi:  I wonder if anyone receiving these news emails remembers when in
1947, we all (except two who didn’t know about it) in High School,
probably around 80 students, went on strike and didn’t attend school
that day, in the hopes that we could convince the School Board at that
time to retain a teacher for the following year that we all thought very
highly of.  Needless to say, we were not successful !  The teacher was ”
Russell P. Lund”.   We, who attended the “2000 reunion” classes of
‘47,48 last saw him then.
He lives in Fargo area.  That was quite an experience.  Wonder if that
was the first and only strike at Dunseith High ?
Mona Johnson
Posted by Gary Stokes:
Note: Russell was born in 1919. 

Steven P & Russell P Lund

2921 34th Ave S, Apt 142

Fargo, ND 58104-5144

(701) 293-6192

Memories from Ele Dietrich (69): 
I, like everyone else, have truly enjoyed reading all the memories and can not thank you enough for what you have done for us Gary.  You are truly a wonderful person and we are blessed to have you in our lives.
After reading Deb M. memories of the Governor’s Choir in 1969, I felt that I just have to add this tickle of memory:  Mr. Johnson (who would ever have called him anything else) probably had the highest impact of any teacher in Dunseith when I was in school.  Through him we all learned to appreciate music.  We also learned to give from our hearts when we sang and I think that has stayed with all of us to this very day.  I personally can not thank him enough for that gift.  I will always remember though that he absolutely dispised Buck Owens and the nasal tone of his music.  Remember “let the sound come from the mouth not the nose”…those words will be with me always. He introduced me to so many kinds of music, music that I had never heard before and still love to this day.  Thank you Mr. Johnson.
And Deb, I too remember singing Grace in the restaurant…what an awesome moment of time.  The whole place stopped and listened, almost as if time stood still.
Thank you again Gary and all who have shared their memories with us.
Ele (Dietrich) Slyter    ’69 rules !!!
Elwood & Eleanor Fauske:
I had a wonderful visit with Elwood and Eleanor (Hiatt) Fauske today. Going on 66 years of marriage, they are going strong. They live just east of the Bottineau Fair Grounds.  Russell, their son, recently had some ligament surgery on his left arm.  Russell & Glenda live on the Fauske farm, formally the John Hiatt farm up in the Ackworth community.  Elwood has been driving up to Russell’s every day to do his chores while he is convalescing.  Eleanor is still active with her crafts and with the store she has partnership with, in Bottineau.
The Fauske siblings are Connie (62), Russell (64), Carrole (66), Beth (67), Arlinda (Lindy) (69) & Brian (70).  Many of you among our ranks are niece’s and nephew’s Elwood & Eleanor.
I told Eleanor & Elwood that some day they will become Senior Citizens.  Elwood is 5 years younger than my dad and he would have been 92 last September.
Gary Stokes