Question from Larry Hiatt (Grandson of Henry Hiatt): Medford, OR
Thank you for all of the information about the ND Hiatt’s. I have officially requested the “Prairie Past & Mountain
Memories Centennial Book”
For my birthday. If I don’t get it I will purchase it my self.

However I do have 2 questions If you know any one that has the answers.


1) is it Harmon or Hermon? I see it both ways.

2) Does any one know his first wife’s name. It looks like she is probably my relation. Until now I didn’t even know that there were 2 of them.


Larry Hiatt

Folks, Please let us know if any of you know the answers to these questions of Larry’s. I have listed Herman (Harman) Hiatt’s name the way it is recorded in the official ND death register. The spelling listed there may me in error too. Gary
From the ND death register
HIATT, HERMON A 10/02/1923 Rolette MALE 67 Years 99/99/9999 North Dakota Rolette



Reply from Blanche Wicks Schley (42): bschley@medicine.nodak.edu Grand Forks, ND
The Wicks brothers Thanks buried at Little Prairie Cemetery were my uncles.
The family originally lived in Minnesota and came to Bottineau first.
They had a livery stable there and my Dad and my Uncle Henry married Lillian and Mabel Bittner in Bottineau. I do not know just when my other Uncles moved to the Turtle Mountain area or just where there first home was located — it was north of Dunseith.
The men lived together (My only other Uncle to marry was Lewis “Duffy” who was the father of Harold whose obitiary was also into day’s e-mail. )
Thanks, Eileen, for posting this picture.
You also sent the obit on Harold Wicks. His wife, Gretchen, has also passed away.
Reply from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND
Thank you all for the Wicks information.
I have been to Little Prairie and have seen the grave site. One of the stories I remember Dad telling was the Wicks Boys traveling the hills withastallion for breeding. I think quite a lot of people in the area raised colts from this horse. Apparently the training skills were legendary also as I remember that being mentioned also. I did not know about the other jobs they had such as ice cutting, etc.
Am I correct in thinking of Missouri as a starting point for the Wicks in the USA? My grandfather was born in Kansas but had roots in Missouri as well. He moved to ND to homestead at Alexander (near Williston) where he met and married my grandmother who was born in SD. They later moved to the Turtle Mts where they raised their two children. Carl Wicks became one of their treasured neighbors and friend. Where does Carl fit into this family? I think it may have been Wilder who had the club foot. Correct me if I am wrong. And yes, from what I remember they were a very hardworkingand colorful bunch of characters.
Thank you again.
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
It’s a wonderful Sunday morning here in Bottineau.
There is a MARCH FOR HOPE walk at 1:00.
This is a local effort initiated by 3 of Mavis Hagen’s friends.
Mavis, Wife of Art, Mother of Josh and Devonne, daughter in law of Clarence and Mary Ann.
…Mavis Hagen……..MH …March for Hope. The three friends had worked here in the system for years with Mavis and last fall decided they wanted to do something for her to support Mavis through the cancer treatment.
Mavis passed away.
Her husband. Art and dedicated friends did not give up and continue the endeavor…
The March for Hope starts from Bottineau to the Christian Center at the Lake.
Contributions have exceeded $8,000. These $ will stay in the area to provide local support $ to area people fighting cancer to get $ for travel to treatment ….etcetera.
It is a beautiful day. AND the idea was to walk up hill toward the Christian Center….
As we all know that individuals fighting cancer……. Walk the Walk….
…..the uphill battle….figuratively)
Take care, Love Vickie
Reply from Bob Lykins (60’s DHS teacher): Germany & Hutto, TX

There is a large onion festival held every September in Grieshiem, Germany (just west of Darmstadt). Lotsa beer and onions. You would be amazed at what they can prepare using onions as the main ingredient. If you loved your Dad’s onion sandwich, you will flip out over a German product on brotchen with beer.

Bob Lykins

Reply from Shirley Peltier (66): Sacaton, AZ
Gary, the attached photo sent by Neola in e-mail #421 on 4-6-09 is my mother’s maternal aunt. Her name was Josephine Patnaude LaFournaise. This family moved to Boggy Creek, Manitoba from Turtle Mountain. Josephine’s children and grandchildren reside throughout Manitoba–I’ve met several of them. My mother collected pictures of her aunts/various ancestors, and probably had reprints made for relatives. Mom (Louise Peltier) does not recall who Neola might be, so I suggest that Neola call Mom at 244-2156.

I was meaning to contact you sooner with this information, but the last few months got so hectic at work.

I’ve sent my Sis, Carol, a copy of this e-mail. Carol can give Mom a copy of the e-mail.

Thanks, SPeltier

Josephine Patnaude





From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

Folks, I posted the wrong picture with this story the first time. Sorry for the mix up Dick. Gary

Gary and Friends,

Back in the fall of 1959, we had an early snowstorm that dumped lots of
snow. It was early October and was the year my grandfather, Henry Olson,
died. The funeral was during the storm and the pallbearers had to push
the hearse when it got stuck. It is sort of burned into my mind as it
was a bad time all the way around. The attached story is from the Turtle
Mt. Star and was kept by my other grandmother, Cynthia Johnson. They
couldn’t make it to the funeral, from up here at the farm, the roads
were blocked with deep snow. The snow never left! It started snowing and
stayed for the winter. This newspaper article mentions other members of
the community who pulled together to help out the stranded hunters.
These hunters,Homer and Willie, came to our place every fall to hunt
ducks for many years. They parked their old 40s era Dodge bus in a
clearing on the southwest shore of Sucker Lake. I still find brass
shotgun shells in that area—50 years later. Thanks Gary!


Ackworth Cemetary Listing posted by Evon Lagerquist (77): Dunseith, ND


Hi Gary, I went to the cemetary and made a list of the names of the people at Ackworth. They include: Dorian Crawford, Alma Crawford, John Crawford, Sam Pederson, Olaf & Kate Pederson, Minnie M. & John J. Hiatt,Laurel Hiatt, Willis E., Amber E., & J. Alvin Radley, Willie E. Hiatt,

Lillie A. & Leonard F. Radley, Harmon Albert & Louisa Alice Hiatt, Harry I. Hiatt, Will J. & Margaret Hiatt, Charlotte Hiatt, Alida Hiatt, Baby Girl Hiatt{1918}, Margareta & Johan Berglund, George F. & Eva L. Hiatt, George F.Hiatt,Jr., Arnold, Albert, Alice, Dennis Hiatt, Darrel(Jack)Peterson, Traci Louise Parks, Maybelle O. Salmonson, Maurice & George Fell, John Lagerquist, Trey M. Lagerquist, Robert E. & Elaine A. Stokes, Clarence & Edna Salmonson, Norman & Irene Hiatt, Latieff E. Hiatt, William H.tokes, Rebecca Rindahl, Robert Pritchard, John Pritchard, Shirley Ann Zahn, Norman Pritchard, Ida & William Pritchard.

Evon, Thank you so much for taking the time to go up to the Ackworth cemetery to get this info. I know there are a lot of folks on our list that will very happy to receive this info. When I get a chance I’ll retrieve the death records of these folks to get the their official birth and death dates and other info too. When we get this list all together maybe there is a way we can have it posted on the Rolette county cemetery WEB site. I can post a link to this site on the Dunseith Alumni site as well. Maybe we could have that link posted on the Official Dunseith WEB page too.
Folks, Evon is a very through person, so I feel confident that she has a complete list of those she could see markers for that are buried at Ackworth. Please let us know if there are any that she missed?
Other Rolette County Cemeteries: Folks, maybe we could do the same for some of the other cemeteries that we don’t have a listing for or have incomplete listings for too.
Gary, Here is a list of names that our association secretary, Carrie Johnson sent. Maybe between the 2 lists, you’ll have everybody!!
—– Original Message —–

Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 11:08 AM
Subject: List

HI Evon, I suppose we should try to get together for our annual cemetery association meeting. With Wednesday evening being customary lets say this Wednesday the 6th at 7pm my house. I will let the others know also. If that doesn’t work for the majority we can discuss another date.

Here is the list of graves in Ackworth.

Block A Lot 1 Clarence Salmonson 1904-1985
Edna Salmonson 1911-1976

Lot 5 George Hiatt 1897-1949
Eva Hiatt 1892-1984
George Hiatt Jr. 1928-1984

Lot 6 Albert Hiatt 1915-1985
Arnold Hiatt 1945-1964

Lot 7 Tracy Parks 1984-1984
Darrell Peterson 1931-1989

Lot 9 Johan Bergland 1843-1929
Margareta Bergland 1847-1918

Lot 10 Beatrice Hiatt 1918-1918
Hazel Marie Kerr 1940-1941

Lot 11 Alida Hiatt 1896-1918

Lot 12 Charlottie Hiatt 1900-1920

Lot 13 Will J. Hiatt 1891-1973
Margie Hiatt 1903-1993
Harry Hiatt 1903-1955

Lot 14 Harman A. Hiatt 1854-1923
Louise Hiatt 1865-1913

Block B Lot 1 William H. Stokes 1855-1946
Rebecca F. Rindahl 1886-1943

Lot 5 William Pritchard 1867-1947
Ida Pritchard 1879-1959
Norman Pritchard 1920-1978
Lincoln Pritchard 1916-1986

Lot 6 John Pritchard 1943-1984
Robert Pritchard 1911-1993
John Lagerquist no dates listed
Tray Lagerquist no dates listed
George Fell no dates listed
Maurice Fell no dates listed

Lot 8 Latief Hiatt 1985-1986

No Lot # listed Norman Hiatt no dates listed
No Lot # listed Irene Hiatt no dates listed

Block C Lot 2 Three Grieg Graves no dates listed

Block D Lot 5 Leonard F. Radley 1866-1940
Lillie Radley 1867-1960

Lot 9 Dorian Crawford 1898-1938
Alma Crawford 1888-1957
John Crawford 1895-1984

Lot 11 Olaf Pederson 1861-1938
Kate Pederson 1858-1940
Sam Pederson 1896-1963

Lot 13 John Hiatt 1893-1977
Margaret M. Hiatt 1897-1988
Laurel Hiatt 1933-1934

Lot 14 J. Alvin Radley 1892-1968
Amber Radley 1890-1952
Willis Radley 1925-????

No Block listed Lot 6 Alice Hiatt no dates listed (assume this is Blk. A as is Albert’s)
No Block listed Lot 6 Dennis Hiatt no dates listed (also assuming this is Blk. A)

I know updating is needed, but this is what is in the journal at this time. Be talking to you soon.

Thanks! :)


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:Minot & Bottineau, ND
Folks, Neola sent this to her “Bottineau Bunch” folks. Chase’s Grandmother was Yvette Boucher Tennancour Brunsell who was a close relative to a lot of you folks. Gary
Hi Bottineau Bunch,
More of you might remember Oscar and Yvette Brunsell, Chase’s grandparents better than Chase’s parents. At one time, I remember (barely) Yvette owned the neatest dress/ladies’ shop on Main Street in Bottineau.