5/11/2012 (1481)

Alcide Lajimodiere Memories
From Vickie Metcalfe (’70):  Bottineau, ND
Gary and friends,

Thank You Dennis for sharing about Alcide.
By instinct, I believed there is more to his story.
I have an inquiring mind.

Alcide was part of my childhood.
He worked for dad and would stay with us. 
If I needed help getting on a horse, he’d ask if I needed help?
then boost me on.  

He was cheerful, never complaining.  He had character.
He worked hard  sharpening fence posts, fencing, working cattle.
If wood was needed he’d bring it in. 
Our Mom always cooked his favorite requests.
Especially, a favorite  of his, “Chop Suey”.
Alcide always was  appreciative and thankful.

Alcide had many friends in our neighborhood, 
including,the Seims, Carroll,many Metcalfe’s etc.
And the Anthony’s.

One cold winter January Day,  about 4:30 in the afternoon,
my little green ford Maverick was stuck on the ice,in the snow,in front of Evan’s Hardware.
Many younger guys walked past,shrugged, giggling on their way to the Garden Tap.

T’was  Alcide and Ward, they were old.
 But they were two good men, they saw what was needed,
and pushed my car  out. They, tipped their hats and went on their way.

Alcide and Ward, two kind, thoughtful, most respectful unassuming gentlemen.
Alot of guys could have learned from them!

As kids, Nancy and I loved it when Alcide came.
He was kind to children.  He listened and he was a story teller.
We’d listen for hours. 

Sometimes my eyes would grow big and he’d notice and soften the story.
Boy, could he entertain with whoppers!

I continue to collect stories about Alcide.
What stands out in my mind  in particular.
Alcide was most proud to be an American Indian Veteran.
It was a privilege to  have known him.
Clayton and Dorothy Gagner Memories
From Floyd Dion (’45):  Dunseith, ND
Clayton and Dorothy Gagner were very nice people. In 1944 I worked for the Associated Shipbuilders, later Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company and the newspaper said that the farmers in north Dakota were crying for help, so I took a 4 or 6 weeks leave and came back to ND . I worked for Clayton with the harvest which was around Lords Lake. Jim and Marion Coleman lived in the yard too.They both were very very nice to work for, They were the best of the best.

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