5/15/2012 (1485)

     Happy Birthday Verena Gillis:  Dunseith, ND

Happy Birthday wishes to Evie Gottbreth Pilkington (’65)
From Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’65):  Belcourt, ND
>Happy Birthday Evie. Hope you had a good one.

Reply to Bill Hosmer (’48):
From Glen Williams (’52):  Missoula, MT
To Bill Hosmer….Thanks for your very kind words…You are one of the Dunseith Alumni that most of us identify with..We all proud of what you accomplished during your career… Dunseith has produced many exceptional folks…

Glen Williams

Threashing Crew Photo
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:  Bottneau & Minot, ND
This is a post card with a picture of this Threshing crew that Neola found in her mothers belongings.
We are quite sure that the Addressee is Miss Clara Johnson. She was Married to Albert Berg in 1915. I believe she would have been Dick Johnson’s great aunt.
We are pretty sure that the photo name of the person on the picture that took the photo is Alfred A. Noraberg. Neola found Alfred A. Noraberg listed in the 1930 Willow City Census. He was 61 years old in 1930, so he must have been born in about 1869.
We are not sure of the initials “G A” listed as the from person.
The Ackworth post office was located on the exact spot where the Ackworth school now located.
Do any of you have any idea where this photo many have been taken? Do any of you recognize any of the guys in this photo? 

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