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San Haven Memories
From Margaret Metcalfe Leonard Casavant (’65): Rolette, ND

Hi Gary,

I think about you and Bernadette fondly and often.  Thanks for keeping us up to speed
on our activities.  Always enjoyable to hear how things are with you.

Looking at those old, beautiful pictures of San Haven makes me sad when I remember how immaculate the lawn and gardens were back in the 60’s when I spend many fun days there with Carol Jasper.  Such great adventures and memories of the people who lived and worked there:  Red and Lorraine Pearson, Sharon and Charlene, Marjorie Lillico, Edna Mohagen, Mrs. Conroy’s brother, don’t recall his name, Marlys Fitzvold, Bennie & Grace Frobarb, Maggie McGee, Harvey & Alice, Dale and Brenda Hoffman, Virgil and Beane Vanorny and Jay, Mike and Olga Jasper and Carol, Pete and Clarice Link and Joe and Ronnie, Dennis DuBois parents, Jean Nicholas’s family, I think her sister’s name was Ellen Graff, Karen Loab’s family, Thiefoe’s, Andy & Arlene Sand, just to name a few that I remember.

We babysat for Chuck and Ramona Johnson’s boys, going door to door trick or treating at Halloween, eating in the dining room was a new and fun experience, (first time I ate a black olive).  Exploring the old theatre and the tunnels brings back special memories, closing the dairy and the sale at the barn, Lake Shutte just down a little road, the old golf course on the north and a cemetery on the south; it was a lovely campus.

I can’t place the grocery store.  Thanks for sharing these pictures and the trip down memory lane.  Can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing communication tool!!

Wishing you the best,  Margaret Casavant


San Haven Patient Question
From Kaye Lystad-Kirk:  Fargo, ND

Hi Gary,

Is this the right email address I should use if I ever have something to contribute to your blog? Or should I use your aol address?

My query is this: 

One of my great grandmothers was in San Haven for a “short period of time” (sorry, I don’t know how short) in the 1940s. She would have been anywhere in her mid-50s to mid-60s.  Can anybody give me any reasons why one would have been in San Haven then? As of right now, I can’t find a family member that can tell me why. And as far as I know, she had no health issues prior or after her stay. Thank you.



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Reply from Keith Pladson (66): Stafford, VA
just a brief follow up to my niece’s (Becky’s) notice on her mother Florence Sime. I’ll let Becky keep you all updated on her status.However, Becky didn’t mention much about the accident — probably because, like me, she hasn’t heard that much except to say it was a horrific accident. What we do know in that others were also badly injured and I would like to ask for your prayers and best wishes not only for Florence’s recovery, but for the recovery of all those injured in the accident. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Keith Pladson Class of 66

From Verena & Pete (65) Gillis: Dunseith, ND.
> Re: Florence SimeWe are so terribly sorry to hear about her accident. I hard about the
accident after work yesterday. The roads were so terrible throughout
Rolette County and Bottineau County. As I understand she was hit by
another car who was trying to pass her, as she was out doing her rounds.
You would think people that have lived around here all their lives would
know enough to slow down and not try to pass in these conditions. We will
be praying for her recovery. She is a wonderful lady!

Pete and Verena Gillis

Reply From Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND.
I was shocked/stunned/etc. to read of Florence Sime’s accident. I’m including a site where emails may be sent to her. I think the emails are read once per day (probably morning)/the messages are printed on card, along with who sent them/delivered to the patient later in the day. Wally received several of them when he was hospitalized. I’m sure Florence would enjoy hearing from friends/family/etc.
From Bobby Slyter (70): Wichita, Kansas
I just wanted to add to Ele’s message about my great nephew Devin Millang, I am so very very proud of this young man that the buttons on my shirt popes off when I see him in uniform,he is not only a brave young man but a very respectful, passionate and courteous person, we all wish him well in his next adventure in the marines, it is a great pleasure to be his great uncle
Reply from Allen Rickard (65): Midland, MI
Just two things: First the date you picked would have been Dad’s 90th birthday. Second, seeing those pictures of the San makes me both angry and near nauseous when I think of what became of it and how all that history and beauty turned into a pile of rubble.
Allen Richard
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
Do you recall having any “wayward” horses back on the farm? I figured you might feel the need to lighten up and grin at this piece of info out of WY.from the Billings Gazette. That bit of cowboy humor got me thinking about those who get together and jam. My sister in-law Sally’s aunt Shirley and uncle Carl are a couple of folks with music in their bones and Carl’s compositions….make one think he’s got the soul of a cowboy poet. VickieCowboy cited after horse wanders away from bar

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Reply from Cheryl Larson Dakin (71): BEDFORD, TX
HI All
In reply to Bonnie Awalt Houle, I do remember those overshoes…..mostly when the buckles would become packed with snow and it was hard to unhook them with frozen fingers. And they would melt all over the floor when we did get them off. Mom was constantly having to mop up after us. I don’t remember wearing them in the rain as much as I do in the snow. The good old days when we could be out in it for what seemed like hours and not be as miserable as we would be now.
Cheryl Larson Dakin
Reply from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, WY.
Good morning Dunseith and Neola,
It was my cousin’s husband from Virginia, who sent the update of Reachelle Smith. I had forwarded the Amber Alert to them and Chuck did
some checking on the story. Maybe and this may sound like a fluke idea, but some of the law enforcement shows on TV have run past cases like hers’. Maybe, this is a way to go. This is just an idea. Thank you Neola. Sybil Johnson
Folks, After sending yesterday’s message, I realized I had forgotten to answer Dick’s question that I have highlited in blue below. Gary
Bonnie Awalt Houle–I sure do remember the 4 and 5 buckle overshoes. I
always new when the kids from the hills got to school in the
morning—-ka ching ka ching down the hall. The amazing thing to me was
that shoes and overshoes were all we wore in the winter. My feet got
numb after a half hour and stayed that way all day! If we would have had
pack boots and Thinsulate liners then, most of us wouldn’t have
arthritis now. Let me try a guess—I seem to remember Gary Stokes
always wore zipper overshoes to school. Am I right Gary?

Dick, You are so right about those zipper overshoes. I had totally forgotten about those too. When I started high school I graduated from the buckle overshoes to the zipper type. Those were my Sunday overshoes too. I had earned enough money working the summer months for Norris/Bud Knutson and Carl Melgaard to be able to buy those too.
The last winter I was back in ND was in January 1971. The Army granted me 2 weeks convalescent leave at that time following corrective surgery that I had on my Jaw. I was very fortunate to have been in a dental unit with one of the best Oral surgeons that recognized I had a petruding jaw that could be surgically corrected. He cut my jaw bone on both sides, in the back, completely off with an angle cut and slid my whole jaw back nearly a half inch. I was wired shut for the next 6 weeks for the healing. I ate thin strained foods through a straw. At the time I was working for a Periodontist (Gum Dentist) who was very good friends with the Oral surgeon. Being a periodontist, he was very concerned with the alignment of my teeth, so he assisted with the surgery to make sure things got aligned correctly. He also took pictures (slides) of the whole operation of which I have. To this day I have had zero problems. I was so fortunate to have had such wonderful caring profession folks in my life at that time. Needless to say, my facial features were considerably altered/corrected with this operation. It was fun going back into the civilian world following this surgery with folks wondering if that was really me. I was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas, following my year in Viet Nam, at the time.
Reply/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary,The picture posted by Gary Morgan of Billy Wright’s grocery store had
to have been taken the same day as the Post Office picture with similar
hail storm damage. The history book says the storm was in 1943. My
grandparents bought this store in 1947, according to the Dunseith
Journal. I remember the building when Joe Morinville had his store there
in the mid 50s and before he moved to the building north of Said (Sy)
Kadry’s pool hall. For those who don’t remember this building, it stood
across from Woodford’s Bar in what is now the parking lot for Wayne’s
grocery store. Attached are two items–first the Journal article and a
pencil I have from when my grandparents had the store in the late 40s.
Thanks Gary!


Dick, Speaking of the Morgan’s, When I picked up my mail from the FPO office yesterday, I had a letter from Dick Morgan (52). Dick does not have email that I know of. I will utilize the valuable typing skills I received from Mr. Lykins class and type his letter into tomorrow’s message. Speaking of Mr. Lykins, we have not heard from him in a while. Gary