08/23/2018 (2660)

Dear Dunseith Alumni and Friends,

As I report with the two prior posting, I lost all of the email addresses in my address book. It’s been a long process, but I think I have finely recovered. I lost over 2,000 email addresses. Nearly 750 just for the Dunseith Alumni distribution alone.

This is the first posting using the recovered Dunseith Alumni email distribution list. For some of you  I have several email address.  I will delete any returned email addresses I get for those of you that I multiple email addresses for.  For those of you that get this twice, please let me know which email address to keep.

Following this posting I’m anticipating a certain amount of cleanup with return undeliverable email, etc. Today’s posting is a trial run.

With Monday’s Posting I should be back to normal inclusive of past blog postings.

Take care everyone and have a nice weekend.



Reply from Curt and Ann Rotto: Former Peace Lutheran Pastor: 


I did the same a few weeks ago. Please add our name and address to your blog list. We have appreciated your efforts and time to produce this “good work”. Curt and Ann Rotto carotto@prtel.com Address: 21373 Sunny Drive, Fergus Falls, MN 56537; Phone: 218.739.2488; cell 218.205.7235

We lived in Dunseith from 1964 to January, 1968. Curt was the Pastor at Peace Lutheran, and two other country parishes,  Chaplain at San Haven and Ann was a stay at home Mom with two young children and one more shortly before we left. She did direct choirs at Peace Lutheran and gave piano lessons to local young people. We have great memories of our years there…. and the good people. Hello to all.

The Rotto’s


Judy LaCroix McGuire (’59): DHS Class of 59 Valedictorian: Visitation and Celebration of life

Caring Bridge Journal entry by Janel Kess — Aug 20, 2018

Celebration Videos


Journal entry by Janel Kess — Aug 20, 2018

We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of people who came to both the visitation and celebration of Judy’s life this weekend. Thank you just doesn’t seem to even begin to be enough. We love you all!! I know many of you missed things due to vacations and prior commitments. You’re in luck! Here are a few links from the Celebration of Judy’s life. Judy McGuire’s Story Video (10:24) https://youtu.be/N_IY3CvrF6Y Judy’s Ice Cream and Goodbye Video (1:24) https://youtu.be/2eTmBXDrC40 Full length celebration of Judy’s Life (59:58) https://vimeo.com/285702876