02/10/2021 (2790)

Gary Stokes Message:


My plans are to Visit the USA this coming Summer. Provided I can get the Covid Vaccination. Push comes to shove I will arrange for the Vaccination from our former doctor in Bremerton, WA for immediate injection when I arrive.

My plans are to visit our Kids and friends in WA and CA with the majority of my time being spent in the Bottineau/Dunseith area. I’d like to spend at least a month in ND. I spent the whole month of July, 2015 in ND. That was my last visit. With Bernadette’s condition and then Covid, kind of put a damper on things.


Year Books
Reply from Janice Leonard Workman (’56):  Auburn, WA

Hi Gary and all,

I seem to remember a year book from 1944 (My first grade).  There was a picture on this blog that Larry Liere sent to you to see if  some of the kids could be identified.  Miss Egge was the teacher and there were kids older than me in the picture.  That picture was from a year book.  I don’t remember any others but there probably were more.

Janice Leonard Workman


Gary Stokes Remarks:
Janice, Wonderful hearing you. We haven’t heard from you in ages. I have been wondering about you and meaning to message you.
I hope all is well with you too. Please keep in touch.  Gary


Don Malaterre (72) Retires:  Sioux Falls, SD

Subject: I turned 66 last June. I retired and sold my shares in the firm. I practiced accounting for over forty years. But I’ve been officiating sports for over fifty years. The first basketball game I officiated was in 1970. It was a game between the Dunseith teachers and the Rolla teachers. The Dunseith team was led by John Morgan, Terry Espy, Less Halverson, Larry Haugen and Richard Becker. Rolla was led by their high school coach John Bockhouse. Blockhouse was a former all-state player with several high school scoring records. I remember late in the game I called an offensive charging foul on him. He came unglued. He screamed and swore like a sailor. He wanted to argue the call. Too late I put the ball in play and away we went. Rolla ended up winning the close game mainly due to Bockhouse’s scoring. After the game my co referee Don Berg asked me if I was intimidated by Bockhouse? I smiled and said “No because the call was correct”. So here I am fifty years later and I’m still officiating sports. That’s me on the far right. But now I only do it for the exercise. And of course the free hot dogs we get from the concession stand.
Malater, Don
Skinny Legs Sled dog Harley

Story from Vickie Metcalfe (70):  Bottineau, Nd

February 9,2021

Gary and Dunseith Alumni Friends,

            Soon to be a great Day about Friendship. Valentine’s Day!

            I enjoy feeding birds.

            Until yesterday,  when a young scruffy looking  fellow, Mr. Cooper Hawk made his acquaintance.  He slayed one of the little sparrow friends on my deck then with an arrogant  audacity, decided  with no qualms of fear savored  a meal in front of my window. 

            This morning I caught that predator  at it again.  I know he may have been hungry cold,  but I wish  him to be gone!  He  won’t be my valentine friend.  l removed the bird feeders.



            Whenever I have a need to cancel out negatives, I read.

I found a great story of about a SD child adopting a dog. A retired Sled dog. ( see attached). This story  about a SD family  adopting Harley,  a retired sled dog was recently on regional KFYR TV. news.

            I usually find it necessary to find more of the story.  Usually resulting in another  great story. 

Those who know me.  Know me as person who truly loves  stories ending in “Happy Ever After”!

So I followed up  finding out  more about  the  Skinny Leg Sled Dogs. 

            Thoughts turned to the  memory of  a former Bottineau Grade three teacher, Mrs. Mavis  Hagen. Mavis was a wonderful teacher who every winter  led  her class  following the Alaska  iditarod.  Those children gained so much knowledge.  Thermometers, windchill, distance, safety care of pets, etc. Mavis was a reader who purchased many books  for her class and  she  always looked to better her knowledge. Her husband Art was her biggest supporter.  Theirs wasn’t a just one Valentine’s Day flower day Love.

            Art honored his best friend, and sent flowers to Mavis on a frequent basis.

            The forecast is for more super cold weather and  wind chills -40-45  for a another five days here in Bottineau.

            Tis, A good time for a warm dog story! And looking forward to Alaska dog races coming in March.

            Keeping those Warm woolies on, until spring……….

Until Later  wishing you all,  Happy Valentine’s Day Dunseith friends,

 Vickie Metcalfe