Tim Hill (68): Celebrated 60th Birthday
Picture provided by Diane Hill Moline (75): Burlington, ND

Hi Gary:


Family, friends and co-workers celebrated the 60th Birthday for Tim Hill in Minot, November 27, 2010. Pictured are Laurie (75) and Tim Hill, Dick and Brenda Johnson.





Diane Moline




Central Trenching Inc.


5200 7th Ave SW

Minot, ND 58701

Great Photo of all of you!

Tim, you are looking great following all that you went thru with your heart transplant.

60 is the this years milestone age for your class. Dick was 60 on July 20th too.


Laurie Evans Hill (75): Tim Hill (68), Dick Johnson (68) & Brenda Johnson


Harlan & Sharlotte Nordquist pictures
Reply from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
Gary, Great to the pictures of Sharollet. She lives about 260 miles from Dickinson,south of Jamestown and a bit west. I remember that she likes horses and plastic replicas of. They lived a block or so south of us in Dunseith.
John Awalt picture with unknown boy on horse
Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND

Dick , Looking at the picture of dad and the boy on the horse I have been thinking I know that boy but cannot put a name on him . I’m setting here looking at it now and I believe you are right for the Striker name rings a bell. You looking at it I was trying to place where it was taken at. I know it was taken in the hills ..I think you should have Marlene look at it then we will both be right or wrong. Did she have a boy named Carl? Lloyd Awalt




John Awalt picture with unknown boy on horse

Reply from Ken Striker: Dayton, OH


Dick- Reference unidentified boy. Doug Striker died in July of 1982, so Dustin would have been about 12 years old. Does anyone have more about Dustin. I had the privileage of meeting Marlene and children Deane and Debbie when they came in June 2009 to Berne Indiana for our 175th Striker Reunion. See information below. Ken Striker of Dayton Oh

H1e3 Douglas David Striker b 25 Jun1926 Rolette Co ND d Jul 1982 bur at Rolette Co ND Little Prarie Cem
+Marlene Ann Espe d/o Arthur & Effie M (House) Espe source: Marlene Striker Rt #1 Dunseith ND 5832 Marlene and children Deane and Donna and grandson Dustin came to 2009 Striker Reunion at Berne IN.

H1e3a David C Striker b 1952 1676 Ninth St N, Apt 2 Wahpeton, ND 58075 (701) 642-5724
H1e3b Deane K Striker b 1955
+Roberta Hagen (DHS’75)
works construction and raises cattle in Dunseith area, North Dakota.
H1e3c Deborah L Striker b 1956
+Bradley Kubela 2 children , works during the week working for the local college in their dining sevices. grow sugar beets and soybeans
H1e3d Donna D Striker b1958
+Michael Lund (div) 2 children
+ Dennis Robinson. I have been living in Swift Current for about 8 years now. I married a Canadian in 2004 after being divorced for 21 years. I love it up here. We have about 80 acres of land 5 miles from Swift Current & my husband raises horses for a hobby. He is a long haul truck driver & runs both Canada & US. I work part time at a fitness place & love working outside in my yard. I do alot of flower gardens, fish ponds & a large vegetable garden. I have 2 kids, a girl that lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado & a son that lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
H1e3e Dustin L Striker b 1970
Dustin Striker?? & John Awalt Sr.

Susan Putnam Richard Models for Big Brothers Big Sisters Cancer survivors.
Weblink posted by Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI
My wife is the dark haired woman in the blue jacket.