1964 Concert
Reply form Diane Hill Moline (75) Burlington, ND

Hello Everyone!!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!! I too appreciate all the work Gary does for the “Dunseith family” and all of you for sharing your memories and pictures.

The 1964 Community Concert has been on my mind a lot lately, being Christmas and all! I was in 2nd grade, just turning 8 on December 24th. I was small in stature at that time, so I understand why Dick thought I was 4!! Mrs. Dean Parrill was our second grade teacher at the time. She asked the class who knew the words to the 2nd verse of Away in a Manger. I think I was the only one who raised my hand, therefore I got the part. I recall the excitement of the concert that day. Don Johnson was concerned no one would see me while I sang, so he chose to set me on top of the piano. So, that’s where I sang my 2nd verse from!! I have always wished to have pictures from that concert, so if anyone can help me get a good reproduction of these photos it would be greatly appreciated.

God’s Blessings to you all the Holiday Season, and all year long!!! Diane Hill Moline

1964 Concert
Don Johnson, Diane Hill, Paula Fassett & Gail Henning
Son’s of Norway Christmas Party
Message from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND
The Son’s of Norway had a Christmas Party @ the Senior Citizen’s Center in Bottineau on December 16th. It was a fun evening. Brenda & Dick Johnson provided the music. They did an awesome job singing and playing. Thanks again Brenda & Dick!! Merry Christmas Connie Landsverk
Pictures – EXPAT Christmas party at the Stokes house
Folks, We slept in our new bedroom for the first time last night. The inside of our new addition is entirely done. They are finishing up the outside painting this week.
Last Saturday we hosted a potluck dinner Christmas party at our house of which I have attached a few pictures of. We had a great turn out with about 70 guests. The two pictures taken inside the house with the gals and the guy were taken in our new living room. Bernadette hired a disco guy to come in too with his big sound system for folks to dance to also. These folks love to party and have a good time. If someone is sitting by themselves being a bit shy, folks go over and start talking to them. We are a group of folks from many counties around the globe. The thing we (Guys) have in common is that we are all foreigners living in this country. A few of the gals (spouces) are not Filipina’s either and they fit in just fine. Gary